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  1. When is this all or nothing EU conference ? November I think ?
  2. Well it was an entertaining Sunday anyway.
  3. Yes that is very bizarre. Agreed. Who cares. Yep. And not just one response but three times. Couldn't help himself. So obvious. She actually looked very pleasant.
  4. Night hairy. Im off to bed. Have a good long think about the mistake you have made.
  5. He's still at it. He edited it but as I said - too late. I'd already done a Google.
  6. I've no idea what it is. I didn't record it.
  7. Of course. And this Paul bloke - who has a public Twitter account and is happy for the whole world to see - suddenly deleted it instantly when our hairy informs him that - shock horror - his public Twitter account is errr ummm error ummm public !!
  8. Seriously if you keep on digging you will be in New Zealand soon.
  9. It's how hairy messed up and he's raging because he can't realise he was so stupid.
  10. What are the odds that you have a rabid anti brexit poster on here called hairy. Who uses some random acronym never seen before online. And there is also a rabid anti brexit poster on twitter. Who lives in the same area. Rants in exactly the same way. Has three daughters. And also uses this same acronym never before seen in the internet ? A million to one ? A billion to one ? It's Hairy. End of. And he knows it. And he's raging.
  11. You tell me. Your the one that deleted it.
  12. You publicly abused a burd online about her weight simply because she voted brexit. We can all see through your fake outrage now.

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