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  1. Noting the 'if you cared' got ducked when alignment was mentioned as ticking all the boxes. Now here's the thing if ny some magic you renegotiate now the NIP, the fact it will mbe seen as a Unionist victory means it will be disavowed by the Republicans. Then if you try and tweak that it'll be seen by Unionists as intolerable as magically you promised then this then took it away. Johnson made promises he couldn't keep, but unlike the Daily Mail readers that can be blagged the two sides in NI take everything literally and will doggedly demand it seeing anything less as surrender Welcome to Johnson's shit sandwich he cannot lie his way out of.
  2. Think you'll find that it was Boris who signed that bit of paper. Why because after the new majority attained he didn't need the DUP and Arlene & co were thrown under the proverbial bus, after ironically helping bring down his predecessor and get him the top job. Now if you want to address British and Irishness then regulatory alignment cures all ills. Funny though they don't seem to care enough about the issue to make that leap - it has to be the EU that changes... Under alignment the rest og GB would be same as NI so no divergence ( even though NI diverges on quite a lot for political reasons since yr dot) and Irishness maintained as frictionless trade. Discuss why this is impossible if aim is to solve that problem.
  3. There are ways of challenging - as company cmdr my word was law to the subordinates. As plt cmdr word went for theirs. But I would explain to the 2nd Lts that if you pull that routine the Plt Sgt with all his experience will give you enough rope and watch you hang yourself with it, provided it doesn't endanger folk. They will do everything to the letter and no more. Bring them with you and they'll work for you not around you. Shouting at the EU and making everything a challenge means no change. Goodwill has evaporated and the EU will cling ever tighter to those rules as every attempt at change will just been seen as attempt at dishonesty, disruption and grandstanding. You see from Brexiteer view if you push they'll bend. From the EU point of view Boris is in a hole of his own digging and they need a bloody good reason to offer a ladder let alone not turn on a hose.
  4. And they can look at this stuff and make suggestions to the committee but what they can't do is charge off and shout eff you and think no comebacks. It takes two sides to agree, you don't get the EU to agree by starting a fight calling them knobs. They signed up to this arrangement.
  5. Its the - we need to leave the EU as they are pureist, dogmatic, bureaucratic, inflexible rules sticklers. Outside EU - we didn't expect you to be so purist, dogmatic and sticklers to rules, why all the paperwork... When buccaneering meets buckaroo
  6. Dave the question was least resistence. Now you're changing the question. Practical solution that solves every issue of the impasse but only stumbling block is it requires UK to appear to give something and politically makes Brexit appear pointless. Given the politicians ( hello Gove) went on record and on national TV and claimed there would be no drop in standards and no divergence as late as last year then why is it unthinkable now. Answer is they wouldn't appear to have won which is what matters
  7. We are in the stage of the divorce where UK is ringing up the EU and shouting I hate you at 2am then expecting to keep all the vinyl and the inherited silverware from the late mother-in-law.
  8. Irrelevant to this discussion if you want the path of least resistence and disruption it is that. We are already closely aligned we just have to stay that way. By vet cert do you mean EHC which can be stamped by local authority registerrd inspectors not just vets. Also which is similar to our requirement for a tin of tuna coming from abroad where we expe t signed documentation from a health official for customs clearance. However this is irrelevany as the Brexiteers treat Brexit like a divorce and have to be seen to be winning. Practical steps be damned
  9. No the path of least resistence is regulatory alignment with the EU but nice try. No customs checks needed, no risk to ECM, no provoked paramilitaries on either side as NI not treated differently than rest of UK nor Ireland and NI cut-off on any issue. Frictionless trade.
  10. If you have an FTA still and you are limiting to one or more products then no. If UK decides it wants to tear up the FTA that's its job to do but this would constitute rebalancing safeguards to protect the integrity of the ECM when Britain renegs on checks. We've covered this. Moreover unless the EU accepts these products from other nations without an FTA they have no reason to have to allow them from us. Hormone beef from the US for instance cannot be forced on the EU. If however they accept from US then any rate must apply to say Australia too. WTO is you can't say 5% tariff from X country and nothing if coming from Y on WTO. It is fairness across all nations ie treat the same unless have FTA in place.
  11. Exactly soft power. It doesn't have to be explicit. But Norway undoubtedly believes it makes these payments for beneficial terms. So back to the central point of Messrs Isles - about GB-NI being the frontier border for EU and UK having complete control. It has less real power as it has a number of actual responsibilities it cannot evade and other actors that will constrain any room for manouevre. Any action seen as destabilising to NI and all hell breaks loose. Furthermore we've already said if UK plays too many games they can simply say that's not coming in at Calais either or refer UK for legal proceedings again for breaching obligations it signed in an international treaty. Keep talking about change and saying no, keep referring to court for fines that will be awarded.
  12. He wasn't Hitler's banker though as far as I'm aware, he just thought he was a good thing as he had horrible views. Kennedy had tried to take over the film studios in 20s and many were Jewish owned - he was a proper scumbag and set up several owners but thought he missed out due to Jewish conspiracy - sound familiar. Roosevelt sent him to Britain to get him out of US and prevent him meddling / getting more power. He only got SEC job as hired a crook to catch them. He figured he'd slip up and we would out it more than a US press. He was a mate of Senator McCarthy too. Apparently when son one was killed he remarked it'll have to be John then ( becoming President).
  13. "Doesn't have" to is exactly a "no". We don't pay Nissan 'directly' to keep them here but we gave them grants to 'help' them stay. As you say academic but same outcome. Cut their access the 'goodwill payments' stop. In fact Norway's Centre Party was making this point.
  14. I hate to break it to you but GB isn't in complete hegemony on that border as the moment they do something either paramilitary forces object to that will kick off. Threats of violence against customs officials from UDA. Threats of a return to action by splinter Republicans if they feel slighted. Yanks applying their leverage if it threatens GFA / peace in any way. So yet another sword of Damocles. The thing about being seen to be promising things to unreasonable paramilitary groups is even if you come up with something reasonable they want the unicorn they think you promised - its why all the DUP & Unionists now will settle for nothing the Gov can actually deliver
  15. Doesn't have to its payment in kind. Bit like aid tied to access. During the Brexit negotiations Norway specifically said if we got same deal as them they'd renogiate the grant payments unless we paid more than them. They reckoned we'd screw things up for them and the others. They also have to accept many EU rules and pay into Schengen funding. Some leverage.
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