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  1. I am not sure what the point of another referendum would be right now, but I would certainly like to keep the option of a referendum to rejoin the EU in a decade or so when the implications of leaving are clear to all. I do not think the questions / issues we have will go away by themselves over the next decade, and cannot see myself voting for anything other than for EU membership again if I get the chance. I do see one possible future for Scotland, Northern Ireland, and maybe a joint (or separated) England and Wales, as small countries within the EU. If this happens, we will find
  2. Thanks for posting this interesting paper Zugzwang. A bit depressing, and certainly appears to put the last nail in the coffin for models involving protective T cell cross immunity from common cold coronavirus infections. it was optimistic assuming the individuals who get mild COVID-19 “cases” but are over the disease in just a few days, we’re going to have long lasting protective immunity from antibodies when it takes a week or more for the adaptive immune system to respond effectively to a novel viral threat. Perhaps the cross-immunity TCell response, while possibly a benefit t
  3. And deliberately “dirty” and clean your loos five times a day too!
  4. Welcome Sta, There are threads on economic collapse, environmental collapse, public health collapse, oh and of course collapse of the housing market ... You should feel right at home!
  5. Others were talking about excess deaths in 2020 leading to an increase in supply in another thread. However, this appears to be a factor about 10x larger on the demand side. My view is that even this effect will be dwarfed by the negatives of the coming economic slowdown though. Rental income (and yes eventually even real terms house prices) are on the way down.
  6. Perhaps you have recognised that your children will be hard pushed to get a higher standard of living than you have had. I suspect parenthood was more fulfilling (and the future looking much more rosy to them) in previous generations when you could see your kids having a better life than you had.
  7. Agree completely on this bit! I guess we might be arguing about the value of deer in the forest vs cows in the field. Both are good for me if they are sustainable and have high biodiversity, but to be avoided if they are destructive monoculture, even if the intensive farm monoculture makes more money in the short term.
  8. From the frontiers article. “This massive ecological overshoot is largely enabled by the increasing use of fossil fuels.” I also disagree with you ur comments about “social value based”. If we screw up the planet enough, we all suffer, regardless of the nature of our political system, our social position within it, or our individual political views.
  9. Thanks for the correction! Just because socialism is against economic growth (if indeed it is) does not make it in any way linked to our ecological issues. The report does indeed suggest exponential economic growth based upon fossil fuel usage has to stop. Or it will be stopped in a more catastrophic manner by ecological overshoot. Do you have any evidence that this is not the case? The report authors have plenty of evidence to support that it is.
  10. Sorry to hear this Biggus. Rest, fresh air, and don’t hesitate to call the professionals if things take a turn for the worse. Best of luck.
  11. Oh look we've got some highly paid professors on the public payroll arguing for more socialism or we're all dead No mention of socialism in the report at all. Indeed it is clear to me that mass extinction, loss of biodiversity, overuse of Earth resources, and anthropomorphic climate change owing to fossil fuel usage are not related to right/left political thinking in any way. Perhaps the lefty- loons that write in the Gruaniad have added a spin to it?
  12. I don't think so it was 85,000 excess deaths a tragedy but shouldn't cause a house crash A tragedy, yes, and not on its own a house price crash. Assuming average household size of 2.3 ish and about 1.1 million homes per year sold this could represent an increase in supply of 3-4%. The other ongoing tragedy (of job losses, young careers not started, education missed and corporate insolvency) will be much more significant for house prices from the “demand” side.
  13. I Agree completely. I said in a democracy (and perhaps incorrectly implied the current U.K. situation) The U.K. does not currently have an effectively functioning democracy. Bring on PR.
  14. 13 hours ago, satsuma said: My experience is that women ARE CONVINCED THROUGH PROPAGANDA AND PEER PRESSURE THAT THEY want children, as well as a career. One gets delayed for the other. An alternative fix.
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