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  1. Cheap antiparasitic could cut chance of Covid-19 deaths by up to 75% Researchers hail ivermectin findings but say more studies needed on using drug Sound promising, another dirt cheap drug that seems to be effective. Although not in the US 12 cents to $960 that's an impressive mark up for a generic.
  2. People being locked up for driving without a licence is remarkably common, some people just keep doing it until they are locked up. The measure is proposed for people who repeatedly refuse to quarantine - warned, fined, fined again and finally locked up. The idea of German bombers being guided to their targets by the odd light being left on was a wartime myth, if it was true the bombers would never have hit their targets as thousands of decoy lights were set up all over the country.
  3. Maybe not quite the **** up it sounds. The NHS is not short of beds, it is short of staff and particularly critical care staff. The private sector beds did not add much to capacity in the first lockdown as the private sector relies on the same pool of staff as the NHS. In the first lockdown using the contracted private beds ended up with the NHS effectively bidding against itself for the limited pool of agency staff.
  4. I suppose reading it would help him understand why (as you have already demonstrated) people can make such a hash of things when trying to understand simple data sets.
  5. Why pick on the Germans with nonsense talk about Nazis, we lock people up all the time for driving without a licence, irrespective of whether they were putting people at a specific risk - they are locked up for refusing to do what they are told. There are plenty of other similar examples e.g. not paying the TV licence or fines. If you did a risk assessment I suspect you would find that Covid carries/potential carriers who refuse to isolate are a much bigger risk to others than people driving without a licence, driving while drunk or even leaving those leaving a light on during the Blitz
  6. Would you be less scared if they just stuck them in a normal jail.
  7. Was this as part of the recruitment process, or just the people who felt like having a go at the on-line test.
  8. In the UK a number of people have already been jailed for Covid related crimes. In Germany it is not considered acceptable to put the other inmates at risk, hence they have built a separate detention faculty. Seems odd to criticise Germany for wanting to keep other inmates safe, or for the strawmen of your own making - as always the detail matters How do you think democracies should protect their population from people who refuse quarantine.
  9. Yes, it goes away during the lockdown season and comes back during the open back up season. Not sure Winter has that much to do with it, unless they don't have Winter in Finland or Norway.
  10. You cannot draw that conclusion a high level of investment often indicates a high degree of automation.
  11. They are not ICUs anymore. ICUs require 1 trained critical care nurse per patient 24x7, currently the average 1 per 2 to 3 patients.
  12. Go back to 2016 and people were forecasting that the UK was going to become totally dominant in the Europe's Finance/Tech sectors and that our GDP would overtake Germany because of that. Brexit has given the French and Germans a good chance of preventing that.
  13. Yet somehow all this success decreased government income and vastly increased our borrowing requirement. You can always find successes but its the big picture that matters and the 2020 budget report/borrowing forecast tells you that the big picture was a sudden decline in the prospects for the economy compared with the 2016 budget report.
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