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  1. Express and Telegraph don't seem happy about us still having £36bn of the EU exit bill left to pay. It's almost as if they didn't read Boris's exit deal. Brexit LIVE: 'F****** insane' Outrage as UK must pay EU BILLIONS to sever ties with bloc Britain is set to hand over an eye-watering £9.4 billion Brexit divorce payment to Brussels this year, according to official EU figures. The bumper bill will still leave the UK with a massive £26.6 billion left to pay under the terms of the withdrawal deal. It will swell the bloc’s coffers at a time when the UK and other European states are battling rising inflation and a cost of living crisis. Brussels’s calculation for this year’s payment is almost £3 billion higher than that forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility. It had been expected the cost would rise because of the weakening of the pound against the euro, which the settlement is paid in.
  2. Who cares about the price of petrol, the higher it goes the sooner we will end dependence on the likes of Russia. Given that we signed a treaty guaranteeing Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity shouldn't we be doing enough to ensure they don't lose. What money? The UK's defence forces rely on allies to be able to operate. On our own we don't have enough escorts for our aircraft carriers, anti submarine planes/ships to allow our submarines to leave port without being tracked, etc etc. Turning back the clock to the days when the UK could operate independently would cost enough to make whatever we give to Ukraine seem like lose change. The same readers who thought it was a good idea to leave the EU at a cost of +£100bn a year.
  3. That's marketing, coffee is not really £6+ a jar. Most people now buy it when it is on offer at half price.
  4. I doubt interest rates will rise much beyond 2%. Rising energy prices will take £50bn out of disposable household income in the next year, in a weakening economy that itself will do the job of demand destruction.
  5. History seems to indicate that successful independence votes seem to heal rather than exacerbate divisions. 5yrs on people seem to accept it as the natural state of affairs. Obvious exception would be Brexit but there leavers were voting for something they already had so not surprising the results have been somewhat underwhelming.
  6. I doubt there is £1bn going to Ukraine. From what I have heard much of what we are sending is missiles at or approaching their use by date and equipment currently in storage because we haven't the troops to use it.
  7. We alongside the US signed a treaty guarantying Ukraine's borders and sovereignty in return for them handing over hundreds of nukes to the Russian's. You could argue we are doing the bare minimum required.
  8. 🤦‍♂️ Because BJ won't allow a formal binding referendum.
  9. The OBR was instructed to assume a "good" Brexit in its forecasts. They still cannot produce forecasts covering what happens if BJs concocted row over the NIP tips us into a no deal Brexit.
  10. Yes Treasury, BoE and OBR were all banned from releasing of even internally assessing the impact of Brexit in 2017 for fear the bad news would leak.
  11. Under Spanish law nothing to do with the EU. There are two types of referendum under UK law binding and advisory. The EU referendum was advisory not binding. Why are you having such problems understanding this simple fact. Presumably the Scots would want a binding referendum.
  12. Pre 16 nobody bothered much about counting. IIRC back then the HO guessed the real number was around 4m. Now the number is an overestimate because no account is taken of people who decide to leave.
  13. As of today MicroStrategy Market Cap $2.1bn Debt (6th June) $2.4bn. Despite Saylor's protestations that the company is far from facing margin call this looks like squeaky bum time for investors. This article describes how he is able to claim no risk of margin call until $7k Media's Misunderstanding Cost MicroStrategy $600 Million (NASDAQ:MSTR) | Seeking Alpha
  14. An ex colleague who still works in the Home Office told me last year that the stats are a mess, including many hundreds of thousands of duplicate applications and a million plus from people who have already left the UK.
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