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  1. They've been producing some brew material over on parasite118: https://www.property118.com/open-letter-landlords-shelter/#comments It has everything from criticism of Shelter, landlord infighting and yes, even a billboard campaign idea....
  2. Haha they have dropped any pretence that they are representing tenants... dissenters (tenants) just get called a troll and banned. Little more than that echo chamber that is parasite118 unfortunately. I still like to read the posts on ATTT and roll my eyes at the formulaic responses (rent increases, homelessness etc). The desperation reassures me that some of these guys are really feeling the pain and will be, like it or not, offloading their portfolios in the near future at firesale prices. Keep your powder dry 🙂
  3. Missed the link to this article on the Axe the Tenant Tax FB page...
  4. Even some posters on PT were warning of this being a possibility months ago I believe. 10 out of 10 to the government if they can pull this off. It takes all the skill of a true matador to accomplish that kind of thing! Victims of their own greed.
  5. Turns out that you can't just put the rents up after all: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/oct/16/taxes-buy-to-let-landlords-rents-generation-rent-buyers If only somebody had told them...
  6. oatbake

    Fergus Wilson throws in the towel?

    If he paid enough. he'd be able to get as many plumbers etc as he wanted... I think he's trying to say in a roundabout way that his massive portfolio is no longer profitable... Looks like there will be some amazing bargains in Ashford soon; give it a few months for reality to sink in though Hope he's set money aside for the CGT... Poor Fatberg.
  7. I genuinely don't see why there would be no deal... As far as I know, the EU have array offered a Canada Plus style free trade deal, which is clearly preferential to no deal. Surely that becomes the default position rather than "no deal"...
  8. Hope he/she has factored in any CGT or she's going to get another shock soon...
  9. The firesale starts: https://www.propertytribes.com/tax-bill-in-january-t-127636858.html Oh dear.
  10. Please please please let it be the withdrawal of the reaining tax relief 😄 They're already talking about letter writing again over on parasite118...
  11. So the tenant gets half of the CGT relief...interesting... To be paid for by other taxes on landlords by the sound of it! The fact that this has been very badly received by both tenants and landlords show that Theresa May has literally no idea. Has to go. Despite my initial optimism it's actually hard to see how she could have done much worse as PM...
  12. That's exactly what I thought. It sounds great on the face of it bit how many slumlords have tenants who can afford to buy their homes *at the price landlords are looking to sell them at*? Very few I reckon! Those who can afford to buy will not be renting for three years. Or they will expect a hefty discount. Disappointing sentiment though. Totally the wrong message.
  13. I can no longer vote tory if they continue to fiddle around the edges of the housing crisis. Time is running out for me, and I feel as though I've completely slipped through the net. I have worked hard, am a single parent (although son is now almost an adult). Never been out of work/on benefits. I have a good job. I see loads of empty homes around me; they're almost exclusively BTLs between tenants. Private rents are extortionate and have been for years. But that's hardly surprising when it is cheaper to buy IO with interest rates so ridiculously low. I am completely and totally disillusioned. I even delivered leaflets for my local tory MP in 2010 as I was so desperate for change. For the record, I cannot bring myself to vote for Corbyn and his hard-left crohnies either. I thought Theresa was going to take personal responsibility for solving the housing crisis. All we've seen is more of the same. Really fuxxed off with everything right now.
  14. 1% is a joke. The Tories absolutely have to do something bold and urgent to win over the priced-out generation.

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