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  1. the point of prep or private schools is so the scrotey kids cannot spoil the potential of any other student. throw them all in one great barrel and you will not get the best possible. i think a return to the 11 plus would be a good idea.
  2. the euro ships going down and yet they think the flight of capital will go directly to london 'house prices'. you have to laugh......
  3. it say by the looks of it, greece and what little money left there, is almost gone. i dont think ti can be stopped. even the PM was hinting about their wealth being better stored in uk banks. etc etc etc.
  4. there aint no doom and gloom. bottom line is, if the houses crash the banks go bust and so does the country. accept it and move on.
  5. wrong thread. i though it said '*****ing' limited to 20 hrs per week. phew.
  6. at least if the message gets out people can clap their way out of it on question time.
  7. yeah. well at least it will be fun. i have an firearms certificate and all the provisions and im gold plated. all i am short of is an escape pod that jets me out of here with some kind of appropriate pun.
  8. sydney looks nice in the city but the people and the suburbs are some of the worst ive ever seen. the people are hideous.
  9. i am boethius. author of the consolation of philosophy. it is my belief that fortune is a wheel inconstancy is my very essence says the wheel rise up on my spokes if you like, but dont complain when your cast back down into the depths. good times pass away, but then so do the bad. mutability is our tragedy, but its also our hope. the worst of the times, like the best. are always passing away.
  10. wow. i couldnt have described it better myself. "People look broken, deformed, like they have totally given up on the way they look, literally shuffling along the boring pavements like they are on psychiatric drugs, massively over-weight, wearing ill fitting clothes, bashing into each other like zombies and stumbling on without apology. Go into a shop an the same zombie feel - it is like people are moving in slow motion, dazed, out to lunch. Look a bit lively and they give you a nasty look or even start abusing you. It is freaky! The state newspaper is full of massive adverts for cars and roasted chickens." that made me laugh out loud cos its so accurate and succinct. aussie aussie aussie heil heil heil !!! when we flew back from sydney we had to land due to a medical emergency. the guy i think died the rumor was. anyway, we waited to refuled at adelade for 6 hours etc, but when the paramedics first came on the plane and took the guy off, the aussies cheered and whooped and clapped like he was a drunk from an easy jet charter. it was so disrespectful.
  11. the maths say that each uk household is in govt debt to the tune of £880,000 and rising fast. its said that by april 2012 each household will owe 1 million. inflation is their only option left.
  12. its not a sense of entitlement when you have actually paid the taxation (one of the worlds highest) and you expect to receive what you paid for. if they give my tax to failed banks at the detriment to the services i paid for whats the point of making any contribution to the system. you may as well pack in your unproductive job and take up freetime and hobbies. you know all our pensions are fµcked. so whats the point. when coment sold for £2 it was only to get out of any employee contribution pension liability. the country, and most other are sick. capitalism does not work and never has,.
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