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  1. Stuck in the middle here. Scottish background but live in centre of England. No vote (presumably). Not sure what I would do in the event of a positive Independence vote. Give up job? Sell house and move family up to Scotland? Does not sound easy, or even particularly realistic given our life situation. Despite quite liking the idea of an independent Scotland within Europe, I can only see it as disruptive and bad news from a personal perspective, and I cannot be the only one. Indeed, I just see it as being disruptive and bad news for everyone on both sides of the border. Perhaps the Brexit vote experience should be telling us to leave well alone?
  2. https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/976/cpsprodpb/D7EE/production/_125687255_kremanchuk_visual_analysis_02-2x_640-nc.png Well this looks pretty conclusive now. Yes it was a Russian missile, but no it was not a deliberate targeting of civilians. Their missiles were simply not as accurate as they were supposed to be (a hundred metres or so out).
  3. Good to hear. As with most of the adaptations we need to our activities in order to limit global heating, the issues are now moving away from the Scientific and into the social and geopolitical realms. Unfortunately, as the current war in Ukraine shows, things are not going well in these areas.
  4. What if there is still some maggoty, weasely, wormy stuff that still needs doing? No, they will stick with Boris until they have done all their dirty deeds. By this I mean scrapping the NIP, crushing a few unions and setting up Rwandan flights (and these are just 3 examples).
  5. Yes, this is where we disagree. I see BTL landlords outcompeting owner occupiers as limiting peoples choices. And I therefore see you as exploiters of people’s need for shelter.
  6. Yes. I do mean this definition in the main. Just recognise that the “resources” you are exploiting are people. People that are in every way as valuable as you are yourself.
  7. Far from it. I am sorry that you have to look back at a lifetime of creaming off other people’s hard earned. I am also certainly disappointed that our society has rewarded the exploitative behaviours that you and other similar actors have displayed. But envy? No. I am terribly sorry if you feel I have insulted you. I certainly did not intend to. However, you should be aware by now that many people, myself included, see BTL landlords as parasitic on our society. Making large sums of money through this activity may sit well in your head, but it does not in mine. You appear to see exploiting other people as a game. I do not. To be clear, I was referring to all BTL landlords in my previous post and not to you personally.
  8. I still see the long term future as Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales being ostensibly independent nations within the EU. But I do not see this happening any time soon.
  9. I think you may be misinterpreting some views JB. Yes, BTL landlords are parasitic on the provision of shelter in our society (taking a cut on housing for a significant portion of the young, even those that wish to own their house). But I for one do not want everything to go wrong for you immediately. Indeed, I accept that if it all goes wrong for all landlords in short order there will be a huge dislocation for many of us and our families. No, I do not want you to leave the housing market. I want you to stay in the market and slowly lose all the unearned income you have creamed off from working people over the last decade or two as house prices drop.
  10. Ha! Rights over your own body as a “lifestyle desire”. Poppycock.
  11. No relationship only works one way kzb. By studying the effect of climate change on corals, we have learned a lot about how the climate has varied both in the recent past, and in ancient geological time. This allows us to understand the context of the current anthropomorphic climate change and compare it to previous natural variability.
  12. No, this is not true kzb. Coral researchers are often looking at changing water chemistry related to climate change. corals are incredibly sensitive creatures and can tell us a lot about water pollution, air pollution and how humans are changing the environment in which the corals are living. By no means all I agree. But many marine biologists working on corals would be looking at projects related to climate change and would see themselves as climate scientists.
  13. Struggling, but… My sons have summer jobs organised (in retail/hospitality). Judging from my brother’s kids (and others), they might not have been given this opportunity before Brexit. If FoM was reintroduced I suppose it is possible that these job opportunities for the young might disappear again, but to be honest I think so much damage has been done to our standing and economy that it will be tough to get Europeans to come here for minimum wage jobs even if we were to rejoin.
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