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  1. I'm talking about the chart gazers who claim to be able to predict the future through the power of technical analysis.
  2. Honest question, why are they still hodling and didn't sell the lot at 60k?
  3. Thanks to Right to Buy 40 years ago there isn't now an unlimited amount of cheap housing to rent in London for anyone that wants it, yes that must be it.
  4. The near future is Vanlife, trailer parks, and for the less fortunate tent cities. No HPC in England.
  5. Who in their right mind would buy and read a book written by Brown? He has literally nothing worthwhile to say, I suspect he is just trying to rewrite history.
  6. Lol £5 an hour, I don't think doctors in India earn virtually nothing. For your into Delhi is actually a very expensive city. The Indian IT people working in the UK earn just as much as anyone else.
  7. Why would they bother, sky high prices, most of your income taxed off you, a decent house even Oop North is nigh on £1 milllion.
  8. I've noticed that several owners in local area have recently swapped their conspicuous perpetually charging up EV sat on the driveway for a proper car. I wonder why.
  9. Ha ha, yes the scope for the site has widened a bit from 20 years ago.
  10. The DT is running "stories" now that wouldn't look out of place in the Express. Especially about "green tech" , heat pumps, electric cars etc. etc.
  11. Pointless crystal ball gazing by journalists, in the end market forces will play out.
  12. AI is obviously the way to go, the "kitchen table" civil servants will eventually be replaced by HAL9000 type computers, what difference does it make if a real human is running through a script sat a home or a computer in a dark machine room?
  13. Why is it all the ills of the country are being blamed on the poor old Royal Mail's Track and Trace app? https://www.postoffice.co.uk/track-trace 🙄
  14. I created a thread about this a while ago. Money printing Bank of England prints book about printing money. 🙄
  15. I think the boom was just a Covid thing, even the price of second hand cars is falling now as people are fed up paying the spiv prices.
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