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  1. See the light Bossy. There is a place. You will be welcome. Brilliant I can even swear.
  2. Ooh, that might be for me! I'm not a racist or anything like that, but I do have a "toilet mind", and some of my posts might be a bit naughty, but that ultimately is up to FUBRA.
  3. ********! I'm a nice guy too!

  4. I'm  a soft Southerner, and I believe I have a sense of humour, which gets me sacked sometimes.

  5. Nerds are OK, and I am one.

    I remember at a party once, a lady asked what I did, and I told her I was a mathematician. She told me to "get me **** out. I'll have some of that!". But it was Newcastle!:o:D

  6. MrPin is joining the ranks of the unemployed. MrPin told his employer to shove it. After a completely unfruitful meeting with the HR witch, and Satan (chief engineer), I am  am being criticised by my boss for poor paperwork, and bad communication. ****** me mate, I'm a left handed autistic mathematician. Says it on the packet! Sort of business they were in, I thought they couldn't get enough of those.:huh:

  7. Sorry to hear that. Me mum went a year back.:mellow:

  8. Toadspawn! The tadpoles look like any other tadpole, but then you have toads in the garden a bit later.
  9. Cash-only Pin here doesn't like contactless payments. You can't see the money go. Especially for trivial purchases, like cups of coffee.
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