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  1. Could this have anything to do with the £150 council tax rebates?
  2. 0.75% will eventually drag prices back to pre COVID levels (adjusted for wage inflation). The economic shocks will drag prices lower. Rate increases beyond this will be a bonus.
  3. No bad news. . . . . . .apart from the relentless bad news. These prices cannot be sustained at current interest rates, let alone after the inevitable further rises. It just takes time for the effects of rate rises and inflation to kick in and these figures are based on sales agreed months ago.
  4. Yes but I would sell up beforehand, then buy back in after prices have collapsed. Why can't they see this opportunity?
  5. https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/uk-house-price-index-for-march-2022/uk-house-price-index-summary-march-2022 +0.3% MoM compared to +1.8% for March 21. +9.8% YoY, down from last month's 10.9%.
  6. We had massive technological advancements throughout the 20th century which increased productivity and lowered the cost of production. This is where the standard of living improvements came from.
  7. Why oh why can't the Government see that if they and the banks stopped providing ways for people to buy houses they can't afford, prices would fall to a level they can afford?
  8. Show me a country where hyperinflation has occurred and people's standard of living hasn't fallen dramatically. Wages keeping up with runaway inflation is just a fantasy.
  9. Could this be partly due to Boomers retiring? i.e. we will soon be reaching a point where more people are leaving the labour market than new school leavers entering it whilst spending remains at similar levels so demand for goods and services will start outpacing the ability to supply them. The only solutions are to increase productivity e.g. more automation, allow more immigration or just accept higher inflation (lower standard of living).
  10. Why don't the Government raise taxes and cut spending, then use all the money to reverse QE? This would lower inflation much quicker than raising rates.
  11. Has someone from HPC.co.uk taken over The Telegraph? Their bearish articles are relentless.
  12. BOE independence means they only make decisions which benefit the banks and the elite. MPs should also investigate why there is such a massive difference between savings rates and mortgage rates. They should make it illegal to offer less then the base rate on savings accounts. They should also make it illegal to offer lower rates on ISAs than their equivalent standard savings account, or just scrap tax on savings altogether.
  13. He thinks he can just tell inflation to go away? This is clearly not working so he will soon have to to take action with some big rate increases.
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