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  1. This thread is for Friday night - Rioja and Blink 182 Enjoy
  2. I think people should be able to rent cheaply or buy cheaply depending on their circumstances
  3. Maybe its about time we collectively said PHUQ U to the BBC. The Revolution will be televised. One little acorn or one little match can start a big fire.
  4. I would love houses to be become more affordable. Especially for the youngsters to buy them and not end up in debt for years . But these ba5tards are not going let it happen.
  5. That is not going to happen i'm afraid .
  6. So what are we all drinking. And what are we watching/ listening to. 🤘
  7. 100 % of leavers think he should stay. And he will. - 6 months my ar5e.
  8. I personally find that quite shocking . But we should return them to France where they already have safe harbour.
  9. This is the problem with this country - Whatever party we have in power it is always the same. Unless we do something about it.
  10. How the hell can any one vote for Sir Starmer. He is one cheek of the same ar5e in government
  11. I think you need to lay off the bong and get some smorrebrod inside you.
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