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  1. I would ordinarily have agreed 10% down... but where I am a house needing stuff doing to it that I offered 10% off was seen as insult and vendor instructed EA not to deal with me. I had capitulated and tried to buy a house that had been on market since Christmas - empty as they were accidental landlords when chain fell through, EA told me at asking or don't call. I didn't call, confident these idiots looking for a 25% gain in 3 yrs would be stuck with it for a while - it needs work and attention, which they don't acknowlege. Sold and friend of friend has bought, full asking maxed out their LTV. 30 yr mortgage - couple mid 30s. I thought the vendors were being stupid, greedy and would be caught out. They've made out like bandits and won - I don't think we will see a change while there are folks willing to drown in debt and the others keep 'winning'. Sorry to sound doom and gloom but this is 10 years on from when things were insanely priced and now those seem reasonable!
  2. Wow that is some pretty spectacular dropping, wish the houses in their shop windows went the same way 😁
  3. A lot of what is going down the toilet are the companies loaded up with debt by PE and reamed with management charges before they walk away quids in. Brexit uncertainty may be knackering a lot of businesses right now, but crap management decisions and skimming off to parent companies is claiming a lot more
  4. The big question is do they drop or is it just a massive pause while the regions pickup the strain. The London centric media has now moved to focusing on house moves elsewhere to provide good news ramping stories. Just hope the ripple reaches here soon before next gov wheez kicks in
  5. It will be reported widely and that is what matters - pushes sentiment that bit more. Feedback loop
  6. Sounds like he is trying to talk down ideas of a large fall. Would be intrigued to know how they reached this figure as seems as finger in the air as Nationwide or Halifax. Crucially though it is in all the papers and that might be good enough to push a few reductions
  7. Those ripples are still quite crushing for those of us in the north who face either handing over a sizeable chunk of money or putting our lives on hold for another 2 years playing fall catch-up. More worringly in that period if the gov tries to save the south they might introduce more measures that push things round here.
  8. Reuters saying 3.2% wrong Halifax correcting it to 2.6%
  9. My question is how does slagging off HPC solve his / her issue that the HTB interest rate is rising and making them pay out more. Yes if they have a contract saying it won't rise until date x and rise on date y then that is an issue. But they signed the damn contract and more importantly they claim to have 'grown a pair to buy a house' but now a few months early interest increase and their world has ended. The truth is if they and lots like them had spurned HtB they'd probably have paid a chunk less than they did - which would have been the best money saving. Also bit of a fan of the Money Saving Expert but the forum there is something different to the money saving setup of Martin Lewis. You have to realise nobody likes to be proven to have overpaid or take a loss, just like we are hacked off having seen the props thrown at people who sign up to rubbish like HtB schemes
  10. 5 yrs ago friends bought a crappy townhouse for 150k. Sold last yr for 196k. They described it as crap and bemoaned lack of a garden, but now they are in a 240k semi with garden. Another friend bought just before last recession, neg equity and sold up 2010 at under purchase price by a few grand, then into a leasehold drama and sold just before became toxic. He broke even on that one. It is all timing one couple has done well, the others are renting staring down the same house price increases as rest of us without ever making anything.
  11. Could do with that tip-toeing up northwards by summer
  12. Nationwide generally has bigger exposure down south if memory serves, so may show a small fall. It is going glacially though - be interested to hear from removals owners or the like what they are seeing in different regions.
  13. Depends on the part of Stoke. I've seen folks asking for a lot over 2014 price let alone 2005 - there's a lot of leasehold to steer clear of too where old pottery works were regenerated.
  14. Yeah and us northern monkeys hoping for 10-15% are getting tired of waiting too
  15. Well round Staffs / Shropshire/ East Cheshire the asking prices have gone a bit dafter. Somehow the figures are coming out as nr 5% rise in midlands - I just don't see what is driving it
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