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  1. Basically shelf life of petrol for use in the car etc is about 6 months.Its always a good idea to rotate your stock a bit, so the emergency can is still fresh. as for the stuff in the shed, it will probably last a year or so if you are just powering an old lawnmower or an old banger of a moped.The old naturally aspirated engines are a lot less sensitive to crappy fuel. Diesel can be stored quite a long time too, but if letting it stand then there are additives that can be bought from canal shops or chandlers to stop the build up of diesel bug etc.Quite a lot of narrowboats are moored over winter,so that will prevent fuel going off.
  2. and that's not bloody surpising,mun ( ..and I claim my £5!!😀)
  3. sod's law though isn't it?? you go to b and q to buy the barbecue and it incessantly pisses down for the next month!!
  4. The civil unrest was always going to be gamers versus miners!!!
  5. rsi says oversold at $44k,macd is giving a buy signal.alts have mooned over the past month,I think a reajustment is in the works, is it BTC gains traction again,or is it the alts get pummelled and BTC becomes the crypto safe haven again. if we were going on TA, I would say the former....we're now around the bottom of wave iv,ready for a quick spurt of wave v that nobody's expecting.(apart from jiltedjen!!!)😀
  6. we'll see. bitcoin dominance percentage is quite low again now.it's due a rebound of sorts. traditionally june-december months favour bitcoin over alts, so a move back to somewhere in the mid 50% range could be doable
  7. looks like option 2 is already baked in. inflation is already rocketing,just look at raw materials and shipping costs.after covid there is naff all inventory of anything. only one of two ways governments can react to that.raise interest rates or raise taxes.(the latter being done through stealth and indirect taxation ie congestion charges,plastic bag taxes,clean air zones etc)
  8. Not really the best anaolgy.You said the would be assilants sped THROUGH the checkpoint.That being the case,lee rigby was in the right to continue firing,as said assailants could still constitute a threat.they were not fleeing,were they? If that was so,then the case should not have even been brought to court. If we were to put this in modern day terms,lets say iraq or northern ireland, assialant comes up to checkpoint in car, attempts to detonate an IED but is unsuccessful,so tries to scarper.Are you saying that the military manning that checkpoint do not have the right to remove that threat,even when it is evident that not to take action will result in future harm coming to either you or your colleagues??? As for tony martin,it's a pretty straightforward case of lack of adequate policing prior to the incident being the straw that broke the camels back.Tony martin had simply had enough of burglars persistently incroaching on his property.
  9. Still, not all bad. Get the frequencies right and you can use it to combat tumors too. Reif frequency has been used this way before to reduce growths,warts and so on
  10. ..or if you are really unlucky about 10 seconds in front of a satellite uplink or travelling wave tube.
  11. and other things like sterility through long term low dose exposure
  12. history goes in cycles, and there is a pretty well defined 400 ish year cycle in this country concerning stuff like "revolutions" and regime change if you'd like to call it that,same story each time, elite or monarchs get too big for their boots,enact unjust taxes and laws etc which draws out a resistance movement and said elites/monarchs brought to book.We would appear to be on the cusp of another one. oliver cromwell/jacobite rebellions in the 1600's, giving way to our bill of rights etc king john at runnymede in 1215 giving us magna carta alftred the great in the 800's
  13. close. I was thinking 2021 will be the onset of the mass redundancies and the start of some pretty major riots/civil unrest. followed shortly after by another falklands or iraq type escapade.
  14. will it be successful..yes,partially. will they make USA into the hated pariah that nobody want to trade with....yes. will they achive total domination...no..... US,canada,uk,aus,NZ will have one version of digital ledger, EU will have one, russia will have one, china will take the rest of the world.
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