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  1. It looks like Boris personally selected the Police Inspector from the Met to investigate Partygate
  2. Another photo that confirms it. Surely he has to go now.
  3. I really worry for the younger workers of this country as some of them are destined to be subjected to iniquitous housing policies and will not be allowed to own there own home on a average working wage without making significant sacrifices which will erode their quality of life and mental health. Its soul destroying to only be able to afford a house share and how long will it be before this becomes room share.
  4. This is a good read What’s The Difference Between Jack Monroe Suggesting Budget Recipes, And A Tory MP? – COOKING ON A BOOTSTRAP
  5. I think the distinction should be to survive off the interest. Everyone has different circumstances I can easily survive in the UK on 10k a year. However I can live on 30k a year.
  6. It looks like a lot of tenants will soon have trouble paying rent. So Landlords will have to suck this up as well. More than three-fifths of private tenants on Universal Credit face shortfall | Express & Star (expressandstar.com)
  7. I wonder if the high end lease cars will be the first to go. Money's too tight to mention. - Cut backs
  8. I think the cat should put a cap on wealth. Therefore any person or their close family who accumulates more than 10 million pounds or assets should automatically pay the excess back to the country. If they can't live a good life on that then they should be penalised for their greed.
  9. If only the cat had been in charge of giving out covid loans. We would not be facing as many cuts and price increases as we are now. Suitcases of Covid loan cash seized at UK’s borders | News | The Times
  10. What is the point of voting if elections are rigged. Macron / WEF wins French election. Was it rigged? (rumble.com)
  11. Not all boomers have played the system we just took the opportunities that were available to us at the time. Now there is far more demand for everything including property and we are competing with globalisation as supply is being controlled to enrich the wealthy. it's almost pointless voting in hope of change because our political system is rigged. Unless you younger guys get organised and take to the streets then nothing will change for you in this country. And I would join you.
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