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  1. We certainly do! Anybody who thinks the governbankment will end this SDLT next March is deluded. The pretend end is purely to stoke more demand now.
  2. Prior to the 2017 election HTB had been getting some bad press, then the Tories were given free reign to extend it again due to Labour's Manifesto including:
  3. A Tony Blair institute chap has really written: The first thing that Tony did when elected was the 1998 Bank Act to make the Bank of England independent. 3x Main + 1x Second income has become a BoE "no more than 15% of mortgages greater than 4.5x household income". The switch from single income to Joint Income Mortgage Just About Managing (JIMJAMs) has led to triple the mortgage lending. House prices would drop 50% if we went back to 3x Main + 1x Second income 1998, 3x £18k plus 1x £6k = £60k house 2019 4.5x £25k + £15k = £180k+ house 2019 could be 3x £25k plus 1x £15k = £90k
  4. I'm not splitting the tax efficient salary with you and I was expecting to declare myself a bit needy.
  5. It's no good looking backwards we have to look forward. I forgot to say I'd be happy to manage the charitable foundation.
  6. I think you are right. You should give away all your FIRE pot to set up a charitable foundation to help the needy. Then start again as a poor but benevolent man, go back to work, pay lots of tax and trust our fine governbankment to use it to help those in need. Never mind this I'm alright Jack position, of not working and living off dividends that ultimately comes from other worker's toil.
  7. Charts the birth of many people's flexible friend https://youtu.be/S7N-tIqy6yQ
  8. Housing Minister is Esther McVey Housing Secretary is Robert Jenrick https://news.sky.com/story/new-pm-johnson-begins-choosing-members-of-cabinet-11769771
  9. Property During the Newark by-election campaign, Jenrick was attacked in a personal campaign by UKIP's candidate Roger Helmer for owning several properties. Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, defended Jenrick, insisting that being self-made and successful was nothing to be ashamed of.[12] The Jenricks bought the Grade I listed Eye Manor in Eye, Herefordshire, near to his home town of Ludlow, for £1.1  million in 2009. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Jenrick
  10. I think the housing market is slow moving. Any pickup this year could be due to Brexit being scuppered pre-Christmas and us not exiting in March. Hopefully it will slow again now Boris is in and Brexit might look more likely to some people. I'd like to see lots of SSTC come back on the market and smell some fear.
  11. Seller pays 10% of the difference between current and previous selling prices? Might make flipping less appealing?
  12. Pension funds must think the property market is getting wobbly:
  13. Not good for Rightmove themselves then? Share price 36p ten years ago today, now stands at £5.16 House deposit on a Rightmove short anyone?
  14. Only a YouGov poll but I'm struggling to see where the Labour voters will come from (ZWBAIAM)
  15. Help to Buy started in 2013 but it was an extension of a council scheme set up in 2011 called 'Lend a Hand'. Lloyds persuaded some Councils to cover their losses, other banks must have thought what a great idea, another bailout, let's have a national scheme and up the maximum loan. ..
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