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The filth (90% of the uk public) never listened to HPC'ers five years ago, when the regulars on here were saying that property was overpriced and in the biggest bubble the world has ever seen. This site was regarded as a looney bin for basket cases, lol.

Now look at the fecking state we're in because the dirt thought that "house prices only ever go up". :blink:

The poor house awaits the general public for being fecking muppets. The rope awaits the scum bankers. :rolleyes:

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I only hope they learn from this bloody disaster bobthebuilder. :rolleyes:

At least I'm not having to listen to anymore imbeciles telling me to get on the ladder or miss out. :blink:

Fecking lampers, the lot of them, who are now "down the hole" for that 200k mortgage for the next 40 years. They clearly wanted to pay a lifetimes worth of wages to the scum banks, so well done one and all.

The banks will now demand a massive payment, with interest, every month for decades to come, for a property that was probably only worth 30k to begin with anyway.

What a situation we have here. :angry:

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