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  1. The safety argument will be used, having to spread the insurance costs across fewer people. If my view is correct that a small proportion of drivers cause the majority of accidents is true then I find that quite disturbing. On the other hand it would be a good excuse to tighten up driving qualificatioins (ban after only 6 points, retests every 10 years, things like that) since it'll be harder to argue the hardship line. I'm never in favour of treating everyone like irresponsible children because a few are.
  2. You really aren't coping very well with someone disagreeing with you. I don't think you've made one pertinent reply yet.
  3. That's one of the things that concerns me. There's no practical reason for automation to significantly reduce the costs so it'll be contrived to do so as a means of politically-derived pressure.
  4. But look at Labour now... The problem with "better" is that it's subjective. Of course it's the only thing that actually matters too. I'm not convinced (as everyone has probably realised long ago ); I'd be more inclined to vote for someone who at least had the decency to call various changes necessary evils and aimed to do the minimum required.
  5. I know we don't. Thought you might've got the sarcasm. Pity you get bored that easily though, it'll make it very hard to ever give a properly considered thought to any issue.
  6. An interesting way of looking at it, because most advocates appear to be suggesting no element of personal ownership at all (presumably someone has a fleet that you order one from when you need it). The hard part will be finding people you definitely won't clash with times you both need it. A personal stake would solve some of the issues, or at least reduce them (such as the previous user having thrown up in it after being picked up after a night out). It comes back to whilst I do believe it could well make a non-negligable dent in private ownership I still don't believe private ownershi
  7. The corner cases are the killer. They're (part of) the reason why I can see a claim of a significant reduction in private car ownership being plausible but complete or almost complete elimination not in the forseable future. The car sitting around 90% of the time isn't really a problem, it's not wearing out whilst doing that (cars don't turn to rust after the first passing shower any more). Why would it reduce the cost? If you get to use a car for so many miles before it dies then (tax changes and so on notwithstanding, which can always shove the picture one way or the other) you'll still
  8. A country that likes control freakery even more than the UK.
  9. Self driving cars are a completely different issue to private ownership. Anyway I won't hold my breath for the self driving car that can make it to the farm up a rough track through several gates. You might get one that can manage a large propotion of journeys but doing everything is much further off than enthusiasts of the idea think.
  10. The Manchester tram system could do with a circular line vaguely following the M60 (maybe a bit further in).
  11. Not literal-mindedness but a dig; I prefer slightly more subtle insults than namecalling IME the anti-immigration argument is mostly about numbers or job impact, nothing more. Sure, the xenophobes will use them too (if there's a rational argument that happens to align with what they want then why wouldn't they), but they really aren't in the majority. Treating people who argue against immigration as xenophobes really is as closed-minded as the xenophobes.
  12. Is that a sigh of despair that you'll never see past your prejudices? And to claim every argument against immigration is just a smokescreen for racism or xenophobia is a prejudice. To do that you have to have decided that there can only be one motivation against it and then try to fit every answer in to that assumption. There's a good deal of hypocricy in someone doing that and using it to claim someone else is xenophobic. Note that this is quite different from simply saying that the argument being made doesn't turn out to be correct when you look in to it.
  13. Ah the old "try to dress things up as xenophobia whenever concerns around immigration are mentioned" card.
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