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  1. How is the general public to know about anything that is not there speciality. I mean truly know not read a pop book with opinions in it. I personally thought there would be an HPC but nope and I read up on it and tried to understand the economics. Didn't really make any difference I reckon that green taxes are a scam. No-one seems to think through end to end energy. Like the oil and energy used in creating wind turbines. The oil is a finite resource and might be best used to create nuclear reactors, or the tyres/fuel for a JCB to mine uranium. Are Solar panels really a good idea over the lifetime of the panel + the money back from the grid? etc.. Excuse my ignorance if there is a paper on it somewhere.
  2. I thought this was daft due to fractional reserve banking. i.e. The pound from the treasury is then multiplied many times when lent out. I could be wrong as I have been once or twice in the past
  3. It would have been better had he been up against people who weren't clueless, except they didn't think they were clueless. Hence the scary part MPs get made head of this or that and they haven't a clue what they are doing. MPs are very well trained in media manipulation and she flopped big time. As I said above some spending would seem useful so I found myself agreeing. Also this govt have just gone after a political "smaller state". For me as I have been affected by the cuts due to me and Mrs losing work, they need to transition more slowly(more effectively)between a large public sector and a private sector. Currently we have cuts cuts cuts and no strategy for the out of work or people who have had hours cut etc..
  4. I can't comment on Krugman but the other two on Newsnight were idiots. They started the whole household debt nonsense, trying to relate to the masses. The bank guy came up with Estonia as an example of well performing country, Krugman just ignored him. They looked like morons and got pwned. I was on twitter at the time and that was the consensus of most comments. I think there is some merit in investing your way out of a recession as long as it is on capital projects/businesses that will make money, instead of benefits, olympics and bailouts.
  5. +1*10^9 Its a bit like oo00 look petrol is cheap at £1.36 or whatever. I nearly want to shout when I hear this sentiment. Its not cheap, it might be cheaper than it was - argggggghhgh
  6. I completely agree with your sentiment. At times I have tried to go against the grain and its quite difficult, nigh on impossible.You do look and sound like a loony until proven correct, at which point you could be friendless or destroyed. HPC is a prime example - I now just don't mention it unless I know I am in the right company to have an informed discussion. I am self selecting. I have two twitter accounts just in case I ever want to appear sensible to an employer/greater authority. I only ever put mild thoughts/pics on facebook. I can only imagine what its like to be in power. I am actually finding that I can't watch politicians any more with their tortuous phrases and weasel words, the toll must be unimaginable to get caught up in this world. The coalition hating each other but having to make sure their words are in agreement.
  7. Agreed but these just look like froth prices not real drops - IMHO - not bothered to look into it much apart from my anecdote. O my 10 million pound places is now "worth" 9 million is just dreamland nonsense again IMHO
  8. This sort of thing was 1.2 million a few years ago. My friends parents had one - I am sure it was fairly similar. I don't see a crash on things with the words million in it unless it has acres of land and is called a castle or a palace. The asking prices are just coming down till someone will pay it. Froth comes to mind.
  9. Inflation is personal and the individual can get away with this. The trouble with this is, if people stop taking taxis and get buses or walk then taxi drivers spend less and we are in a circle downwards until whatever profession you are in is affected. Simplifying, obviously , to make a point. I think its important because as an individual operator its great for say them to get a BTL for their pension but its killing off the host. I am not suggesting to not follow the original course that winkie suggested but all this acting individually without some government levelling is going to kills us off.
  10. Exactly - it just seemed an odd policy, IF you were genuinely worried about families.
  11. This is an interesting point, unless each line is done in its own currency the conversions would skew the graph I suppose.
  12. Tis an interesting point. Although what happens when there are no renters to go in these BTLs where they have been kicked out. I guess this never happens as they get re-homed by the council. Just twisted logic that seems to keep house prices artificially high.
  13. I hadn't realised there could be a bigger curve up than the UKs. I thought that the UK had cornered the housing nuttiness market. I have family in OZ and I was a bit surprised when they thought a £250k 3 bed house was cheap. Now I know why.
  14. I heard a story on the BBC this morning that Kent and in particular Medway had rising repossessions on those that rent and yet when I look at mortgage repossessions they are going down. So yet another twist of the knife for the unable to buy. Guardian with mortgage repo stats These people are obviously mad as the headline is: "Repossessions down in Kent thanks to low house prices" I very much doubt this as the Wilsons are over that way Stop repossessions.com I only picked on Kent as it was in the news. However horrible the only way for a crash thats worthwhile is for houses to be sold/repossessed. Even then that family needs to be housed and prob by the council who have to purchase it at current prices. It does seem odd that they are throwing out renters and not repossessing mortgagees because the renters have to go somewhere too.
  15. I saw this on house price crash Australia. I thought the UK had it bad but its an interesting comparison. house Price Crash USA UK NZ OZ We are just averagely b*ggered.
  16. I used to get £1.10 an hour in and £1.20 an hour(Sat/Sun) in Halfords in the late 80s. I got £1.10 for my paper round mid 80s. About the same price as a a gallon of petrol if memory serves. And the minimum wage now still equals a gallon of petrol coincidence - I think not or I don't know. 1 gallon at £1.40 = £6.364526.
  17. I take it you have never been to Newham if you think its full of Cockney's, apart from the fact I very much doubt you could hear the bow bells there either Its fairly multicultural Newham. In fact a good way to understand Newham is to read Blood Sweat and Tea by Tom Reynolds an ambulance driver. There how helpful am I
  18. More worrying that would be a larger proportion of the working population.
  19. See my sig - not its not: Current price should never be confused with value. -- Toadie on the comments section of Moneyweek on the secret HPC
  20. All sorts of people get benefits by having companies that ordinary office workers/just general ~AYE people. I am sure the window cleaner can put his car through the books where as your Tescos worker would have to pay to go to work from taxed money. This seems unfair to me. This arrangement seems like a non event to me(at least not a surprise). Chris Moyles is probably paid through his company rather than on £20k a year PAYE from the BBC People at the top of the tree are better getting at paying accountants to reduce their tax payments. Then again as I said people at the lower part of the tree can benefit from this sort of arrangement.
  21. I have no prob with large deposit as long as the capital price is low. With low IRs people have decided its the same monthlies, nothing to see here might as well buy before we die.
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