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  1. maverick73

    Interest Rates

    They are self centred ego driven...
  2. maverick73

    Want your own home, have wealthy parents

    All it shows is a political system engineered not to help but to leech.
  3. if they agree that deal, all political classes will collapse as the UK will no longer be is a single power, but a sand bag for the future EU.
  4. maverick73

    The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    It started at zero and it will go back to zero... too many suppliers and the currency can never work without central bank blessing.
  5. maverick73

    The House Price Crash has started ?

    Nope... the current values are being underpinned by the UK's government loans, and central banks interest rates.
  6. it's all a money game...Germany accounts for 1/3 of the EU's economy machine, the UK accounted for 1/3 of the same. Germany's 1 & 2 biggest exports are to the UK & USA, while opening up in China. The US are renegotiating trade deals, the UK being the US sand bag will toe the line, and China's experiencing a money withdrawal, and heading back home to Washington.... hence the EU economy is gearing up for a crash.
  7. Maybe a backstop is positioned for outer space.... Its all balls, if Brexit happens, then it shall be an epic of epic crashes, from fairy land to actual who can afford to live, without the credit machine overdrive 🤣
  8. maverick73

    Fertility rates

    Child care, Housing, Food, lifestyle.... all cost money..... Unless they correct wages, human aspirations go out the window..... because only the few can afford it...
  9. maverick73

    RICS -10% balance

    Living the credit dream, on invisible money, but actual debt.... they are feeling rich today, gone tomorrow.... 🤣
  10. maverick73

    Inside the housing crisis: Why I live in a cupboard

    Benefits are a myth to me. If an average earner take in £2000 per month.. after tax... do they qualify for benefits? From my prespective they all come to bank pounds, and will leave accordingly. The ones who stay behind will expereince a squeeze, as inflation is chomping away at standard living costs... henec why food banks are becoming more the norm.
  11. maverick73

    When does a UK Housing Crisis Become a Housing Disaster ?

    A nation of home owners. A nation of home renters. A nation of homelessness. The timeline of housing failure and a country all to hell bent looking rich globally masking poor locally.
  12. Anything & everything in an attempt to normalise the current home values, while real wages stagnate below 2008 levels. An economy thats being fiddle with my a government hell bent on a pretence.
  13. maverick73

    Inside the housing crisis: Why I live in a cupboard

    Unfortunately, we're living in a supply and demand crux. Being within the freedom of movement, has driven up demand for accommodation, as many with prefer a UK life, over the other 27 member countries. Governments who propping up prices since Year 2000, with many MP's acting as landlords Low Interest rates to attract young into spending beyond means... forcing them into a continuous life of debt. It is what it is.
  14. If the government had true control of spending, they wouldnt not need to fleece the mass through back door taxes. They love low IR, it keeps the fake economics purring, as if it is the bees knees, rather than real the dog poo... homeless, unaffordables, low wage earners, middle classy in the over priced luxury boudoir... just a bunch mugs geared up for a burning 🤣
  15. maverick73

    Rates on the way up?

    The BoE mob are very silent these days.... all the hoo haa at the start of the year seems to have evaporated... 😎

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