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  1. RE the council tax....seems a bit odd as I recall they took out the TV license as it started shooting up on the basis that by legal definitions it was a tax and therefore should be excluded from cpi.
  2. 35 degrees is norMal round here most of the year. Still keep a coat at work tho...the air con is feecking freezing. Cinemas are the worst. Have to take a travel blanket.
  3. Pounds down. Maybe someone with buckets of usd or rmb?
  4. I hear it's all been cancelled due to a lone nutter muttering something about Britain while murdering people.
  5. Note...that was supposed to say bunging but autocorrect did what in hindsight is the right thing.
  6. I have a slight suspicion that Ms will be able to trim a load of costs by just bungling it onto their azure infrastructure if it isn't already.
  7. Did it mention the fully expensed house? The private secretaries? The jaunts all over Europe?
  8. We already have interest only. That's even cheaper.
  9. Haha Nature has created an enormous space station, with massively effective deflector shields, and a universal replicator capable of aggressively adapting to a wide range of environments and conditions, and various methods of self replication, automatic healing, and problem solving capabilities. Some of which appear to satisfy various logic definitions of intelligence. Hell of a lot more than we puny humans have managed yet.
  10. I'm curious... would you prefer he didn't announce what might happen if some events took place?
  11. Mind you with the Chinese stock market the way it is we might see even more influx of foreign cash to housing
  12. On the upside for you all...it's only the rich suckers and foreigners who are able to do it... so all good left wing international politics by the look of it.
  13. Haha wow.... 2 years on and you seamlessly launch that diatribe... awesome forum foo
  14. Shame they never seem to put that much effort into writing about something interesting
  15. Yes indeed. I rather foolishly got burned badly on angel mining. Hard lesson to learn. Easy to draw what in the future may turn out to be the wrong conclusions.
  16. Ok... I guess you are looking at different data sets then.... median by definition mean 50% of the population earn less.
  17. It's a bit optimistic to say they follow a normal distribution, and fundamentally wrong to say 60% earn median or below.
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