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  1. Second hand Astra, 12 years old, petrol. Bought it for cash. Intend to hang on to it for as long as possible (can't stand electronics-filled modern cars, which is a pity because I'd quite like an electric car but any half-decent one is also a modern electronics-filled car).
  2. I agree, but I really do think that it's been easy for people to get worked up about the vaccine risks thanks to years of over-reacting to risk - there's a massive fear of "but it might happen, and then I'll be responsible so I won't take the risk." For some reason this trumps risks due to inaction, although many are liable to over-react to both.
  3. Why not? Good level of all-round protection, either from vaccination or youth (not perfect, but if you aim for zero risk you'll just create a thoroughly miserable world without achieving that goal - a path we're already too far down), it's hard to justify stopping anything much now.
  4. I'll be very surprised if we don't have that here before long. Absurd, but "if it saves one life..." (another phrase I've come to utterly despise). After all we're already in a country that insists all new cars are fitted with systems to automatically call the emergency services with your location if you crash, and that's accepted by a large number, many who are mentally incapable of wondering why someone might find that absurd. "Overprotective" isn't understood any more, we've lost the plot. It's no surprise we've got people running around in a panic demanding draconian restrictions whilst there's still at least one case of Covid somewhere in the world. And even if there wasn't they've started wondering about having the restrictions for things we put up with every year. Sadly I think there's a good chance of them becoming the norm, and anyone questioning them being treated as a dangerous lunatic.
  5. Whilst I do have to the concept of collective responsibility I also believe that it should not be forced. So it's not quite a matter of purely self-interest, at least when it gets to the low risk level. When the risk to the individual is actually greater, encouraging that greater individual risk for society as a whole definitely crosses the line of acceptability. I'd prefer it if under 25s get vaccinated and am happy to say so but I'm certainly not going to outright condemn them for not doing so. They certainly shouldn't be forced or coerced; whilst I think that they should any coercion is the greater evil by a long way. I'd like to think I'd say the same even if I was personally at much higher risk than I am; things have to get pretty bad before I prefer treating everyone like cattle to the risk that they might put me at.
  6. The main graph on the ZOE site, yes, it's around 800 000.
  7. I see the ZOE numbers, cause last week for the doom-mongers to latch on to, have also turned the peak. Their peak lagged in January just as now, so all entirely consistent. They're an estimate of the number with symptoms rather than newly-detected cases, so a lag is to be expected (since symptoms last several days but a new case shows up once, on the day it's detected). What next for the lockdown and restrictions enthusiasts to try?
  8. I don't really look at it like that - I just go with asking, for any individual, which is the greater risk, vaccine or disease? (and if both are very low risks then not bothering at all is justifiable as a personal choice). If there's any expectation that someone should have the riskier option for the overall benefit of society, anyone making that expectation is a monster.
  9. All for more trees (seems to be going the reverse near me - ash dieback seems to be hitting a lot ) Problem with carbon capture - where do you put it once you've captured it? Can't refill the old coal mines, they'll all be collapsed and inaccessible and opening them up would be far more work and more dangerous than digging them was in the first place (open case excepted). Not sure about pumping oil back in to wells.
  10. No-one should be told how many they can have, but should is a different matter. Continued population growth causes problems for everyone wherever it happens. People need to accept that it's a very damaging thing rather than burying their heads in the sand about it because there doesn't seem to be an acceptable solution to it (actually there is one - education).
  11. It's hardly news that people have no risk perception. Or rather they have no risk tolerance (or both) - the idea of anything bad happening is something they can't accept. They frequently fail to tell the difference between accepting sh1t happens with wanting it to happen too, with wanting things to be risky for the sake of it and wanting people to get hurt.
  12. I'd like to think that "Riedquatian" is now an adjective, just wish I hadn't run out of inspiration and picked a planet from an old computer game as being handy for a username
  13. I'd rather take the chance of being infected by a co-worked than have them coerced in this manner. Ditto with a fair amount of other stuff that gets imposed to protect me and look after me and generally nanny me and wrap me up in cotton wool. (note I've no personal issues with being vaccinated and had both injections quite a while ago).
  14. Half the chance or better of catching it's pretty significant I'd say.
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