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  1. Don't take anything for granted and treat each day as if its your last. China has been preparing for WW3 with biological weapons for last six years, US investigators say | Daily Mail Online
  2. Forget Andy Burnham he is not leadership material. And I know leadership material when I see it. What the Labour party needs is a man with a plan. That man is the Count. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Count Binface. The only man who can rid this country of Tory scum.
  3. After Sir Keir Rodney Starmer I actually think the labour party are now finished and will eventually go into a slow decline. Unless they can elect a strong leader who is in tune with the people of this country and can stop the Tories from being the ruling party for the next 50 years.
  4. And that's how it should be Crescent. We on here do not mind your peccadilloes. You wear exactly what you want matey.
  5. Is Sir Keith a Tory as he seems to be doing his best to lose every election to keep the conservatives in power. Meanwhile over in little ol Sandwell In The Public Domain?: Sandwell Labour Select Masturbator For Old Warley! (thesandwellskidder.blogspot.com)
  6. Why don't we just sack off the Government and all the political parties and just get the Chinese in. In the long run we would all be better off and more healthy. Coronavirus: Wuhan hospital built in under two weeks - CBBC Newsround
  7. But you just can't blame the Tories, they are all at it. So who do we vote for to bring real change to this country
  8. Si1 They should be hung and their assets sold and distributed amongst the accused.
  9. How the hell was this allowed to affect the lives of 557 post workers and continue for so long. Surely one of the IT guys would have sussed this issue fairly quickly. Why did the management take the action they did and draw it out for many years. Should they now face justice and what punishment applied - Jail or fines. Or will the tax payer face the bill. Ex-Post Office boss Paula Vennells goes to ground amid scandal | Daily Mail Online
  10. I think that the people at the top know about this and may be complicit in some of these crimes. Thanks to social media these scumbags are being exposed and have less places to hide or people to influence so that they they keep quiet. If only our police force would work for the people and feel the collars of the real criminals instead of looking the other way when their bosses tell them to .
  11. Something like this you mean - When Fiddlers Green is attacked.
  12. Could it be construed as a honey trap that he fell for. He was obviously punching above his weight when he tried to engineer a rendezvous to attempt to pork her. I personally think she is only a 6 and not stunning.
  13. With the price of almost everything going up. Wages and savings, reducing or inflated away. A lot of jobs just paying a paltry wage. Will people start to turn to crime just to make ends meet.
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