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  1. FANG

    The great administration race...

    it sounds like Norwich desperately needs a chicken cottage and their team of super heroes to save the city https://chickencottage.com/
  2. FANG

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    Surely retirement should be based on occupation. I would not fancy being a 66 year old bricklayer riddled with arthritis, slogging his guts out on a cold damp building site. However I would prefer to be an 74 year old MP or sitting in the house of lords claiming my pension and 300 quid a day expenses. Why can't we look to change this.
  3. My god I think the public are actually waking up and starting to get it. However what the hell do we do to sort out this mess.
  4. I honestly believe that house prices will never fall to acceptable levels and will steadily keep rising. I think that a lot of this is due to white flight from London and people selling up and moving from a lot of the big inner city areas. Look at sale price of a one bedroom flat in London for example and what you can get for this in other parts of the country with change to spare. Selling a bigger house in London is like a lottery win for some people and drives up prices when they have to buy another home elsewhere. BTL landlords then snap up these properties, convert them and pack them full of renters. We are well and truly ******ed and things are not going to change unfortunately.
  5. FANG

    Middle Class Exit

    I totally agree with your inspiring post and its refreshing to get your perspective on things. Things will never change in this country and I can only see it getting worse. The rich are getting richer whilst everyone's standard of living is declining. The British have lost their fight . We moan but do nothing.
  6. FANG

    Austerity Riots

    I think that the fuse is being lit all over Europe with riots in France gathering momentum. The recent march in London was well attended and seem to end peacefully Will this kind of violence spread the UK even though the it is poorly reported upon or generally ignored by TPTB or the media outlets except RT
  7. FANG

    Uk Net Migration Hits Record High

    Its all going according to the master plan Check out - The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan on theeuroprobe,org Frightening
  8. So if British banks start taking peoples savings. Do you really think that people will just let them do it without any repercussion. I'm sure that this will be the final straw that breaks the camels back and major civil disobedience will ensue in this country.
  9. Why should he walk anywhere and mix with the peasants. He does not need dog5hit on his hand stitched gucci's
  10. Its up to you if you wanna pay £600k for a house and I suppose this is governed if you live in London or the S E and wanna keep up with the Joneses. In other parts of the country I think you can get something decent for around £200k or well below. Remember the bigger the house the more time you waste cleaning the ******er. I would rather live in something a bit more modest and spend my hard earned on actually enjoying my self than servicing a mortgage
  11. 1 million or 10million for early retirement and financial independence is bull5hit Once you have brought a property I think you can live quite comfortably in the UK for 15k a year.
  12. FANG

    Farage Speech Today

    But who else are really worth voting for.
  13. LOL - pensioners my **** This band have just been announced at Rebellion so Fang is a happy bunny
  14. FANG

    Farage Speech Today

    Clegg has no worth or credibility in British politics This is his last hurrah before he goes and works for the EU so he will definitely try to set up and discredit Farage in this live debate. Cameron and Milliband are cowards and would be annihilated if they went head to head. I sincerely believe that UKIP are the only party worth voting for. All the others have failed the majority of people in the UK.
  15. FANG

    Farage Speech Today

    Impressive stuff again from Nigel Can someone give me one good reason why I should not vote UKIP

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