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  1. Riedquat

    Natural Language Processing and AI

    People are doing startups developing already existing technology (speech recognition is reasonably mature now) and then leaving the difficult bit to someone else? What are they trying to achieve? Sad that they've even got any money for that.
  2. Was November weather all that bad? Was pretty normal for the time of year wasn't it? It's whinging about yesterday, which was rather unpleasant, but banging on about one day - not nice but not exceptionally bad either, is rather ridiculous.
  3. By all means question what other people want and whether it'll help or hinder it, but I didn't think that you were quite as shallow as to be motivated by nothing other than greed, to be prepared to accept anything that make you richer and reject anything that'll possibly do the opposite no matter what else might come from it. I suppose I'm also an idiot for moving house a few years ago and as a result being poorer (longer commute for example), even though I'm actually a lot happier here. If I only made decisions based on what I think were the best financially, as opposed to that being one factor amongst many, I probably would be a lot better off, and even more miserable than I already am.
  4. Remainers really need to stop harping on on the "it'll make you poorer" line, both because of the automatic assumption that it will and because of the "I don't give a crap about anything other than money and neither should anyone else" implications it carries.
  5. They're separate because if the barrier is engineering then at least something is possible in theory, yet if it's from the laws of physics it's entirely in the realms of science fictions and you may as well plan on using magic. Concepts like Breakthrough Starshot could get a probe to nearby stars in less than a lifetime and aren't massively implausible although would require significant improvements of existing technologies, but not completely new ones.
  6. A big if though. It requires the willpower to go out and do that in your own time (often seems to involve some expense too), instead of being a daily part of your life. Hooray for progress.
  7. Some very nearby in interstellar probes are a plausible development in the near-ish future, not that there will be any results from them within my lifetime. They're merely concepts that require bloody massive engineering challenges to be solved, as opposed to throwing everything we know about the laws of physics in to question.
  8. I wouldn't say it's something you can generalise on. In terms of cultural mix a degree of it is a very good thing that enriches rather than changes but too much just causes problems. Even where that line lies varies depending upon circumstances (but it's probably under whatever local circumstances ghettos start to form).
  9. Well not necessarily, otherwise they should refuse to step down if they thought that the wrong candidate had won an election, although I appreciate there's an important difference in that the system is designed to kick them out anyway after the election (parliament gets dissolved).
  10. That can temporarily hold prices up, so it's question of whether the downward pressures will remain in place longer than the refusal to sell holds for.
  11. There's what's theoretically possible within the system we've got and what would happen in reality if it was tried, and trying something like that might well have repercussions beyond serious damage to the party that tried it. At any rate the impact would doubtless be rather unpredictable.
  12. A declining population is something I'd really, really love to see here in the UK. That said too rapidly declining a population is a problem - I noticed the figures quoted are still rather lower than the rate at which their population is falling (down by 400 000 a year vs. 345 000 over five years), so it might not be an unreasonable for Japan. It would be a thoroughly stupid move for the UK (even though it would be much less bad than what we've actually got).
  13. Riedquat

    Pre - Fab Cost £65,000

    Traditional building has wood keeping the roof up, but I suppose as long as the roof is maintained (i.e. replace the odd slate or tile blown off in a gale) it should last as long as the rest of the building. Wood near the ground that you rely on, that's something to be avoided for anything more than the garden shed.
  14. There seem to be quite a few people with bad backs in my office, all sat in front of a computer almost all the time jobs.

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