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  1. What Mr Miseria said is good, though you may want to include a subtle hint to the sender about maybe keeping their snide opinions to themselves and maybe, perchance, obtaining something called a sense of perspective and/or possibly a life. Either way, tell them to wind their fecking necks in and piss off while they are at it. Let us know how it goes.
  2. Erm...Am I alone in thinking that doesn't look too bad? I mean come, come now...
  3. HB is handed to some tenants direct, in cash?? Jesus wept, thats probably the single most insane thing I have ever heard of in some time. Why not just call it the 'beer and fags fund?' Nice to see that those on HB are given the benefit of the doubt by the LHA when it comes to their cash management skills, I have to convince the bank of that first before they hand me any cash...if any at all. After you have a long and hard word with your mate concerning his severely piss-poor judge of character, get some legal advice or possibly go to your local CAB and see what they say about it. Gather evidence, as much as you possibly can, save all correspondence, I'd also say get the TDS involved but I don't think there was a deposit put down so that might knock that idea on the head. Try and get some kind of formal complaint down with the police for criminal damage as well before the silly bitch completely destroys the place...other than that I don't know. Sorry mate, scum of the earth.
  4. I see. So someone on HB in Portsmouth in a two bed place is elegible for £575.36 a month while myself and Mrs Ding in full employment were paying around £25 quid more than that to live in a pretty little two bedroom cottage in the Cotswolds. You wouldn't mind explaining the logic of this to me would you? I'd also like to add that if someone can't find a one bedroom place in Portsmouth for less than 500 quid a month then they are not looking hard enough, this one took me about 30 seconds. One bedroom flat. Portsmouth Edited to add: 2 bedroom flat, Portsmouth. £495
  5. Rainbow Beach? I was up there a couple of days ago, stunning place, I'm probably going to do the walk from there back down to Noosa some time soon hence previous question about bivvy bags. Agree about the driving, dunno if everyone here is permenantly pissed or something but the standard of driving here is somewhere below abysmal.
  6. Quality, many thanks for that, I'll be picking one of them up later in the week methinks.
  7. Any recommendations on these? I have been after one myself as they look far less bulky than lugging a tent about.
  8. Yeah pretty much all my LA dealings have been in the cities, mostly Oxford. Everyone I knew there with an LA had trouble and a lot of the ones on the Cowley road were so bent that if you fed them nails they would probably shit corkscrews. Been stiffed in the sticks as well but I agree they don't seem to try and do you over with such gusto as you'd find in a city.
  9. Not really, most have ranged from indifference (which is fine by me as long as things get done) to lazy and indifferent to our last one who was a disgusting little BTL shyster who fancied himself as a bit of a wide-boy and tried to take us to the cleaners while lying through his teeth in the process. Enter TDS and eventually we got our deposit back but I'd like to meet him in a dark alley in the future. LA's? Parasites. Never had a good experience there. Ever. I wouldn't give them the steam off my piss.
  10. Ah fair enough, daytime is bad enough as it's absolutely heaving with chavs, as for night time, been once wouldn't do it again. Ever.
  11. I have lived for a few years now in a rural village in the Cotswolds, we are leaving in a week though. We don't dislike the place it's the lack of any decent jobs and the outrageous expense that anywhere labelled 'Cotswold' seems to command This also prices the locals out of the market and just down the road from me there is a nicely twee little town that literally sits empty for nine months of the year until their minted owners pop up to mince around for a few month in their Range Rovers and newly bought tweed. As a result of this shops come and go at a frightening pace and the pubs are starting to shut down to be converted to flats. Rural towns are funny places if you are not from one originally, they all seem to harbour dark secrets and as has already been mentioned affairs are rife. We got involved with the community but really had to take a step back at some points when local families went to war or our opinion was asked on so and so and his/her behaviour. Anti social behaviour is here but not too bad, mostly it consists of bored kids getting pissed up as you'd find anywhere or a drunken punch up in the local. There is a surprisingly massive problem with drugs here though and there have been numerous raids on some areas... Which brings me nicely on to the pikeys. If the closest contact you have had with these people is a DVD of Snatch consider yourself blessed, my old boss had a run in with them (usual tarmaccing rubbish) and they made his, his wifes and his childrens life a absolute misery, The police did'nt want to know. They are a law unto themselves in every sense and, they know every scam, fraud and dodge in the book and God help you if you catch their attention or they fancy the little plot of land next to where you live. Like someone said the countryside isn't for everyone. Some of these places can be rough and you need to do your homework if you want to save yourself some grief.
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