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  1. I am surprised we have a thread on how PCP actually works, when in fact it is such a mainstream "normie" non-4chan thing. We are outcasts.
  2. Sometimes I see young adults (20-30) driving really expensive cars. They can't all be footballers, lottery winners or youtubers. I'm guessing they are some of the people that put in $100 into Bitcoin and it turned in to $75m. I've seen cars like this - they are like £100K. I'm sure people generally don't get these on PCP. Perhaps we don't need a HPC. "Life will find a way."
  3. We'll employ an ex-footballer, as lots of people relate to football! What next? Minecraft let's play vloggers to present the show next?
  4. They use the comments to judge public sentiment. Blast, it's not working. Must double the air time of Homes Under The Hammer, Escape To The Country & To Buy Or Not To Buy
  5. Credit cards? Who needs those high rates? It's never been cheaper to borrow. 5 years ago, I'd be paying 7% odd to borrow up to £25K over 5 years. Now I can borrow from 2.9% unsecured up to £40K over 7 years. hmm should I treat myself or go all in Bitcoins? 7 years of penury though if it goes poof! If £100 invested in Bitcoin turned into £75m in 7 years (odd). Then that's 750,000x return. If the past predicts the future: £40,000 x 750,000 = £30bn Woohoo!
  6. 200p

    Thousands Of University Job Losses

    The university industry is on the cusp of a slow down - is it too big to fail?
  7. Check out EMG Man Group - uses automated trading. Although Purple bricks has out performed as a stock pick since I last mentioned it. Now up to £4 from £1.57. You can't lose with property. A computer cannot rationalise the irrationality inherent with humans. --- If a computer can eliminate risk in the market, then the return could be infinite.
  8. They can do the people's QE through Bitcoin. The central banks can print a ton of money and buy bitcoin anonymously. Then people get the ££££ through Bitcoin. The economy is saved! "Everyone Ought To Be Rich"
  9. I m glad no ones mentioned her assets - in the old days we'd mention them by post two. The misogynists have been made extinct.
  10. I've already placed an order for a stainless steel edition Ferrari F40 Lol (JOKE)
  11. Possible complete and utter chaos in the real world (traditional carry trades would break down) - we haven't seen capital controls yet. Imagine this, it would be like the gulf stream breaking down and causing climate chaos. With the push to the free movement of people, and capital - they may wish to do a U-Turn. Ironic. When this happens, people are going to go broke.
  12. I going to be stinking, stinking rich! Who needs a HPC? In fact who needs houses now. AND You can even eat bitcoin!
  13. I'm going to be stinking rich 1 bitcoin = 1 x 4 bedroom house in Central London!!!! Muahahahah
  14. 200p

    Donald Trump

    This may or may not be new to you. There's some weird stuff about a frog meme, Heket an Egyptian goddess (of Creation and Birth), ancient hieroglyphics that depict Trumps win caused by online networking, and the chaos that is coming (in Washington). Then there's the weird stuff of when Hilary fainted on 9/11. The coming of the Goddess brings in light. Dark comes before light. This is like some weird prophecy. The rise bitcoin may be the creation of a new currency that sheds light on the fiat currency. Where's Erranta? ^Check out the hieroglyphics on this statue of Heket. A person in front of a computer that transmits through the internet the message.
  15. 200p

    Donald Trump

    The “crime” for which Nixon was really removed was his success in establishing more peaceful and stable relations with Russia and China. Trump, being in real estate and entertainment, was unaware of the landmines on which he was stepping when he said it was time to normalize relations with Russia and to rethink the purpose of NATO. World War 3 is destiny - no one can stop it seems. I feel sad for those who are young and who will be conscripted to fight wars for no purpose.

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