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  1. newbonic

    Extreme kite flying in Whitby

    Aaaaaand: The raffle has been closed down by the Gambling Commission as being potentially illegal, and entrants asked to apply for a refund of their £10 tickets: https://www.thescarboroughnews.co.uk/news/entrants-told-to-apply-for-refund-after-raffle-to-win-500-000-yorkshire-home-closes-1-9518323
  2. newbonic

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    Whenever socialism has been tried it's been disastrous. Among other things 'wealth redistribution' doesn't respect private property (so why work hard to acquire it) and 'workers' controlling the means of production in practice means a cabal of socialist zealots deciding who deserves what, from the USSR in the 1920s, through to Venezuala and Zimbabwe today. And they always wind up living in the mansions of the class oppressors whose stuff they took by violence, like Che did in Cuba when he wasn't shooting kneeling and bound 'enemies of the revolution' in the head.
  3. newbonic

    Diane Abbot for Prime minister

    I could give you twelvety reasons, but I'd have to take my shoes and socks off to count that high. Like Diane.
  4. I can see it's an ideological issue for you...
  5. Dunno if this has already been posted on this thread, but if not I'd recommend this documentary on Netflix (if you have it) https://uk.newonnetflix.info/info/80991272/s If only for the spectacular footage of lithium battery fires. But the chemistry lesson is pretty good too. It was recommended to me by a friend who converts big stuff like busses and bin lorries to all electric. They remove massive diesel engines and replace them with an equivalent output motor the size of a dishwasher drum...
  6. newbonic

    Extreme kite flying in Whitby

    Saw this in the Whitby Gazette: https://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/10-ticket-might-get-you-a-500k-north-yorkshire-home-1-9347670 They want to sell £600k worth of lottery tickets (at £10 each) for their house in Grosmont that is 'worth' £500k. I assume that if they only sell, say, £200k worth of tickets then the lottery is cancelled, or are they obliged by law to still raffle it?
  7. newbonic

    Boris Burkagate Under Investigation By Tories

    Actually there are several Quranic passages (33:59), (24:31) and (33:55), and numerous Hadith that explicitly command devout women to cover up.
  8. According to a cop who's responsible for street sleepers in Sheffield city centre (on BBC Radio Sheffield a few weeks ago) just about all their rough sleepers have a bed to go to e.g. in a hostel, but a chaotic lifestyle of alcohol, drug abuse, and mental health problems makes them turn down the bed. They may not be able to control their demons, but few are forced to sleep in shop doorways. It was the same in the 80s when I was a student there.
  9. newbonic

    Extreme kite flying in Whitby

    Well the £925k one is still on sale a year later it seems, while the £575k one has sold apparently. I assume the £925k owner are in no rush to sell at all...
  10. newbonic

    Another Russian Spy?

    Nigel Farage. It's just the kind of thing I've read that he could possibly do, in the Guardian. Seriously though, I can't see what possible advantage a deliberate attack could be to the Russians, especially a few days before the semi finals of their showcase footie tournament.
  11. newbonic

    Tommy Robinson Otherwise Engaged

    I note with some cynicism the comparison between the vigour and speed that TR was arrested, tried, and imprisoned (and a gagging order applied to reporting it) with the fact that e.g. of the thousands of documented cases of FGM that have been treated in the NHS, there hasn't been a single prosecution. And there's zero political will to implement the law in such cases. I'll await with interest the details of the TR case when they're in the public domain.
  12. newbonic

    Tommy Robinson Otherwise Engaged

    Or he tried to break the news blackout on such cases? Compare to the media frenzy over e.g. Rolf Harris.Or Cliff Richard before plod even raided his house.
  13. The car wash thing is an interesting example of how automation is going backwards due to our barely controlled volume of immigration. The number of automatic car washes has halved in the last 15 years as dirt cheap imported sponge wielding labour makes them uneconomical. It enables some businesses to work stupid instead of smart, and no doubt game the working tax credits system or carry out cash in hand fiddles, etc.
  14. newbonic

    Nazi dog guy

    One of the surprising things about this episode is how few pro comedians have defended him. I think only David Baddiel (Jewish himself) and Rickey Jervais have said he shouldn't be prosecuted for such jokes that use Nazis as comedy props. (Whether or not it is a good joke is another very subjective matter.) The Father Ted writer Graham Linehan has been attacking Meecham's on twitter and basically advocating sabotaging Meecham/Dankula's appeal by snitching on him to GoFundMe. Which seems illogical as if Meecham's conviction is sound he'll lose the appeal, and if it's not then a dangerous precedent has been avoided. Ironically Linehan himself wrote an episode of Father Ted that had Ted mimicking Hitler. Stupid waste of public funds and police resources.
  15. newbonic

    Local Elections 2018

    Lord Cooper of Windrush (yup it's a real Tory Lord's name) stated that those constituencies where the non indigenous populations are less than 70% will be almost impossible for the Tories to win. He calculated that by 2020 there will be about 120 parliamentary seats where this is the case. This is now the core Labour parliamentary vote. Not the white working class of old. With the demographic changes continuing apace, we are about 2 general elections away from there being a sitting left wing, pro immigration government in the UK.

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