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  1. I completely agree, our political system is based on seats. And that means that a majority of voters might vote for something but get something else. Which appears to be what you're saying here. The majority of people voted for non brexit parties (your own admission) but because of how our political system works, they got a brexit party. Agree with dugs on this one. In my constituency there was just one Brexit Candidate vs 4 Serious Remain candidates. It is perhaps not surprising that the Brexit candidate won. But this is spilled milk that has gone off, congealed, gone mouldy, and been picked up on the bottom of a sock by now. Let’s move on shall we?
  2. Our current incarnation of BTL over the last 20 years or so has crossed that shaky line between one mans freedom to do what he wants, and another mans oppression. It is damaging our productive young people’s ability to create wealth and is therefore damaging our capitalist society. In my opinion only obviously.
  3. Exactly right. Denying people their own home so you can make a profit has, in my view, clear moral problems. I have not ever, and would not ever do it.
  4. It's utterly shocking that these basics still have to be repeatedly pointed out to the thickos. Like our Prime Minister? It seems clear to me that Boris is still trying to get a hard Brexit politically with no border and as close as possible to seamless trade with the single market. He will either act "dismayed" when he does not get it, or act "shocked" when he finds that this causes problems if he does manage to pull a fast one.
  5. The decisions of this government in loosening restrictions, stopping the daily CoVID briefing (and letting the likes of Cummings off the hook) have led directly to this sort of behaviour. Only time will tell if it results in significant additional loss of life, but it certainly looks risky from here...
  6. As I say, for now... This may well be a short term issue for Sweden. Already Sweden is open for Europeans to visit, and I would be surprised if the patches of Europe not open to Swedes currently are not opened for Business travel relatively soon.
  7. so far... Who knows what happens next. Perhaps Sweden, happy to open up to foreign travel and business and a post-COVID recovery? While New Zealand languishes in self-inflicted isolation for years?
  8. "So it is with EU trade. And why there is a strong correlation between Remain and acceptance of global warming." So, as we have now left the EU, does that mean global warming is no longer happening?
  9. Indeed we can. But I think some Brexit voters would find swapping some ridiculously high paid jobs in the City of London for access to local jobs picking fruit or making sandwiches a benefit, even though this would have a significant detrimental effect on GDP. To be clear, I am not convinced all in Brexit land will accept Brexit as a failure just because some of the wonderful opportunities that were never available to them are no longer available to others...
  10. Did they see that or were they told that. It's pretty hard to objectively assess what the reality of that is. Agreed. All I am commenting on is the relationship that I see between strongly remain voting areas and benefitting from the EU (say Cambridge with its tech companies and integrated academia and St Albans with its retired travellers and London commuters ) and just up the road leave areas that voted strongly for Brexit and have a population where EU membership might be seen as less beneficial locally (say Boston and Stevenage). I am not commenting on whether the populations noticed these differences themselves and voted accordingly, or were influenced by local campaigns that rammed these things down their throats.
  11. I would love it to be the case that the most optimistic, happy and go-get-it individuals In Britain voted positively for a Brexit vision of any kind. However, I think this is unlikely. Could it perhaps be that the majority of Brexit voters voted to leave the EU because they saw the benefits of being in the EU going to other people and not being experienced by themselves?
  12. I think we are expecting price falls rather than just guessing at this point
  13. I think the timing of Mr Jenrick's intervention leads the fair-minded and informed observer to conclude that there is a real possibility that he had been up to no good.
  14. The Govt and HMRC do care about this I think. Try Sending your email to Clarke Willmott solicitors (offices in London and Bristol), as I think they have people looking for serial dodgy directors like yours appears to be.
  15. It is not just the UK that has ramped up testing over the last couple of months. Also the places the virus is now spreading most rapidly (such as Mexico, Brazil, India, Africa...) have much younger populations on average and fewer over 85s in particular. Hence fewer deaths. A third likely element is that we are simply getting better at treatments as we gain experience.
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