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  1. Toolstation have just sent out a spend 100 get 25 off voucher. I visited about 2pm and the manager was cleaning the front windows and rest of staff restocking or looking busy. Not 1 customer. Rest of trading estate quiet also. I thought lack of recent activity down to weather but the last week has been ok or better. Suburban London before anyone asks....
  2. Interesting question. The riverside development wont bring prosperity for sure. The planned rail station is a tack on to an already over crowded line. B and D biggest threat is the housing cap. At the moment its seen as an affordable borough for inner city boroughs to dump tenants but maybe Im behind the curve on this and its already to expensive. Tilbury and Southend way cheaper...... Funny that years ago the residents of B and D would be described as salt of the earth , now they are seen as poorly educated , low skilled and have little part to play in modern day England. An inconvenience at best.
  3. I've just completed the survey . Disappointingly Barking and Dagenham council can't spell nuisance and if i remember correctly B and D schools are the worst in London. Been working in Dagenham recently and I'm shocked by the down trodden feel of the place. It has the feel of an ex mining village .
  4. I'm just about a boomer but my parents had years of rationing , hardship, national service but full employment and cheap housing after ww2. Their care costs will wipe out any equity they have in their home. I don't expect to inherit anything and I think you should pay for your own care. My parents expect to pay their way but their values are from a different time when the nation was more equal and shared the same experiences. Everyone worked at something and respect was gained from doing even the most menial job . .
  5. Back in the day if you had a snooker room you had made the big time. With shrinkflation now you just get a pool table.
  6. Yeah you're right . I was being polite as i'm surrounded by them.
  7. Plenty of Greek spivs round my way, they absolutely love btl . Must be cultural as i'm told they don't trust normal pension schemes. Spent alot of time in hull and surrounds and find it quite agreeable. Agree you can get a lot of house for your money and the locals aren't anti blow ins. Probably due to being a port city.
  8. Interesting question . My parents house will have to be sold soon to fund care costs. So is a higher price good ? Once this money gone the state pays. Prefer 40% HPC for my kids, any inheritance for me will be negligible but at least we are closer to normality.
  9. 2 teenage kids to look after, parents both requiring full time care self funded, earning less than 10 years ago,small savings worth fukc all but mortgage gone . Retiring 2 years later than i thought. Not moaning because the under 40s are in a desperate situation . Bring on hpc
  10. Sorry i'm 56 and I'm telling you breeding is not an affordable lifestyle choice !
  11. Know this journey really well but what is your route and travel times in reference to ? Been a while since I was a regular at Silver Street , don't miss the lack of amenities at these stations tho.
  12. Quite agree but you usually find the British "Londoner" has an specific interest that London caters for eg. sport, music, shopping, restaurants,exhibitions,museums etc. Also I think cost is a factor and I feel that most people won't take a chance on "what London really has to offer". Unadventurous for sure but understandable if your disposable income is limited.
  13. Wasn't talking about Grenfell , my view was about loft conversions very different imho. Most lofts are 20ft from the ground and have fire check walls between any adjoining property .
  14. How fire retardent is wood ? That's why its covered with plasterboard, joints are filled and a skin of plaster is applied. Most insulation is fitted between timbers . The build regs aren't perfect but OK. Not enough inspections is the problem .
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