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  1. might be a slightly better physics question for you here: Would you rather have an ashiatsu massage(back walking type) from: a) Lizzo in a pair of DM's b)Amanda Holden in stillettos
  2. pillow at 150mph for sure. 1) Force = mass * velocity^2.(taking approximations of 1mph=1.6kmh and 1kg= 10N) for the train......lets say 100 tonnes, so 100000*32*32 =10,240,000,000,000N for the pillow...lets say 1kg so 1*240*240=57,600N 2) pillows have much greater elastic potential than steel,meaning some of that force springs away from the direction of travel on contact!...the only thing squishy in the other situation is your innards.
  3. add to that stuff like field sales reps now having to do more remote and webinar work with potential customers,whan it traditionally would be face to face meetings, means quite a bit less in the way of fleet vehicles I think!
  4. on the contrary, just turn up to the viewing, sniff a bit and say "this is really important to me, but sorry,I've got a bit of a cold coming on"
  5. well the ons are susupending their metrics apparently. watch for the mortgage /housing indices like rightmove,halifax,nationwide to suspend month on month figures due to "being subject to significant volatility and distortions " due to covid 19. Therefore until further notice we will be publishing only an annualised figure (so going down but being padded out)
  6. except if you remember back to the headlines in 2007 to 2009,according to nationwide, there were not nominal falls of this magnitutde being reported. Some of us have been on this board for nearly 15 years!!!There will still be posts around to validate.
  7. Yes indeed.Now if only we had that same mantra applied pre-emptively to other departments we might stand a better chance of making a success of the country.Being wise after the event is dangerous. I would say the department of health logistics team has been highlighted as a weak point.Only when the army got involved did things start to get moving. The armed forces themselves have been pared back to dangerous levels due to political airheads and willy waving vanity projects,instead of the quick off the shelf,battle ready gear thats required.Now it's only a matter of time after a deflationary even such as this that a war will be fought to re-inflate the economy. It's also a dangerous time as serious contractions like this one can breed the new hitlersand lenins as the public unrest and desparation crescendo's.It's in the nature of such despots to exploit such crises and then pose as the messiah to lead the people to their version of nirvana.
  8. it's case count versus death count, the mortality rate does thankfully seem to be dropping a little bit,but it's still too soon to give the all clear. business as usual for another 2 weeks at least I think
  9. I think that's what everyone is gambling on,but word has it that there are several places with secondary infection. No doubt the governmet is paying attention,and whatever lockdown is lifted will be quite a gradual process....not good news for hospitality for sure.
  10. I think that will be a key factor. If you have a house just to live in, then it's a bummer having negative equity,but you just suck it up as long as the bills get paid. If t's an asset class that is losing it's money and over fist,then it needs to be treated as such,and rationalised.
  11. not necessarily. US caught it later than everybod else, so quite possibly this thing has mutated into a slightly less dangerous strain over the last few months. if like other coronaviruses,they usually get weaker as summer/more sunlight happens. so I wouldn't go signing trumps praises just yet,might just be mothe nature at work.
  12. with respect to above. it is inferred that fauci's department partially funded the wuhan lab suspected of where this virus escaped. a bit up in the air for the rest,if it was purley for research then it's a cluster****, if intended for weaponry then there is a moratorium on such research internationally. best case scenario for china would be criminal negligence charges, worst case is heads have to roll globally for being very,very naughty.Especially if the people funding it are the real guilty culprits, not the chinese gophers.
  13. there's plenty of rumours about fauci and the money trail behind him!
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