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  1. Unfortunately you are decrying one ponzi while participating in another. That's the sad facts here. Crypto has value only so long as someone says it has value and people go 'ok'. Its volatility make it unsuitable for use as a currency and it only survives as its unregulated. Regulation will knock the stuffing out of it. There's a ****** ton of people been left as bag carriers by the Crypto / NFT situation. All this jubilant hype is the same as when all the 'change the world' tech disruptors came about, then it turns to dogshit in a bin and people getting in later are burned badly. Crypto as it stands is not any future
  2. The confusion of someone who fought tyranny for freedom so they could err... demand people not be free. He probably still watches Rock Hudson Westerns in lala land too. Can this go in dustbin please Mods or at least Off Topic
  3. We are about 5 minutes away from Dorres going full Glenn Close I reckon. She probably broke the swing in Downing St... Imagine how Johnson's kids must feel as they already had strained relations when he ditched his 2nd wife during her cancer treatment.
  4. This does not sound likely at all tbh. You have many options available you chose BTC. I'm shocked you think there is no CP risk in crypto as well.
  5. Well EU set ball rolling now with MiCA regs
  6. At some point you have to acknowledge a brick can't be more than a brick, no matter how much you reason with it or devote time to it. Father Jack figured that one out 😉
  7. And every time it drops and people lose money there's a whole tranche of people who say 'never again' and leave. CFDs were the same goldrush until people got burned badly in the GFC.
  8. The 'do you want a Labour Gov' phonecall to The Times or Daily Mail ususlly works. Interesting Ashcroft is going all out to kill off Johnson's leadership.
  9. Measured against say derivatives at estimate of $12tn the $3tn Crypto wasn't entirely insignificant, just where the losses fall in each case - Crypto is generally non-bank and that's why its impact is 'less' important.
  10. And here's the interesting thing - she recounted whst Ornato said had happened. Ornato has not denied the account and he gave recorded statement to hearing not an appearance. So Ornato has to say yep or no, not the witness we just heard from. Same as Meadows, etc... Interesting how Trumpians went to discredit all the evidence based on that snippet. The messages and potential witness tampering attempts also pure mafia
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