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  1. On the BBC website now: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54897989 "Over the past decade, Diane, who asked for her name to be changed in this article, has struggled with a mortgage at an interest rate of 4.99%" Oh boy. How broken it all is. 8%? 15%? I've paid it all in the past. If a lender had offered me less than 5% I'd have been picking my jaw up off the floor.
  2. Oh no! Does that mean the boss will have to cancel his order for a new Bentley and keep the 'old' one for another year?
  3. A Marxist in No. 10 would solve the nation's problems? (I can't quite read the writing on the wall behind his arm, but it looks very much like Shaft The Future.)
  4. I don't suppose anyone managed to glean what Kam the property genius said?
  5. That's an interesting point. Back in 2007, if you looked hard enough, there were tiny pockets of the press reporting that mortgages were getting harder to get and that Spanish property was looking peaky (I saw an article in The Times in 2006 on that subject), but the vast, vast majority had been brainwashed into believing property was the magic money tree of myth. I visited a friend who ran a tiny mortgage broker business with a friend at Christmas 2007 - a full five months after 'the crunch' and he seemed happily oblivious to the whole thing. I mean, seriously. The silent phone at work was ju
  6. Isn't it the NW who reverts to 'quarterly rise' headlines when MoM is down? I guess they've still got decades and centuries as a measure when YoY goes negative (horribly).
  7. I really, really think it's time to stop using the word 'market' to describe how property is bought and sold in the UK. F*** knows what it is, but a market it most definitely is not.
  8. Completely agree. I don't think we can blame Osborne for keeping the bubble inflated though the temptation is great and many on here were bitterly disappointed by his tactics post 2010. And there would be no point in me criticising the tunnel-visioned Labour supporters at work if I committed precisely the same folly in blaming only Labour for all our economic woes. There have been many times over the years when I've felt ashamed at my cynicism around politics, but the truth is more often than not events have proved me naive...
  9. I'm aware this thread has taken on a life of its own - and is all the more interesting for it - but I will clarify at risk of dragging the debate back several weeks: Yes, I left school at the age of 18 in 1977 and entered the workplace, but in menial, low-paid and mainly seasonal work for the following four years until an encounter with an old teacher set me on a path to further education (1981-86). Then it was back into the workplace as a teacher. I left teaching in 1991 to go into IT in the manufacturing sector. Not until then did I experience the full effects of the economic cycle and all t
  10. I wasn't living in Wales at the time, but it's safe to assume people here would still rather buy Satan a pint than her. Haven't looked at that red vs blue map that was all over the news the day after the election, but from memory South Wales is one of the biggest - if not the biggest - blocks of contiguous red seats in the entire UK now the North has turned somewhat mixed. The voters who don't directly remember Thatcher are the children of people who do. It's hard to describe the almost genetic-level hatred of her that abounds here unless you experience it. For many otherwise well-rounded indi
  11. Love it! I live in Wales and now I can claim I'm a 'Jones' too! This actually feels right. It's annoying enough to feel blamed for the woes of the younger generation(s), but it's particularly irritating when you look back and find it hard to see the actual cushy times it's claimed you had. Now back to catching up on the rest of this thread...
  12. In a bookshop yesterday and happened to see the cover of this year's Private Eye annual with spoof headline "Fury, as fury erupts!". There's comedy potential even the feedback loop from hell.
  13. I'd go further - purely based on my own obviously limited experience - that it never crossed my mind I was 'taking advantage' of anything. Nor did I intend my potted autobiography to read as a hard luck story. It was what it was and when I started work I did what everyone was expected to do: get a job, pay bills, live within means. I'm not even sure it was drummed into me to live that way, it seemed to be the existence of every responsible person I knew. I had no foreign holidays, no flash new cars, I didn't even own a dishwasher until I was in my forties. This isn't a hard luck story, it's ju
  14. Brilliant! Thank you, everyone, for taking the time, even if you only put pen to paper (you know what I mean) to rant about my self-interested/ignorant/etc. position. It's all hugely useful in getting my perspective straighter. I will read and reread in the coming days so I have time to process everything. The one thing I absolutely cannot do is see myself as using the young as cash cattle. I'm still working, paying the bills (and tax), recycling far, far more methodically than my kids do - and letting them know it - and generally, I hope, not being a 'burden' on society. The circumstances cre
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