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  1. If this article is correct we are out, deal or no deal: https://publiclawforeveryone.com/2017/10/16/can-parliament-block-a-no-deal-brexit/ so all this stuff from Labour and Tory remainers about blocking a deal in house of commons that doesn't meet their demands seems to be a load of codswallop. Given May's inability to understand what the EU will and will not give the UK in a deal looks like we are out without a deal.
  2. Danny Blanchflower never changes his tune does he: "So the actions by the Central Bank, in the U.S. especially, but also this week in the U.K., to raise rates are mistakes. There is no wage pressure, there is no inflation, there's no basis in the data to do that. And that's what generates recessions." At least he is now in the US and not inflicted on the UK.
  3. Yep, I think that's the plan all along, after all May was a remainer in reality so this is just a way to drag it out and then say sorry we can't do it.
  4. My under educated thoughts. Seems to me interest rates will stay as they are or drop over the next decade, given this new pension saving scheme they are talking about which will allow them to say they are doing something for savers whilst keeping rates low/non-existent. Of course if the pound continues to drop then the pressure to raise them will increase but it seems many think the pound is over valued, so perhaps that isn't an issue ?If inflation is going to increase though as they want to inflate the debt away and a as result of their fiscal policies, then if everyday goods become more expensive in relative terms won't that hit peoples ability to pay mortgages and hence house prices will drop ultimately? I have been waiting for HPC for last ten years and it seems to me it will never happen, slight variations but nothing significant unless inflation becomes rampant.
  5. Looks like the idea is to use pharmacists, probably on minimum wage, to do thing GP's currently do in order to reduce the demand for GP services.
  6. I take it you only read the bits that you agree with your argument: 4.2.1. Overall immigrant population, 1995–2011 while those from non-EEA countries made a negative contribution of £118 billion Page 25
  7. You've missed something else in the report: 4.2.1. Overall immigrant population, 1995–2011 Our estimates for the overall immigrant population residing in the UK between 1995 and 2011 show that immigrants from EEA countries made a positive contribution over that period of more than £4 billion, while those from non-EEA countries made a negative contribution of £118 billion Page 25
  8. They'll just ignore and it will be forgotten, one book isn't cause the collapse of the current system is it...
  9. Supposedly they are part of our science base. Of course in way they are no more worthy of protection that those others you mention but if the myth about our science and knowledge economy the past and present governments spout is to have any value they need to be seen to at least do something to protect them.
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