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  1. ccc

    Edinbugh Latest

    So many just don't get this. So many industries are absolutely done in for the next few years. They are getting rid of people now even though the government / taxpayer will pay for most of their wages till October. Tourism. Airlines. Airports. Retailers. Oil and gas. Engineering. Motoring. Recruitment. You name it. And the banks etc will be next. They are going to lose serious revenue from the above happening and the general lack of investment / optimism. I reckon Edinburgh property will be down at least 30% in the next few years. In reality it may be already. Nat
  2. ccc

    Edinbugh Latest

    Can't see how. Employment in Edinburgh is goosed for many.
  3. ccc

    Edinbugh Latest

    It's scandalous. I do wonder why the council hasn't done anything about this when they are constantly going on about housing pressure in the city..... Corrupt as. They are all in neck deep. I want them all to lose everything. Utter scum imo. May sound harsh but we are talking about council officials here choosing to destroy people's lives and futures just to make a fast buck.
  4. ccc

    Edinbugh Latest

    ? Were you meant to be on at the festival this year ? Finger in the air about 80% of potential house buyers in Edinburgh have had their income / earnings / future hopes smashed. The housing market will be brutal. 20-30% easily. It's already happened.
  5. Brilliant. Where do I get the huge amounts of tax back from then that I've paid for over the last ten years !? I didn't realise I didn't have to pay tax. Thanks for the insight. ?
  6. These numbers are for one of the UK's largest banks transformation team. Including all change type / IT etc staff. In engineering it may be different. I doubt it though. If contractors are not "shown the door" then that's up to the management team and not the contractors or the permanent staff. I don't see why folk would get themselves annoyed by this. As for the numbers - again I don't think you quite get it. Statistically irrelevant ? HR. Well let's say they are on £40k for argument's sake. Times three of them. That's £120k. Across a team of 110 people that's ov
  7. I don't think you are quite getting this. It's nothing to do with a salary. It's what you cost a company: Salary + everything else. A permanent employees "everything else" is huge compared to a contractor. Hence when you add it all together - and as I've said these numbers are from exactly that process - the difference is quite small. I will give one example - that big extremely expensive HR department where you work ? Their workload is probably 95% perm related to 5% contractor related. So you split those costs accordingly and the average perm cost per day shoots
  8. Personally I think any company making a blanket change with zero individual "tests" will actually - in terms of court cases if it ever got that far - support a contractor in this situation rather than the opposite.
  9. Well that's up to his end client if they want to offer that. He should be congratulated for getting such an amazing good deal. Why do they do this ? Is he some Uber in demand bod with skills that are very difficult to get ? If so understood - if not - well done that bloke. ?
  10. I am not talking about what's fair to compare. I'm talking about what a perm or a contractor costs a company. The simple bottom line. And it's a small difference. So many people just don't realise this. I think you do. Profits for these overseas companies and huge bonuses for their senior staff. I suppose with on shore staff you can at least see they exist. You must have heard the numerous stories of people going over to newly created Indian call centres to check on details - and finding out half the folk being invoiced for - don't even exist. Incredible. Well
  11. What company tab ? If it's his own one you should point out he does still actually pay for this out of his company income. The number of contractors who think they get these expenses for free is quite staggering. Same goes for permanent staff who think contractors get these all for free too.
  12. That quote of mine is from ten years ago. ? I have to say in hindsight that's mighty fine advice I was dishing out for free. Although the really lucrative IT bit was way off. Still plenty crazy money around for the right skills.
  13. That's the average in the change / IT central department of one of the UK's largest banks.100% fact. I have the details sitting in front of me right now. If you would like to inform the bank in question they have worked out these numbers wrong then that's up to yourself. But I can't provide the name. It's one of the largest though. What's actually probably more interesting to most people - is on-shored resources through the usual Indian companies cost MORE per day than a UK permanent member of staff. Scandalous imo. As for the future of contracting ? Boom later th
  14. The problem is who says what's "disguised" employment or not. It's just all nonsense imo.
  15. Transport costs/Food costs - only if you are working a certain distance away from where you live. Now I'm sure some take the mick with this but that's a dangerous game. For those not ? Fair enough IMO. You really just get a 20% discount on it as you can offset against your company tax. You still have to pay for it though. I do think a lot of Permanent staff don't fully realise this. If you are a permanent member of staff have to go and work away from home ? They pay your flights, mileage, train, hotel costs and you will get £x per day to cover food and a few drinks. And all of that is 100
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