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  1. I lived in Chichester for nine years, on and off. Never saw a flood in all that time. It's a lovely place to live, albeit expensive housing costs. The local letting and estate agents are the most lying and venal I've ever dealt with though!
  2. Didn't he use one of those expensive but useless masks that have a vent on the side - makes it easier to breathe but squirts your breath out in a high-speed jet?
  3. Also worth pointing out that a lot of DB pensions - especially the public sector ones - were opted out of the State Pension. Many people on them won't see much of the £8k state pension; it's kind of 'included' in their DB one. https://www.gov.uk/new-state-pension/youve-been-in-a-workplace-personal-or-stakeholder-pension
  4. Apparently he's looking at this because he has concluded that his big idea - equalising CGT and Income tax rates - "won't raise enough money to be worth the political pain" (ie all the angry richTory donors).
  5. To whom? Most of the older/more senior staff will be WFH most of the time. Presenteeism without anyone there to notice seems pretty pointless. Better advice would be to get hold of your boss's calendar and synchronise your office attendance with that.
  6. Publishing: 0%, though they did pay a bonus (we exceeded all targets).
  7. But it will be economic suicide to keep paying 80% of this many people's salaries indefinitely. They'll have to grasp the nettle at some point.
  8. Quite possibly a Corbyn government would have done. Telling quote for me was the one about any system that offers up Johnson and Corbyn as the only choices for leader is a fundamentally broken system.
  9. I think they ought to be more worried about the crumbling cliffs at the end of their gardens.
  10. I don't know anywhere where that VAT drop has been passed on to customers - most businesses have absorbed it. And when it is normalised back to 20% I predict we'll see a 15% price increase across the board.
  11. Corrected for you. Many of us haven't had that luxury.
  12. So nobody should have medical records? (which state what vaccinations you've had)
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