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  1. Remember when they used to put the word 'emergency' in front of interest rates of 0.5%? Ten years on and ***ked up is the new normal.
  2. Spoke to a friend over the holidays who has a BTL in the form of his mum's old council house, which he obviously bought at a knock-down price - because right to buy, intended to extend aspiration to the low-paid and disadvantaged, immediately became an opportunity for existing home owners to get into people farming. The same people live in that property, but now they pay him and not the council. But I digress. He talked about going travelling again and letting out his main residence once more rather than selling it and buying something cheaper because he didn't want to miss out on the capital gains, his area being a real life hotspot an' all. I pointed out that maybe those days were over, but he gently 'corrected' me by saying that what might pass for sound economic theory didn't factor in human greed. I keep visiting this site, looking for signs that The Great Comeuppance is just around the corner. Maybe 2018 will be the year...
  3. She's back - the overweight, self-styled property guru and her sidekick Phil. Saw an article on Kirstie Allsop over Christmas, which suggests she'll be back on TV in the New Year at some point. Couldn't bring myself to read it, but noticed a box-out near her photo with a potted biography detailing her qualifications to be a recognised business genius and all-round property expert. Basically, she bought a flat and later sold it for more. Then she bought a house and a little later sold it for more. Then she bought a bigger house and it's now worth more. And this woman thinks she's part of the solution.
  4. Dreadfully cynical of me, I know, but I've noticed a large increase in 'homeless' people in Cardiff recently now the Christmas market is bringing in a lot of visitors....
  5. I might feel marginally better about the whole thing if they named an index after him and austerity was measured by it. Right now it just feels like he got away with it.
  6. I was enjoying this thread until the comment above hit me like a bucket of cold water over the head. Reminds me of a friend announcing a few years ago how he was paying over a hundred quid a month less on his mortgage. He quietened down a bit when I informed him that I was paying it for him out of the massacred interest on my savings.
  7. Wrong. Real estate is one of the most successful organised crimes in the Western world.
  8. By way of a bump, I notice both of the above properties are still for sale. Warms the cockles....
  9. Last month I visited Oxford for the first time in thirty years. Felt like half of China was there as well. Just saying.
  10. You are both right, surely. Gordon Brown's cynical move to stoke a GDP-inflating house price boom was in large part achieved by giving tax-breaks to BTL landlords. Greed did the rest. In order to bleed most of them dry, we just need to level that particular playing field. Fear will do the rest.
  11. PPI gives way to LHI and another ten years of cold calls. Ethics in business means little more than what you can get away with. Greed, pure and simple, and never edifying.
  12. That is comforting, but what we really need is that all important Daily Express headline. Can't be far away now...
  13. For what it's worth, welcome from me also. Something of an old-timer, but long absent after capitulation in late 2012. Not, I might add, because I believed we'd 'reached the bottom' or any such nonsense, but because rent was hurting us and I was occasionally beset by fears that central bank experiments with money would end in confiscation, vapourisation or at the very least massive devaluation of my cash. Basically, we put a roof over our heads. I'd been a daily visitor to this site before that point since around 2006 when my wife discovered it and we knew we were moving from SE England to Wales. We sold, parked the cash, earned decent interest, which contributed hugely to the rent on the much bigger place we were renting in Wales, watched in awe as the Credit Crunch arrived little more than a year later, and of course experienced the pain of the long, slow screw that began in March 2009 when the scenario got flipped and our preparation and considered decision-making ensured we became the victims. The blind, led by the couldn't-believe-their-good-luck blind, rejoiced as my stolen interest contributed to their mortgage repayments and their properties continued to soar in value. I stopped caring, fixed up the new house, replanted the garden and got on with life. And then my eldest started talking about buying. How time flies. Suddenly it was very important to me to understand what might happen next. Fortunately he's held off a purchase because life is so much more interesting these days as I find myself clicking the HPC link almost daily once more. If this genuinely is it, and it's been a long time coming, I'm glad I reserved a seat. Hope Eric and Jonathan will be joining us soon...
  14. That made me laugh out loud. Happy days. We've been waiting far too long.
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