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  1. Um, no? It's true that some older people from the northern states go to retire in Florida for the warmth, but there's a wide mix of people young to old reside there. No different to anywhere else. I personally wouldn't want to live there *because* of the weather, but for a holiday it's great. The best time was when me and a mate visited several years ago. On the way to our hotel from the airport we bumped into a couple of really fit young girls at a McDonald's who agreed to go with us to our hotel room for a bit of fun.
  2. Well said, and quite right that he labels anyone who doesn't agree with him a troll. Everything he posts is passive aggressive which is exactly what he states other people are.
  3. As mentioned in my post in the crypto thread, we can put Peter Schiff in the same category as Jim Rickards and Max Keiser. All 3 are charlatons and snake oil salesman.
  4. Haven't watched the above video and don't intend to, but wouldn't believe a word what Jim Rickards and Max Keiser have to say. Pair of charlatans.
  5. This site has cost people an awful lot of money over the years.
  6. Manipulation and corruption, that's why. Many people who think logically are actually bad at making predictions, particularly where governments are the fundamental problem.
  7. Personally not. In any case, I don't think people who are cash rich normally touch BTL anyway. Was thinking more tangible. May as well buy up things you think people will need/want in the future. You may get it wrong and lose, but then you've lost anyway.
  8. A lot of people I know with cash in the bank are waiting for the BOE to raise by 0.5% in May, followed by several more to target 2.5 to 3% this time next year. Any faltering on the BOE's part over that period will see those people remove said cash into something else. Whatever that something else happens to be almost certainly can't be any worse than a failing currency headed for zero.
  9. The housing market may take a hit. Unfortunately the pound is taking a bigger hit
  10. Lots of people out and about right now having a good time. Roads busy, shops packed.
  11. Indeed, and it still amazes me how many remainers are clutching at straws over the Brexit referendum who still need the argument in order to be "proved" right. The BOE are playing the exact same game as every other western central bank. They've been in toe the whole time, even before the introduction of QE and ultra low interest rates policy. Brexit doesn't even factor into it. Similarly, if people had have voted in a Labour government, we would have the exact same QE and interest rates, proving once again that you'd be a loser, and probably desperate for a Tory government.
  12. Depends on whether you think voting will make a difference. In a rigged political system, you'll always lose as no matter what you vote for, you'll not get what you thought you would (even if the vote goes your way)
  13. And I also want to officially point out before anyone makes any assumptions, that I didn't vote in the Brexit referendum. Have always remained neutral as I know that life is what YOU make it. However, I will also make an observation that the majority of people I know who are complaining about Brexit are remainers.
  14. If Brexit is so bad for you, why are you still here? You must think that it's all picnics and parties in the EU. In my line of work I travel a lot, more so than the average person, and I have met a lot of people from every corner of the earth who have a story to tell. People the world over are generally dissatisfied in life, mainly due to governments. Point remains, if you have money, life is good almost anywhere, and Brexit is absolutely not a factor. Equally, if you aren't well off, you'll have at best an OK life, again, Brexit is not a factor. I think you need to get your head out of the sand and start facing up to realities instead of looking for someone else to blame for your situation. Personally, I can't understand people like you. Apparently makes lots of money from Bitcoin yet constantly posts on a forum about UK house prices about how he's not happy about Brexit. Something definitely not right there, and if I had to guess, I'd say you're not well off, still can't afford a decent house, hasn't got much of a future, but hey let's blame Brexit. Me on the other hand still enjoys working and living all over the world and Brexit had made no impact whatsoever, nor will it.
  15. Any lesser rights and freedoms would still have been the case without Brexit. It's a shame that fools like you think that Brexit is the cause of everything and anything that happens. It's time to accept that you lost. Personally, I can't understand why you're on this forum. I would have thought you'd be living in some socialist EU country like France in a mansion bought with your dirty Bitcoin profits, and that the least of your concerns would be UK property prices and Brexit. Very strange indeed.
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