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  1. Sadly most of the electorate couldn't give a toss who controls the country so long as they get their god-given benefits. Labour and the people have a contract. Votes for cash. It's that simple. As for living standards - the election debates won't be anything to do with living standards. It will be: Labour: We will give you money. Tories: We would like to give you money but there isn't any. Labour: Cameron the millionaire. etc etc
  2. Thing is, that may well be because they've all paid themselves rather high (but no doubt worthy of those working in the pwoperdee sector) salaries.
  3. Still, inflation in Germany is low. The ECB are doing their job.
  4. It's there to highlight that even Churchill (a Liberal Tory) supported the tax. No government of any colour has or will implement the tax because they are controlled by the wealthy. It's that simple. We all know this. And frankly, short of outright revolution, this won't change. Not even WWII and the socialist experiments immediately afterwards altered the situation. It will only ever be implemented if it is either beneficial or at least neutral to the wealthy elite.
  5. If it looks like a bubble, sounds like a bubble, etc... it is a bubble.
  6. And this year will kill himself when he loses everything..! Oh yeeeaaah!!!
  7. Frankly the generation born in the 50s/60s should be massively - overwhelmingly even - grateful that they didn't have to live through (let alone fight) TWO world wars. Now, of course, other generations since also have not (yet) had to put up with mass warfare, but that generation in particular should consider themselves unbelievably lucky that they lived through a very long period of peace and prosperity. Frankly new gadgets and travel opportunities happen as technology progresses. That's been the case since the 18th century. But having such peace and little foreign economic competition (tha
  8. We have found our niche! We shall export our way to recoverah! With JAM!!!
  9. Hang on, that second paragraph of the letter is a total fvck up. I'm actually struggling to find a concise way to put it. Here goes... Says that low interest rates have stopped the housing market from collapsing. Now, is he then saying that this helps the young because they recklessly bought housing? Or that somehow not having a house price crash helps the young? Because either way it's just daft. Anyway - in today's Star: http://www.shropshirestar.com/shropshire-business/2013/03/12/shrewsbury-town-star-paul-parry-and-wife-kicking-off-a-new-business/ Another footballer joins the property
  10. It does appear that few businesses - big or small - these days are actually profitable. Makes you wonder really - if everyone's losing money... where's it going...
  11. Of course he's just wanting the ponzi scheme back in full flow. BTL only works when HPI is at full pelt and that can only happen when more and more suckers are taken in to support the pyramid. BTL worked for those who bought mid-90s to early-00s. Anyone doing it since 2004 or so - especially if with a mortgage - is basically doing the government a favour by becoming social landlords.
  12. Considering our police "force" here you can pretty much get away with anything. But put up a slightly too big shed in your garden and the planning authorities will be onto you pronto! (Pretty much the opposite to what happens in the London suburbs slums...)
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