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  1. He’ll be shuffled sideways or out within a month or two, once the immediate furore is over and they can claim it’s due to something else. When Boris agrees to an extension to the Brexit negotiations, probably.
  2. Well I live on the Isle of Wight. Pretty cheap, bit chavvy in places so you have to be careful. The villages around Bristol and Bath seem reasonably priced, and that's a nice part of the world. Area around Exeter? That's only the south where I've lived; I'm sure there's loads more elsewhere. The point is that once you free yourself from the need to commute the whole country is open to you.
  3. Why not just move out of London and to a rural area in the UK? Plenty of lovely, reasonably cheap (certainly compared to London) areas out there. And you keep the benefit of the NHS, and avoid the hassle of complicated taxation and international travel.
  4. £93m of public money to build a publicly-owned vaccine production facility to guarantee enough doses for all UK citizens if/when such a vaccine becomes available. Or allowing the private sector to build it and recoup their costs and maximise profits by selling the doses on the international market to the highest bidder, probably not us. I know which I'd prefer. Seems a completely good use of public money in the circumstances. They should do the same for home-produced PPE equipment.
  5. No class divide on our local golf course now - since it closed it has mostly been taken over by the masses for picnics, kickabouts, bonking and dope smoking.
  6. Change of weather this week - rain and cold. Should cut down the temptations to break the lockdown and meet mates in the park, drive to the beach, have a bbq for extended family in the garden etc..
  7. The figures I've seen say that 38% of hospitalisations are obese. Which sounds a lot until you realise that 29% of the population are obese. So yes, probably an increased risk, but not a big one.
  8. Time to start work on creating that vegetable patch....
  9. Quite. My brother died of a heart attack brought on by a couple of weeks coughing hard thanks to viral pneumonia. No sign of heart disease up to that point. This happened six years ago this month. As you can imagine the current situation has unhappy resonance for my family.
  10. Globally it will. World population currently 7.5bn. Assuming a conservative 50% infection rate and 1% death rate that’s 38 million deaths.
  11. I've just spent a day in Brighton. Streets, shops, restaurants, pubs, cafes - all heaving. Trains back packed and full of drunks going round hugging people. I offered my sanitiser gel to the woman next to me and she said "no, I don't believe in it". Lockdown isn't going to work here
  12. It’s. not. Flu. If you can’t even get that right, why should anyone listen to the rest of what you’ve got to say?
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