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  1. Is this like the bat stuff you posted where basically you'd been on Google and I had to explain line by line how you were posting nonsense, and then when you posted more I explained all the bat research and interactions, differing species, etc... and got no reply. India is actually a wonderful place, been there many times, but then travel is the cure for ignorance and experiencing things is more valuable than seeing it on a web page or just having read about it.
  2. Bit weird considering his Father in Law was in the SS Cavalry Div. Obviously money talks
  3. Its really a does any of this matter anymore - basically we are in daft times again. Everyone in 'race for space' according to papers so expensive houses will sell. In 12 months time if have to go back to office and got a long commute or cutting a lawn twice the size will take shine off
  4. Surely there's health and safety rules about combining those two...
  5. Again ascribing a dispute you are having with someone else with me. @Dorkins is only person talking about pensions so once again railing at wrong person. I have only mentioned housing props. You seem to be reading half a dozen people's posts and replying as if we've all said the same thing. This is why its not worth engaging with you - you were telling me about spelling because @MonsieurCopperCrutch pulled you up on it as if scoring points back. In a nutshell you don't read or listen what is put in front of you, nor who said it so what's the point. People even had to expla
  6. Bingo next whatabouttery session - not me guv it was immigrants This is why I say its not worth engaging with you anymore as you chuck out as many tangents as possible. A thread about intergenerational equality and don't you think a distro by age might just include immigrants as its by age not country of origin. I'm sorry but this reads like trolling or an attempt to wilfully derail a thread because everything you've posted has been picked apart. That's why I shall be ignoring you as its not a convo on facts anymore its a conclusion you have you are trying to fit facts to backup.
  7. No they bloody well were not and you are dragging around for something to justify your little strop. As said you made out @jiltedjen was living a fantasy of victimhood and you've now said how you are the victim of 'hate speech'. Please get over yourself because anytime someone disagrees you seem to go off into a tizz of whatabouttery and throw out a load of things, which when taken apart cause palpatations of victimhood. I'm sorry but you are no longer worth conversing with as we've had a full circle of this now and it comes down to You have two unsquarable circles - house pric
  8. Probably when regulation kicks in or the fact it drives a coach & horses through most AML and tax evasion / anti-bribery regs as you can't show source of funds / trace transactions by design. I believe some banks are excluding businesses that take more than x % of payments in bitcoin, etc. But one for another thread perhaps
  9. It really does seem like football team mentality to chuck out the leader after about 12 months. More so for a candidate who won a mayoral contest as though its broader appeal. Raynor going seems knee-jerk but also seems like Starmer being told appealing for unity won't work. Might as well die on own vision rather than trying to appease Corbyn stalwarts. Rebecca Long-Bailey was straight out of the traps doing interviews saying how terrible the offering is and need to build on Jeremy's successes... just mind boggling
  10. Think that is what most people have said - where people have got irate is when the older gen are lecturing the following gens as to them not having it hard like a sketch from Monty Python. There are also quite a lot actively opposing any measure offering to eleviate situation - NIMBYS for example and howls if anyone proposes not loading any cuts disproportionally on the following gens. I agree you can only play what's in front at the time but acknowledging a problem seems beyond many.
  11. Wonder why we were doing NBC drills for years before this then. Anyone heard of VX, Sarin, anthrax - not the heavy metal bands? Daily Mail wailing again. The reason persistent nerve agents and biological warfare is not a good weapon is that many are not thermally stable so munition delivery is tough / expensive. They are a demoralisation or area denial kit or to force use of NBC kit which is tiring and fkin horrible to do day to day let alone fight in. Nobody uses them as so unpredictable and potential for disaster massive. Cue armchair experts posting apocalypse from Google sea
  12. My post specifically said removing props only, mentioned nothing about wealth transfer and elicited your hissy fit response so no it was 100% accurate in that regard. Stop running off to new arguments and whatabouttery. Remove all props / subsidies on housing - yes or no? Prudential lending enforced max multiples - yes or no? Apparently last time put that you had a strop about just confiscate your pension why don't we and send you to a state facility. You are the only person who brought up wealth transfer to millennials and Gen-X as via inheritance. So please stop chuc
  13. Bloody hell that's a selection criteria there. Might as well add watches Great Pottery Thrown Down too. It probably encompases you, your mates and family circle and possibly Margot Leadbetter from the Good Life. I also think the term Red Tory is chucked at anyone not in favour of Corbyn and just the same stupidity is thrown back at anyone who doesn't think Amazon evading tax is a good plan. They are cartoonish . Dumb terms and factionalism is going to keep labour out of power and I stand by that. People also swing on the spectrum on different issues that affect their lives. Brex
  14. So mention removing props, which will drop house prices as is your stated aim back to affordible levels, and you chuck out a spurious argument of why don't we take your pension. So here we are a boomer stated if your house falls in value its Game Over Man, Game Over! Hysterically like Private Hudson. Ironically you may indeed in later life end up in a special facility - retirement care but that is based on need and most of it funded by social care funds not yourself unless law changes. Nobody is confiscating your wealth - just removing artificial props which you seem masdively i
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