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  1. So let others decide their ideology for them? That's cop-out thinking (but not a surprise).
  2. Are there any laws that produce any noticable effect whatsoever for people not actively engaged in cross-border activities? Have they changed anything at all (whether for better or worse doesn't matter) in the UK? Don't recall GrizzlyDave defending Putin, that'll be Errol.
  3. "Pursue policies that are evidence-based, rather than led by ideology". So already a demonstration that they haven't got a clue. Evidence-based towards what end? You need the ideology to decide what you're using the evidence to work towards.
  4. Too right. I do my best to refuse to give out any data (sometimes to the point of making it up) that they don't unquestionably need to provide the service they're providing. So obviously if I'm mail ordering something I'll have to give my address but I won't, not even a postcode, to much else. It's even more of a problem where things just take anyway and there's little you can do about it, like many things connected to the internet (no software should even be allowed to gather data from you without permission - saying "well don't use it if you don't like it" doesn't cut it, so up yours Microsoft et al) and all the monitoring and recording of everything that goes on these days. Wish I could ban the lot of it.
  5. There are jobs where that would be relevant, but by and large the correct, entirely acceptable answer is rarely accepted these days. That answer is, of course, "Mind your own business."
  6. Riedquat

    How long can we last?

    The science isn't false but whatever proposals align with current political attitudes are more likely to get funding which creates a risk of imbalance in terms of which hypotheses are explored. And as mentioned earlier idiotic extrapolations leading to headlines of the "all insects gone within a century" reinforce the views of those running scared and create additional scepticism amongst the more level-headed, which can create a boy who cried wolf effect that leads to genuine issues being dismissed (health and safety is another one that's got its head too wedged up its backside in a similar manner, leading to one group jumping at shadows and another dismissing genuine concerns).
  7. And you say there's no upside to Brexit.
  8. Agree, although some would argue that's tainted by self-interest. A population that declines too rapidly would be a problem though, I wouldn't penalise people who only have 1 kid.
  9. As slow as someone who doesn't yet appear to have realised that they can be unrelated issues? It's like the constant "You must support the Tories if you want to leave the EU!" rhetoric from people who don't grasp that it's possible to not want either, that it isn't a question of "here are two sides, pick one." Personally I think Corbyn would be a disaster.
  10. My group has had problems getting the right people sometimes, with HR thinking that they can decide the type of people needed and what qualifications why have rather than the managers they'll actually be working for. They need a kick up the **** from someone senior to remind them that they're supposed to assist and administrate, not set any policy whatsoever.
  11. There's nowhere near enough time. Option 3 needs removing, that's already been voted on. Can only keep that if we're going to get referendums every three years for the rest of time.
  12. That's how things go. May as well ask how did not building a bridge cost £53 million.
  13. Get people like that in the upper reaches of the EU and you'll just have the same thing at a larger scale, blowing up bubbles across the continent.
  14. Riedquat

    How long can we last?

    Well dirty water and poisonous air don't help you live forever, but medical advances will sort that out (to be honest I sometimes prefer the dirt to the alternatives). But you can't measure happiness. As I've been told often enough on the Brexit thread things like that are intangible and sentimental so can't be counted against the cold, hard facts of economic numbers. The people who are small minded and unimaginative enough to think that are the greatest threat we face.

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