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  1. on a more esoteric note they really do need to get rid of those "pieces" of the coat of arms coins. if you knew they smbolism behind them you'd know that whoever designed them had malevolent intentions.
  2. could we not have roy "chubby" brown or someone interesting instead?
  3. yet. why do you think the chinese are hoarding 20000+ tonnes?
  4. oracle

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    could see that happening. can we borrow steve bannon from across the pond as go-between them and uncle sam. Heard a few of his university speeches now and I like him a lot. definitely singing from the same hymn sheet.
  5. europe has never quite understood perfidious albion. the more bullying they attempt,the more it makes us dig in our heels.
  6. no it isn't may,hammond and co were all remainers(as is bojo but he's in the closet) how on earth do you expect these people to deliver on an instruction they don't like.......it's obvious teir attempts would be half-hearted. and now it's crunch time.people have seen through them,and they will have to carry out the order as instructed or fall on their sword.
  7. my bet is on 1922 comittee doing it first,trigerring internal removal of may thnk about it from a "save your ****" perspective. tories know that if may stays they've basically lost the brexiteers in the election,so they all need to keep their seats. the only method of doing so is to do as they were bloody well told in the first place,so will elect a proper brexiteer as leader...who may be open to a deal,but will drive a much,much harder bargain than may is capable of....at which point the EU will realise no deal is a very,very viable option...and they may well come back to the table with an improved offer..but that may not be quite improved enough as mar 29 creeps ever closer. a couple of bouts of that, a bit of "we have reached an impasse, there can be no further concessions from us" in the middle, and a new "deal" presented to parliament on march 22nd-and rejected on march 27th, and new hardline brexiteer PM says..."we are very serious now, one way or the other this will be concluded tomorrow night. These negotiations have been acrimonious,something which should never have been possible with friends and allies.The relationship now cannot be considered to be one of mutual cordiality" threat to the EU.
  8. I got a feeling that jiltedjen is one of crypto-sniper's premium bods. his lot were doing a lot of charting on this and called it pretty well..uncle frank says expect a number with a 3 in front of it fairly soon. he did TA on ethereum as well and made a call for $137(at $200),looks very realistic to me .
  9. Is this a game on propertytribes?? fergus says.....
  10. well if the council can get the fine in place BEFORE he sells up then he'll be paying CGT on the properties as well. ..and with a bit of bad marketing to boot....... ie they get a reputation for exploitation of rents,same view should be taken of their interpretation of "market value"..should make for a very juicy discount being demanded in order to purchase....please god any prospective buyers have massive chains!..should clog up the legal side of trying to offload for a good few months!😄
  11. charles babbage would be a good one. alexander fleming perhaps
  12. oracle

    strange tastes

  13. oracle

    strange tastes

    he's been found!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o3_lwp60T4
  14. system on chip eavesdropping has been known about for years. not even the add-on chip,but altered lithography in the IC's. this is old news
  15. probably because LHR biometric gates are now quite old, by comparison to a lot of the other airports.Just not as good at picking up/processing data as the latest ones.

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