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  1. Yes thats what I’m thinking.I started to give notice to some of my notice accounts a couple of months ago and will continue with the rest now in anticipation of better rates (they are all 90 and 120 day notice accounts). As the financial world is so crazy (we were going negative a few months ago remember ! ) if I’ve made the wrong call in in a few months time and rates are dropping I can always get in touch with the banks couple of days before and cancel.
  2. I opened the Chase account yesterday. It would’ve been incredibly simple other than the fact it took three attempts to recognise my passport photo . So although it took a few hours of waiting to see if I’d been accepted I was able to get on the phone 24 /7 to talk to a real person who answered immediately to ask what was happening and they couldn’t have been more helpful. Obviously I’ll keep an eye on the rates in anticipation of it being teaser ( just to get us to join) but then I do this with all my accounts anyway.
  3. Do you think so ?. I’m so cynical and fed up with all this now after so many years ….. I think if I was lost in the desert looking for water I’d probably walk past a lake assuming it was a mirage !. As I was writing the above I had to take a break because Savings Champions rang me back (spoke to them this morning and yes they had spotted it) and they are now thinking about putting it into their best buy table this afternoon if it passes all checks 👍
  4. I might try and get in touch with the organisation Saving Champions and see what their opinion of this type of thing is (they always seem pretty desperate for something new /positive to write about savings in their weekly newsletter). Whether or not it make sense to do anything is one thing but I’d like to think it’s going to get some media publicity/get other banks thinking etc
  5. Call me stupid but is it a big deal open a current account with them- I’ve often had to open current accounts before I could access better fixed rate bond/accounts. Sometimes I’ve opened these current accounts with just a £1 .
  6. Just came out in the last hour . I take it I must be misreading this or something as it seems too good to be true. What can everybody else see that I can’t ? https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/jp-morgan-chases-british-savers-with-1-5-interest-rate-offer-g9k8sm9rs
  7. 😁 yes you’d like to think so but having said that I spotted this today 😡😡😡 https://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/news/skipton-international-will-not-pass-on-bank-of-england-rate-hike/
  8. Received two emails from banks in the last couple of days - Gatehouse Bank 120 DAY NOTICE ACCOUNT account effective 21st February 2022 as follows: Current rate.80% New higher rate .90% As usual, RCI Bank will increase the rate we offer to our existing Freedom Savings Account customers to match the higher rate we are offering to our new customers. This means the rate on your Freedom Savings Account was automatically increased from 0.55% AER gross variable to 0.70% AER gross variable on the 18th of February 2022. Yes not earthshattering I know but just reporting on the direction of traffic.
  9. From Recognise Bank today- Great News! We’re passing on the full increase of Bank of England Base Rate to you. On the 3rd February 2022, the Bank of England increased its Base Rate from 0.25% to 0.50% and we are pleased to pass this rate rise on to your 95 Day Notice Account Issue 1. From today, 11th February 2022 the interest rate on your account has increased from 1.25% AER / Gross annualto 1.50% AER / Gross annual. No need for anybody to tell me how pitifully low the interest rate is in historic terms and I should have my money in bitcoin etc . I’m just passing on the information and acknowledging the fact that this bank has passed on the full rate rise.
  10. This email arrived today from Recognise Bank - Great News! We’re passing on the full increase of Bank of England Base Rate to you. On the 16th December 21, the Bank of England increased its Base Rate from 0.10% to 0.25% and we are pleased to pass this rate rise on to your 95 Day Notice Account Issue 1. From today, 23rd December 21, the interest rate on your account has increased from 1.10% AER / Gross annualto 1.25% AER / Gross annual.
  11. So yesterday Marcus informed me the interest on the bank account I have with them was increasing (I think I only had about a pound in it as I’d cleared it out in disgust after they dropped them) and today BLME (Bank of London and the Middle East) have just sent an email stating they are increasing profits (interest rates) from 0.70% to 0.80% for the 90 day notice account . Am I spotting a trend !
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/may/25/if-the-uk-built-1-million-homes-what-would-happen-to-house-prices
  13. Does anyone know if the US banks are (have been ) passing on the rate increases properly to their savers unlike UK banks. If so does anyone know what the top one /two/ three year fixed rate bonds are offering ?.
  14. Nice piece in the Telegraph only quibble is the dubious ( ridiculous ) 12% figure that is quoted ..https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/08/12/housing-market-bubble-bubble-experts-warn-pricescould-overvalued/
  15. Let’s hope if they do increase the stamp duty level further it would take effect immediately or within a couple of weeks . Last time they did it and gave a warning it only increased house prices because landlords piled in on mass trying to beat the deadline . The cynic in me could almost believe they would do this just to start a nice little rally again as house prices look like they’re on slide ?
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