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  1. Surely Border force are not giving out all inclusive wristbands now are they.
  2. I'm sure it could be a possibility maybe not all out war but on a small scale. But whatever happens it will have been stage managed by the 1% who will be safely ensconced in their remote Caribbean bunkers.
  3. So what happens when a large country or a superpower starts to run out of resources how do they rectify that without assistance from other nations and if that is not forthcoming then they will have to take it themselves from other nations.
  4. I suppose its a vicious circle. Big Corporations - population growth - climate change The only way to control this is to reduce population growth but the greed of the wealthy 1% won't allow it. Hence our destruction within 100 years is inevitable unless consumption of natural resources is reduced. Basically we are screwed.
  5. Good initial point. But where do we deport them to if they have no ID and the European countries they have just traveled through refuse to take them.
  6. It looks like Priti Patel needs needs a few ideas. Giving millions to the French is not resolving the issue. This year its estimated that over 30,000 migrants could arrive via this route. How can we afford to keep paying for this.
  7. I used to work for a local authority late 80's early 90's - Friday night drinks were like a knocking shop and the Christmas parties resembled Caligula.
  8. Well it seems like you shafted both of them. You need one of these for your next management meeting Ace
  9. How many of you have banged the office bike or been very tempted?
  10. There ain't half some right cankles on a lot of those Lasses.
  11. My God man have you seen the state of Susan from Accounts.
  12. So a mortgage is for life and people are happy being debt slaves. I suppose they will still build smaller properties or landlords continue to partition existing properties for future buyer's to live like battery hens especially if they are not working and existing on UBI. Are we being gamed. First the rich make a mint from manufacturing high property prices for years and now they start manipulating the currency markets for their benefit.
  13. I really think that interest rates are gonna substantially rise. How can they keep them so low if inflation is rising. This will then decimate house prices - Hopefully!
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