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    Surrey based. On my third house, but don't relish the prospect for future generations.
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  1. Bozo will be delighted, we are once again world beating:
  2. Daily Mail reporting Chinese propaganda: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10845749/Conspiracy-theories-swirl-China-monkeypox-deliberately-leaked-US.html According to Chinese social media it was a US lab leak.
  3. Of course this was the real cause of the Covid crisis and still continues to cost us dear: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10842803/DR-MAX-PEMBERTON-fear-fat-tax-way-save-NHS.html
  4. I'd say yes. Right now everyone is weighing up the personal risk of challenging Putin versus not doing so when he may soon die anyway.
  5. 1. What if it was totally sustainable energy wise. It used 100% renewable energy. Would this fundamentally change 'everything/nothing'? Answer: Offsetting is a bit of a scam, it just consumes energy from the mix of renewable and non renewable increasing the total. 2. (a) No one cared whether it was/is renewable, (b) mining is fluid and would simply move to where ever it was best suited, provided demand for network usage remained. 'Everything' has a carbon footprint this is no different? Answer a: Not really true, it always adds to the total, even indirectly. Answer b: Mining will move to the cheapest energy, that may be prevented in many nations, but the alternatives may be less green. 3. Hybrid of points above - miners laid out plans for a net carbon neutrality by year 20XX and miners moved location if required. Big deal or deal breaker? Answer: I don't think the profit motive cares, so governments must intervene. https://bitfarms.com/operations/ Id have to dig into a previous earnings report to find out exactly how much of Bitfarms ticker BITF power is renewable by they are into hydro in a huge way in Canada and S.A. (just an example) Answer: Just wastes energy that could be used elsewhere. Does 'green Bitcoin' add anything to the party and versus gold mining just how 'bad' really is it...? Answer: Gold doesn't need continuous energy to maintain it once extracted.
  6. Things happening at state level in the US: https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2022/05/05/new-york-bitcoin-mining-moratorium-proceeding-through-state-house.html The ban will come, it isn't sustainable energy wise.
  7. So no issue then, carry on as normal. Why should the healthy majority be confined to protect a few people. In the past this would never have caused lockdowns. We need a bit more grit.
  8. Not specifically, I've always treated disease resistance as a key factor. My specific point on deadwood always included the immune compromised of any age. It was always a fungal analogy. Deadwood, would likely include a lot of over 55s, but also people who generally can't survive unless normal healthy people are locked down. AKA, a bit of 'natural selection' should apply May be I count as lucky, but my family and I have never had any covid symptoms despite pushing the boundaries on social contact and the kids apparently testing positive with zero symptoms thanks to the school being ridiculous. This has really been a pandemic of the unfit and the paranoid.
  9. I don't have a particular issue with the elderly, anyone 77 plus is fine. My issue is the baby-boomers. Really everyone born between 1945 and 1965 should be euthanised. Or is that view too provocative?
  10. I was 6/7 by 1980. I do remember a lot from then, the hangovers from the oil crisis and winter of discontent. The 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis and the Iranian Embassy Siege - very hard to forget the SAS storming the embassy. Add to that Bucks Fizz. Kids stuff wise, as you say BMXs, Commodore and BBC computers, and a bit later overpriced Ski Wear, luminous socks and trainers. I remember a Nevica Ski jacket could be £200 even then.
  11. Counter to the High St thread, it looks like retail sales were up last month. Is that positive news? https://www.reuters.com/markets/europe/uk-retail-sales-rise-by-14-april-2022-05-20/ But apparently is was all booze!
  12. I could do with a cold winter to recover, the tube was unbearable yesterday. Like a sauna.
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