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  1. Boomers wanted the good life by borrowing money. They should have been stopped in the 70's. Useless goodfornothing planet wasters is what they are.
  2. Another pisher for the bin. New Look...... No one needs anything that they sell so it's bankrupt time. A waste of space business imo.
  3. I'm not a troll. All that is happening is that Doctors and Teachers and the Police force are making themselves look like idiots who can't think. The cupboard is empty because all the money was given to the banks. There is none left for public sector pay and pensions. That's it. End of discussion. Who you blame for this is you business, but moaning about it isn't going to change the facts.
  4. I didn't. HPC dropped it for me. They probably thought it might look bad for them if they kept it on. Sad really. I'm not thick or mental, but there are too many deluded idiots in this country who think that the world owes them a living and most work in the public sector. I think they have missed the small problem of the country being just about bankrupt. No one cares whether doctors or teachers get their pensions. Thats a total irrelevance when whole countries are going to the wall.
  5. Nope. Don't tell me your a doctor too, as you sound a bit pissed off. Are you a teacher maybe? So many useless people work for the government, it's sickening.
  6. Wrong, I'm just sick of a*seholes going into careers because of a pension, rather than because they actually want to do the f*cking job. Teaching is full of these type of efforts too. Let's see them all get the same salary and conditions in the private sector or, lets see tham set up a business and work for themselves. Most are just useless. That's why they moan about pensions. If they don't like it, they can f*ck off and do something else.
  7. I'm sure there will still be plenty of people who want to go into medicine because they actually want to help people rather than for the pension. Too many people a fixated with pensions these days. Try saving a few bob and investing it yourself, rather than waiting for a handout from the state. The middle classes love to spend all their salaries every month trying to be liked, rather than making the cash they earn work for them. If you want to make proper cash, go and work in the city. If you want to help people, become a doctor.
  8. Good plan, so why do you give a toss whether the government takes back some of the cash that it can't afford to pay anyway. You'll be long gone. IMO, most public sector workers will be lucky to get any pension when the time comes. The UK will go down the tubes, just like the PIGS. The moneys all been used to bail out the banks and keep the property bubble afloat. Nothing left for pensions or anything else for that matter. Blame the banks and the f*cking idiots who participated in the housing bubble.
  9. Exactly, why don't you just come out of the pension scheme altogether and invest the contibutions yourself. You must know that the government and country are bankrupt. Why pay money into a system like that? You might as well just burn the cash.
  10. Anyone who earns between 80 and 120k a year for most of their working life shouldn't then be requiring the taxpayer to foot most of the bill for their retirement imo. Have you ever heard of saving and investing ffs. What the hell do you do with all that cash each year? Most want to live the good life and then when retirement comes, it's someone elses responsibilty to pay for it. Like I said, disgusting behaviour from a bunch of children kidding on that they are educated and mature.
  11. Agree, who the hell says that any public sector leech should be entitled to anything better than someone who works all their life in the private sector. It makes me sick to see these self centered doctors showing their true colours. Truely disgusting imo.
  12. Dirty moneygrabbing b4stards. Of what I've heard today, I wouldn't scrape most doctors off the sole of my shoe. F*cking trash, the lot of them. Anyone who earns 120k a year for 30 years and then has to rely on another handout from the state is totally feckless with money imo. Laughable tbh. This debacle has been utterly disgraceful imo. Sack the lot of them.
  13. This sickens me. The taxpayer pays 4 out of every 5 pounds for these leeches pensions, even though they are earning £80-£120k a year. Laughable nonsense that most people will think is disgraceful.
  14. They've only got 0.5% to play with now. It's a total joke. The only way to stagger on here is more QE.......and then........more QE. They have no weapons left so it might as well be hyperinflation and a banana republic.
  15. Most people don't have any skills or talent, so property is the game for them. They get a liar loan and then wait a year and sell for 100% profit..... Not anymore though, as property is one sure way to throw all your cash on a fooking bonfire these days.
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