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  1. The Guardian: PM among cabinet members earning money as landlords Sorry, I can't paste the image using 'Insert image from url' link. http://interactive.guim.co.uk/uploader/embed/2018/04/cabinet_property/giv-3902LlcLasQx4Sd6/
  2. Telegraph: Families will struggle if interest rates rise to just 2pc, Bank of England fears
  3. The Guardian: Savills is auctioning £7.2m worth of former social housing
  4. "they will either have to increase their earnings or look for other work" Are they allowed to start another business?
  5. The Guardian: Universal credit to slash benefits for the self-employed
  6. Bloomberg: The people who set interest rates don’t know what causes inflation, how to measure it, or how to move it up and down.
  7. They are probably thinking: 1. The younger generation wants everything now, now, now. 2. We have worked hard to able to afford these houses. We lived on baked beans when we bought our first house. 3. Why can't the younger generation buy a fixer/upper and do it up. 4. Or, " goodness me, the housing crisis looks terrible. Glad we bought before it began. What a wise financial move"
  8. Penalties are harsh. So whoever has signed one year rental contract after October 2017 are affected by this? They cannot evict the Tennant either. Interesting to see what happens next.
  9. "why work when you can't afford a home" As much as I would want work to provide for a home what choice do we have? We need food on table. Clothes to wear.
  10. Bloomberg: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-16/millions-of-indebted-in-u-k-face-pain-as-rock-bottom-rates-rise Where are we heading? Work should provide for basic needs at least.
  11. Will that be in addition to the 15% drop that has already happened in London?
  12. Dow closes more than 200 points lower, as Boeing slides on fears of a China trade war Kudlow says he favors a strong dollar, has no reason to believe Trump isn't for one either
  13. Bloomberg: Zara Loses Its Zip Minsumerism or empty pockets?
  14. I could think of: 1) HTB(first batch) remortgage time 2) IO to repayment switch 3) VR to fixed rate switch before rate hikes 4) BTL portfolio reduction resulting into restructuring/remortgaging?
  15. In my knowledge rate advantage disappears once you reached 40% equity/60%LTV.
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