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  1. It’s a classic non-apology. I’m sorry that people got upset, inadvertently, in the past. Not: I’m sorry, my behaviour was bad, I’ve learnt from this and improved how I treat people.
  2. So all public sector workers have been working since March - none of them on furlough? As mentioned upthread, the issue is not public vs private sector, it's viable vs non-viable jobs.
  3. He expected to hire a team of "oddballs" who would make his job redundant. But all the candidates turned out to be nutjobs, and weren't hired. But he's still leaving. So much for superforecasting.
  4. Interesting perspective here: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/oct/25/north-south-divide-old-as-england-itself-unity-is-only--ever-fleeting I suspect the historical pendulum is starting to swing away from centralisation now. I expect in my lifetime to see the UK become a very loose federation of England, Scotland and Wales, a separate united Ireland with perhaps association status, and England itself federated into strong regional governments. Westminster will be little more than running foreign policy, defence and security, managing a common currency, and a bit
  5. Is it a prop though? What she's suggesting is mass building of social housing and a guaranteed 5-year tenancy for young people. Basically a return to 1970s-style one-in-three in decent social tenancies. If anything it takes all the pressure of the market and will encourage the crash you (we) want. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.
  6. His riches have certainly enabled him to amass that impressive collection of sex toys behind him.
  7. Yes, if you live in cities and congested towns. No if you live anywhere else.
  8. A benefit also available to 100% of the rest of the population.
  9. Doubt it's going to be a busy season on the high street this year.
  10. Worse than that - the furlough jobless will get super benefits no matter how much money they have in the bank, while the non-furlough jobless will get nothing if they have more than £16k in savings.
  11. You’ll be lucky. I live on the Island. We’ve been rammed with staycationers since late May, with prices going through the roof and very little available until the end of October. I did a search recently (fancied a week in a different part of the island, just to see some different four walls for a bit) - all I could find at a non-ridiculous price was a “hire a hammock” in some woods for £50 a night!
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