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  1. Much of what you hear is FUD being promoted by the legacy car makers desperate to slow the move to EVs because they cannot ramp up production quickly enough. Apart from some early badly designed battery packs degradation (such as those in the Leaf), is not really an issue most will easily last 150,000m. Even the early 2012 Model S Tesla packs are lasting over 200,000m and todays are projected to last in excess of 350,000m. My 2019 Model S is showing 0% battery degradation after 50k miles (it showed 2% for a while but seems to have recovered). As long as you have overnight access to even a standard a power point charging is not a problem. I don't actually use our charge point (my wife hogs it) just a 13Amp garden plug socket which provides plenty of charge. I saw a recent report that said the people who worried about EV range were ICE drivers, once people buy an EV they stop worrying.
  2. I haven't made any personal retorts. An ELE is a barely credible outcome, if it is a concern logically you should be far more concerned about it arising from a new and mutating virus than a vaccine. The article was confected nonsense. Whether taking such nonsense seriously makes you an antivaxxer is debatable as we don't actually have a agreed definition to assess it against. Some would define antivaxxer as including those who seemingly irrationally decide not to take it, others would restrict it to those creating or circulating deliberate misinformation in an attempt to influence others.
  3. I doubt you are anywhere near as fit Lewis Hamilton and he looked in a pretty bad way after Sunday's race. My sister is a fitness fanatic and while she got over the fairly unpleasant short term effects in a week, 3 months later she still has very little sense of smell/taste. It's coming back very slowly but currently is only at the level where she can smell neat Dettol, food still tastes of nothing.
  4. No an accurate comment, I certainly thought you were or at least had become antivax. A little while ago you were worrying about the vaccine causing an ELE for the human race. Only a few days ago you were promoting a concocted DM clickbait story.
  5. 🤣🤣😅😅 Classic That's technical sales down to a T
  6. Why? The pack is 10 times less likely to catch fire than a petrol car and makes the body shell massively strong in a crash.
  7. Does getting to school involve a lot of off-roading? If you can get one the Buzz looks like a great buy.
  8. China is predicted to be one of the most severely affected countries. Perhaps their long term plan is to occupy Russia. It's hard to complain about developing countries C02 production when per capita they are still far below the developed nations. List of countries by carbon dioxide emissions per capita - Wikipedia Today one American produces more c02 than 8 Indians or 16 Pakistanis.
  9. That's what we did a while ago on an ID3, for a near £8k discount. Dealer's finance guy not happy at all but we won't be needing his services again. The ID3 is another great car but like all non Tesla's is a pain in the **** if you want to travel long distances because of the state of the charging system. My wife travels 300m, each way, to see her parents once a month and always has problems with charging (slow chargers, broken chargers, charger queues, rip off prices) that often end up adding hours to her journey.
  10. The little i3 BMW was our first EV. It was bought second hand and ran for just under two years, sold on for IIRC £960 pound loss. It was a great nippy second/commuter car but limited by a 100m range. If you factor in everything (depreciation, ins, maint, electricity) its annual cost to drive 7,000m was about £800. That's not counting a £2,000 pa saving on the congestion charge.
  11. There won't be any "new" battery tech over the next few years. There will be a continuing evolution of the current tech but even that will be first used in high value/high profit cars and will take years to trickle down to the high volume cars; so not relevant unless you are thinking of spending over £50k. The current most likely "new" tech is solid state batteries but, even assuming no more delays, these are not going to be available until 2025 and are probably over ten years away from being put in high volume cars.
  12. If you know this is propaganda presumably you can give us the real figures.
  13. Working through German bureaucracy was always going to be a challenge, that's why the plant was going to be built in the UK. However, even with all the delays it is happening far faster than a car plant has ever been built in Europe before. I think that is both possible and more likely without the UK, but quite how going from the swing voter in a +500m block to a mid size state having to accept rules made by others works to our advantage is hard to see. If the EU/Euro does fail the fallout will affect all of Europe including us.
  14. Both sides can role out long lists of good news, I doubt the boost to education income will offset just the loss of Tesla's European HQ, research facilities and car/battery production site to Berlin. "Project fear" (or if we believe the OBR project reality) had little effect as it was unable to compete with the undeliverable "have cake and eat it" Brexit promised to win the referendum. Do you really think your biased and superficial views have not been expressed many times previously in this +6000 page thread. Every few months someone like you pops up gives us the benefit of their Daily Express/Mail viewpoint for a few weeks and then disappears. If you want people to engage with you, you will have to start with a reasoned argument or at least say something new. As for me being a leftie, that really is comedy
  15. Ironically the forecast O'Brian was referring to turned out to be far too optimistic.
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