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  1. This is a really pointless thread OP. You've just realised now that the majority of people on IO have/are only paying the interest, and because they haven't paid the capital, they don't own their own home? Well colour me surprised.
  2. Yes. Who would have thought a house price crash and job losses couldn't happen. Both baked in.
  3. Which I very much doubt exist in the west. Standards were dumbed down years ago.
  4. Strange, because all I see is people with lower competency today than 20 years ago. Go into any workplace today and all you will see is utter chaos and headless chickens. Certainly nobody there with any real skills.
  5. In the grand scheme of things, house prices are a minor inconvenience for any political party. The Tories and Labour party are the best of friends who have it pre-arranged who gets the baton next. It's just the common idiot (i.e. 99.9% of the population) who actually think their vote is influencing anything, whilst all their vote is serving is more of the same. Even a dog knows this.
  6. Surely people have been aware for many years by now that the BBC is just 100% pure propaganda? They don't need to justify anything to anyone. How many complaints have been made about the BBC and how many have been upheld? In any case, the adjudicators are made up of the same types of people who control the BBC, think the same way, do the same thing, and have a common purpose.
  7. Interest rates are going up once you've lost everything (TM)
  8. People will just spend even more with rising wages, just like they have through ZIRP. The only way out now is big interest rate rises and the sheep thrown to the dogs.
  9. Carney is following instructions to the letter. The BOE is not independent from the government. It's just been made out to appear that it is to shift the attention away from cheating MPs. The next guy after Carney in 2020 will be just as bad, if not worse, depending on the orders given.
  10. What happens if the money you make on your house sale gets massively devalued? No house and no money.
  11. No, because I have no credit history (never borrowed anything), nobody would want to lend money to me. I'm too far gone to start this scheme at my juncture in life and my house is fully bought. I bought into the market when everything was sane and fairly priced, and I have managed to live a reasonable lifestyle under such fairer times of the past. BUT, if I was 25 years younger with no house, assets and a dim future, then oh hell yeah, i'd be all over my suggestion.
  12. Which is why holding cash is dangerous. You're actually safer getting up to your eyeballs in debt than holding large amounts of cash. It's the way the system is designed and administered. Might as well go on a debt binge for 10 years and have a really good lifestyle than save and hold cash. The debtor will have had a great lifestyle followed by two fingers. The saver will have had an average lifestyle at best with a big fat zero at the end through inflation.
  13. Things going well here. Almost everyone I know is in employment, albeit not full time for around 25%. Everyone's been paying off debts to the past 10 days thanks to ZIRP. I'm seeing plenty of happy smiling people walking around the town centre and local retail parks with carrier bags in hands whilst the partner is loading the new TV into the back of the car
  14. The 'living for the moment' thing is over-rated when it comes to new cars. After a few weeks, it just becomes an ordinary car, nothing special. Brand new cars are a complete waste of money.
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