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  1. Yeah the stuff so cheap you get a free glass to make it worth 30p a litre. If I go mass produced I go Doombar / Wolf Rock or some of the Titanic / Joules ales or Leffe. Mostly a good single malt is my choice, not to excess just to taste or celebrate a summit.
  2. It is all a bit of learning and sometimes easy to whack everything in a growbag and do in one hit. Very easy to get carried away too have done it myself and watched the leaves go brown. I actually managed Thai lemongrass ( their winter crop) this Summer and the citrus plants have given me a couple of lemons for with fish or salad. I get the feeling many posters have more of the right balance of life than the Asda readymeal with Falcon lager Fridays
  3. The military - they all were smoking like chimneys in battalion. They were infantry soldiers and most of the private soldiers and lance jacks smoked. They also did lots of exercise & were superfit ( if semi-alcoholics). Same with engineers , medics and donkey wallopers. The one soldier I had neither smoked or drank they called monk.
  4. So the social distancing I said as people dying despite Med diet / not just old. But as say if we think diet and being young will save us we're kidding ourselves. Ah back to the WHO conspiracy to get rid of that charmer Donald
  5. Yup because so far we've had a healthy eating suggestion ( which not knocking ) and vitamin D, yet Med countries were screwed despite those due to smoking and genetics. I'm genetically a bit Scandi , never smoked, eat well, run 5k every other day, get outdoors and spin class once per week so I don't know how I'll fare. That is why I take preventive measures. But as said elsewhere - if being too fit and smoking can be risk factors kiss goodbye to your military as the kiddies never didn't have a tab on.
  6. Check the back of Flora and Olivio - both mix rapeseed and palm. Olivio has more palm than Olive oil I was once told
  7. The jury is out if palm oil is good for you, in fact many studies say it can be a contributor to heart disease. But either way it is cack for environment, so if have to make sure is from ethical sources. Also a lot of health food and 'olive oil' spreads are tiny amounts olive oil and rest palm as it is cheaper. Olivio spread is less than 20% olive oil. Flora active is also full of it perversely. If you want to enjoy healthy food grow as much as can yourself - taste a supermarket tomato, vs a home grown one. No contest because it is fresh not stuck in storage for ages and mass produced mus
  8. I happen to think wolves are incredible but then I think that about sharks and a whole host of the natural world. I actually get out to them - much more informative than just reading about them - head to Canada or painted wolves along the Zambezi. People invoke wolves as sinister or evil as for centuries across the world they have been folklore bogeymen. It is why they are so persecuted. The idea that there is a group of 'wolves' circling us sheeple is a common conspiracy startup. Projection doesn't really work if they're not my own viewpoint or flaws.
  9. Then maybe folk shouldn't be saying don't worry it only affects old people and healthy folk will be fine.
  10. And we're into the nature. Wolves have hierarchical structures, complex social interactions and communication systems by gesture that we just starting to understand. Painted wolves / hunting dogs communicate via sneezes to make decisions. In chimps there is a complex gesture language, they organise ambush and drive monkeys in to a killing zone. They don't sit there talking about it but the older males choose the sight, then via gesture the plan is enacted. They know their role based on play and status. I know this as I've been fortunate to travel, observe and photograph /
  11. Likely very good but I don't regulate his intake. He can't cook but his missus, is French Italian, another runner and alpinist. I am not his doctor but seeing as they do remote expeds I'd say likely the whole shebang. He is a security consultant normally in Mid East but also leads expeds like Mt Elbrus and other mountaineering work. Both give him medicals and altitude tends to tax respiratory system. The doctors treating him said shocked to see someone in such good shape there. Then apparently they had some London folk who were lunchtime 5k runners and regular cyclists / kayakers. Th
  12. Second MSI's praise of your point. Not just Covid, Russia, anything that you can look at there is some great unknown cabal being blamed for. 911 was an inside job so they could get Iraqi oil. Bill Gates is creating vaccines to sterilise evangelists, the more outrageous the more fervent someone grabs onto it. George Soros will have paid for the engineering of Covid next. He's apparently responsible for anything bad these days. The problem is hindsight is 20x20 and people, on information at a given point in time, make decisions that turn out to be errors when all facts are known ( not
  13. Yeah but my friend was on a ventilator so I imagine likely he got worst of it. From being rolled and no resistance he's lost all feeling in right arm from shoulder to elbow. Likely being static for weeks has had a toll too
  14. He's not slight he's actually built like Steve Backshall and undergoes regular medicals with his work. Trust me if he is going down with it kiss goodbye to everyone in Catterick Garrison.
  15. It is not just overweight and underlying health issue getting Long Covid. Mate in 30s who does triathlons, done London marathon, ultras and MdS has gone down with it. He's ex forces, superfit ice climber and diver. He has lung damage, blisters that butst and cause blood in cough. He can't walk up a flight of stairs without feeling done in. Some folks seem to think this virus is conspiracy rubbish or a hoax or will only affect the overweight / asthmatic / anyone but them. Probably because it hasn't affected them or anyone close.
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