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  1. Apparently Putin has a clip on his phone of Gaddafi being caught in a drain, beaten (and worse), then shot - and watches it obsessively. However it's more likely to be whatever's wrong with him "killing him unexpectedly", or in current Russian tradition "accidentally" falling out of a sixth-floor window. I think the greased piglet will outlast them all.
  2. But with salaries not keeping up with inflation such a decrease doesn't help anyone.
  3. I'm not sure why it has to be either/or. Plenty of anger and energy out there to sustain campaigns on financial AND sex/race inequality. Plus a side order of environmentalism.
  4. But who is buying all these massively overpriced London properties they're downsizing from? Especially if they're flats.
  5. Dick promises penetrating investigation as BJ spaffs reputation up the wall on birthday.
  6. Michael Gove Secretary of State for Levelling Up, said: “We will not stand by and allow people in privileged positions to abuse the system by unfairly claiming tax relief and leaving local people counting the cost.” Well, not after April 2023 anyway. Until then... fill yer boots.
  7. A month previously, 6-9 April, he was in ICU with coronavirus and it was touch-and-go whether he would make it. I doubt if just four weeks later, when the party happened, he was anti-lockdown.
  8. I saved a good chunk (not from furlough, just reduced spending). It was due to go on paying to move up the housing ladder and get a nicer place. But last year's 10% house price inflation is more than I saved. Might just spend it on some nice travel instead - once we're allowed to again.
  9. And yet still somehow manages to feck it up. The country forgives him because he's "a character".
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