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  1. history goes in cycles, and there is a pretty well defined 400 ish year cycle in this country concerning stuff like "revolutions" and regime change if you'd like to call it that,same story each time, elite or monarchs get too big for their boots,enact unjust taxes and laws etc which draws out a resistance movement and said elites/monarchs brought to book.We would appear to be on the cusp of another one. oliver cromwell/jacobite rebellions in the 1600's, giving way to our bill of rights etc king john at runnymede in 1215 giving us magna carta alftred the great in the 800's
  2. close. I was thinking 2021 will be the onset of the mass redundancies and the start of some pretty major riots/civil unrest. followed shortly after by another falklands or iraq type escapade.
  3. will it be successful..yes,partially. will they make USA into the hated pariah that nobody want to trade with....yes. will they achive total domination...no..... US,canada,uk,aus,NZ will have one version of digital ledger, EU will have one, russia will have one, china will take the rest of the world.
  4. people bought XRP beacuse it was supposed to be "the banker's choice" of global digital currency. there is still a plan for a "bankers choice of global digital currency",,which will negate bitcoin,and very much involve PM's as the stabiliser benchmark...like I said before, china has not yet declared their real gold holdings.they have made overtures to special drawing rights as the ledger mechanism, but not yet dethroned the dollar. how do they plan to dethrone the dollar??...is it through mass bond sell-off causing a currency crisis,or some other covert method??
  5. it's not making money though, it's TRANSFERRING money. the transfer mechanism itself it currency debasement,and CAUSING distress on certain sectors for the big buys to go fishing and either consolidate their position, or take out/buy/acquire new upstarts with good ideas.
  6. more growth potential in cashless transactions,and a small market, but I'll still take a turkey crown(festive pun) over saving a few days/quid sending christmas vouchers from here to relatives in oz. ...irish proverb: A SMITH AND WESSON BEATS FOUR ACES!
  7. if this crap over the last year had really gone mad max, it would be those holding shares in sanitaiton, biotech, consumer healthcare(johnson+johnson etc),food production...and so on that really made the money....in light of recent events, ow can you justify that crypto has been more important than eating?
  8. hahaha!..altcoins may be 99% junk,but that theres also serious money to be made in junk!! more so than BTC, and is hence subject to the greater fool speculation theories...taking money out of the "safe havens of digital gold", and into the prospect of the 1000+ bagger that joe public on the street can buy now for pennies,and will explode(most will implode of course,but the carrot of rags to riches is much akin to putting a tenner on the lottery euromillions super-jackpot in the hope you come up trumps-----you have of course discovered the winning strategy have you not!!...you've "invested" a
  9. extreme liquidity looking for a home. it's even visible in consumer goods. money is ultimately being debased so purchases less.the very defenition of inflation. going by kondratieff wave the powers that be have stimulated yet more "misallocation of capital" phase,when we should have been in the speculation of real resources phase(ie resource supply crunches,war etc etc).It will ultimately end in tears for those who: 1)do not hold a position in real resources 2)do not hold a position in a sector/company that cannot make better use of existing resources. you can
  10. some creative wizardy from the chancellor,and an opportunity to do one-upmanship on the SNP. sturgeon's £500 NHS bonus has really gone down like a lead balloon,most people are thinking "are you taking the mick??" so SUNAK announces the fiscal year 2021/2022 essential worker tax holiday!!!! furloughed employees really can't complain, the essential workers have been slogging throughout,a lot of them also on pay freezes etc, so it would certainly be a more appropriate "thankyou for keeping the country going...now keep it going some more by having some more of your own money back to
  11. the solution is simple. no need to change tax thresholds at all,just get rid of taper relief!!!😄
  12. ultimately when we get into the era of driverless cars etc, the amount of data that will be needed to keep an eye on them safety-wise is huge.Low frequency unfortunately doesn't cut it in this instance.It's a trade off, All this data has to be absolutely real time too, so you will get networks of roadside sensors ,and onboard in cars. when you say objects, it tends to be stuff like metal and concrete structures that mmw has a problem with .all RF can go through human tissue,but there is an increased risk of cell ionisation the higher the frequency goes(as is the case with sunburn/cancer a
  13. for the record(as an industry i'm familiar with) there are 3 types of 5G. sub 6GHz(COMMERCIAL TELECOM IN THE MAIN) 28GHz mm wave 39GHz mm wave it's the last two people are worried about,as it stands the scope for these bands is very limited, the overwhelming majority of 5G will be at sub 6GHz.it's not completely safe, but far,far safer than mm wave....rest assured that the wifi and mobile manufacturers do actually safety test devices and infrastructure for emissions.......I know, I have been to one of the testing facilities(in a working capacity) that calculates SAR va
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