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  1. dollar doing good again at the moment lets see if it continues
  2. london house prices are started to fall but some borough are still like all time high, may be only 2 or 3 percent below all time high.
  3. When do you think the house prices will start to fall, next year or 2020s.
  4. pound going in the right direction
  5. what do you think pound will be this time next year
  6. do you think that pound reached to high for now and will reverse
  7. what happened to the pound, went so high in last week
  8. Its not in the prime central london, its not close to tube station, why so much of price?
  9. suresh786

    Council Tax Bill just landed

  10. suresh786

    First HTB fees due next month

    around 5-10% discount from HTB price, while HTB was outside london hence 20% HTB.
  11. suresh786

    First HTB fees due next month

    My personal experience, builder gave me discount until I asked for HTB, he clearly told that you can either have discount or HTB
  12. suresh786

    First HTB fees due next month

    Finally found one website showing the examples of how to calculate the fees https://www.helptobuylondon.co.uk/docs/default-source/default-document-library/help-to-buy-london-brochure-spring-summer-2018.pdf?sfvrsn=2
  13. suresh786

    First HTB fees due next month

  14. suresh786

    Theresa May is a Nimby

    also stop mortgages at 5x salary, increase BTL rates, speed up s24

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