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  1. Banks won't go under, but the value of cash deposits most certainly will.
  2. I'm a home owner. Fully paid for, no mortgage. Why do I need saving?
  3. Not necessarily just housing, however housing will indeed be considered a very safe asset, but only if fully bought. Some other assets may be valuable, although very speculative and hence risky.
  4. An international event, but with different effects to a degree depending on country and circumstances. UK fairs badly, that goes without saying.
  5. Ah, the good old power cuts theory had to resurface once again on this forum. Bang on cue as well to coincide with that 'feel in the air' at this time of the year.
  6. Difference is that many of those debtors over the past 25 years have enjoyed life. Savers haven't, and are about to get crushed.
  7. Not really UBI. Yes, money thrown at the unemployed until the system crashes and a new digital currency is introduced. Unfortunately, those with cash already won't qualify for these handouts. The end result will be everyone ends up in the same position, ground zero. Those with houses fully paid for end up being better off as they'll already be a few steps up the ladder.
  8. Personally, if I was holding a lot of cash, I'd be very very worried at this point, especially if I didn't already own a house. People were warned back in 2008 about cash, and emergency interest rates should have been the clue about where things were heading. Unfortunately many people thought they knew better. Why people thought low interest rates and QE could have caused a HPC is beyond me as both tools cause the complete opposite. The intelligent folks bought houses in droves after '08 and have made so much profit. Next year, we're going to see money literally thrown at anyone who
  9. Some posters on HPC don't have a life to begin with.
  10. People will need to get used to de-globalisation and heavily reduced levels of consumerism. As a side effect, Brexit becomes insignificant. The fact is, there is hardly anything worth buying anyway as people have everything they want. Some items will need replacing such as washing machines as they aren't built to last for life. People can stop buying as many clothes as they like - a few holes here and there does nobody any harm, and the average person isn't good looking anyway so it matters not what they're wearing. There has been an increase in price of many things over the past few mont
  11. The money supply isn't being expanded. The printed money is merely replacing the money that has been lost. You need to stop thinking the way you do else you're going to become poor, particularly if you're still piling heavily into gold.
  12. You're mistaken. Money printing and inflation don't correlate. In highly deflationary times, money printing just fills the large holes being created.
  13. You've been busted. Stop trying to dig yourself into a bigger hole. You previously blocked me for being a troll, yet here you are quoting and replying to me. Another example of you lying.
  14. It's quite amazing really. He lies blatantly and then calls other people a troll. He's been busted, although I like many others saw through him years ago. He's likely lost thousand of pounds over the past 13 years and now needs a crash to be "proven right". Unfortunately for him, any crash will also see him completely wiped out too. Oh, and no house to boot.
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