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  1. See the light Bossy. There is a place. You will be welcome. Brilliant I can even swear.
  2. Ooh, that might be for me! I'm not a racist or anything like that, but I do have a "toilet mind", and some of my posts might be a bit naughty, but that ultimately is up to FUBRA.
  3. ********! I'm a nice guy too!

  4. I'm  a soft Southerner, and I believe I have a sense of humour, which gets me sacked sometimes.

  5. Nerds are OK, and I am one.

    I remember at a party once, a lady asked what I did, and I told her I was a mathematician. She told me to "get me **** out. I'll have some of that!". But it was Newcastle!:o:D

  6. MrPin is joining the ranks of the unemployed. MrPin told his employer to shove it. After a completely unfruitful meeting with the HR witch, and Satan (chief engineer), I am  am being criticised by my boss for poor paperwork, and bad communication. ****** me mate, I'm a left handed autistic mathematician. Says it on the packet! Sort of business they were in, I thought they couldn't get enough of those.:huh:

  7. Sorry to hear that. Me mum went a year back.:mellow:

  8. Cash-only Pin here doesn't like contactless payments. You can't see the money go. Especially for trivial purchases, like cups of coffee.
  9. Would you like your usual cell sir? Full en-suite, and WiFi.
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