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  1. LiveinHope

    November Budget 2017

    Ha Ha. Good spot. DM obviously didn't read his words initially.
  2. LiveinHope

    November Budget 2017

    The announcement said new cars and I think then only for the first year. I'm trying to understand the point of this announcement. As far as I understand, virtually all new cars have been Euro 6 since 2016/17, so I'm not sure where his 200 million is coming from. DM agrees it's just new cars http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5107629/Older-diesel-cars-kicked-higher-tax-bracket.html Although lots of places saying it's retrospective, wrongly I think.
  3. LiveinHope

    The HPC Message

    I'll pick you up on quoting me I'd prefer to be bitter and resentful than a BTLer and can understand people who might be, but I didn't say I am bitter and resentful, I couldn't give a flying f*** about BTLers and I wouldn't cross the street to help one out, scum. But I'm a happy renter, just not from a BTLer.
  4. Never buy anything new if you can buy it secondhand, Never buy anything secondhand if you can borrow it, And never borrow anything you don't need.
  5. All we need now is for the banks to enter the care provision market
  6. So we set up another social disparity. Siblings whose parents die quickly versus those who have the misfortune to have lingerers. Houseprices are not a way to run an economy.
  7. LiveinHope

    Conservative Party Manifesto

    'Chance' - isn't that one of the piles of cards in Monopoly According to the Monopoly Wiki
  8. And if you don't happen to live at at time when you accumulate ill-gotten gains during a housing bubble, or you become old during a crash ?, not that the latter is likely. What then ? An economy funded by houses is not the way to plan for the future.
  9. Theresa May has no children. The economy is bust due to houseprices and the credit bubble and the money leached by the banks. Including the house value in social care will increase care costs as they will rise to the amount the market can afford, which is now the value of your home. So, just like many other previous policies (student loans which are simply deferring unemployment benefits), this kicks the economic day of judgement down the road. What then happens to the house prices in 30 years time, who will be able to afford them, it won't be the children, what fix then ? Might as well rent, indeed (A guaranteed majority is a good time to do it if you want to, could bring in euthanasia too.) Oh, and weren't Euan and Kathryn lucky, their parents died quickly.
  10. LiveinHope

    Raising Interest Rates wont help...honest

    Probably the same being repeated on R4 Today programmes' business section, when it was said that an interest rate hike would hit consumer spending. I thought how times had changed now that spending relies upon credit to the cash poor. The cash rich in contrast, who would spend with real money, would be most likely encouraged to spend by an interest rate rise. So we keep encouraging spending on credit while stifling spending with cash. I did find Carney's passing comment that 'when interest rates rise they may rise faster than people expect' was notable, however. 'Put out there' perhaps so that the BoE can say "I told you so", should they need an excuse for pain.
  11. To me, having booze and fags just says 'priorities'. I don't see why I should fund a single cigarette or sip of beer for anyone else, just like I wouldn't expect to provide caviar. Squeeze people until they realise they have no option but to give up the booze and fags. (I know that's an oversimplification when children are involved and lousy parents may choose to squeeze them first.)
  12. No need for booze or fags, and no need for any fashion labelled clothing items or Ugg boots, no need for tattoos or piercings, no need to visit a coffee shop, no need for a TV or a mobile phone. However, I'd include broadband internet access as a basic need now. I can't decide about the need for a car as I'm rural and couldn't get by without one.

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