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  1. Certainly true for two of my mates. They're stuck yet desperate to 'move up'. They always contradict themselves, though - they see what a con it is yet still look down upon 'affordable housing' and the like.
  2. Actually, THAT'S what I was thinking!!
  3. Where is the cost of living not so high now? What are the REAL ALTERNATIVES?
  4. In fact she also spoke about how they were trying to get rid of toxic assets on their balance sheets... wonder what those could be?
  5. Anybody hear Kuenssberg last night when talking about the bank losses? She said the economy was down due to weak banks and flat house prices. That is all.
  6. The real scandal is that those who REALLY need benefits, like the 'proper' disabled, are getting their benefit cut or withdrawn. Benefits are being aimed at those families with kids who want to get into debt to put a roof over their heads.
  7. Never believed it at the time, still can hardly believe it!! Honestly, I think this is the turning point. Buy now or just get out of here.
  8. I don't know if this is a good thing (I'll be one of the few engineers left lol) or a bad thing (declining industry in the UK).
  9. Have been monitoring builders' share prices for years now and they're on a big uptrend - especially surprised to see BDEV rising to near 150p. They always say strong builders shares means a stronger housing market. I think it's over.
  10. Are there any single childless guys here who still plan on staying, and why?
  11. DAMN! For a second I thought there may have been a way around it lol..
  12. Folks always say to me about other countries that there taxes are higher but when you factor in council tax and the like here, there's not much difference. I wont be having my own kids, so I'm worse off than most in the country, would you say? Just what country should I be aiming for? Aren't you off to Oz, didn't you say? But isn't that, like you say, one of those countries that gives you more money for having kids? An extra £20k for benefits is just ridiculous. Sets single, childless men like me at a serious disadvantage, no? I mean, you're not going to be spending all that extra on the kids.... I have a friend with 2 kids and he pockets the majority of the benefits he gets... leaving muggins here stuck in the mud.
  13. Dog ugly on the outside, massive on the inside. £250k - why so 'low'? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30935944.html
  14. Don't know why this isn't in the main forum - I've totally missed this one! A good post, good analysis with realistic figures showing how you'd be living right up to the line. Would be VERY interesting... and I mean VERY interesting... to see similar for other countries.
  15. +1, refreshing to hear, thanks for the honesty.
  16. +1, dances with sheeple. Didn't need hindsight, just common sense and to break through the brainwashing.
  17. Just had a look on Rightmove - £500k for a 3-bed detached and some grotty flats - ridiculous!! Glad I don't live anywhere near SW17!!
  18. Does it say if he gets housing benefit paid? If so the £11k should stretch further. My grandparents paid their place off (with right to buy) and get by better now that they're retired on ~£12k a year than they did when they were working (and paying off the house).
  19. Great piece of news - not much else to add. Just shows what things have come to!
  20. Not sure if I'll bother voting. UKIP seem ok but I wrote a massive e-mail to my local representative a year ago regarding anti-social behaviour in the UK, and then a massive piece on housing. The guy replied to the anti-social stuff like a fanatic, and no mention AT ALL on the house price front. For that reason I think they can go to hell.
  21. +1. IMO keep renting for another decade, buy now, or go elsewhere. Those are the options.
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