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  1. There were a series and some later 10 year retrospectives, but here is the Vampire Squid one on Goldman Sachs in the crisis. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/the-great-american-bubble-machine-195229/amp/
  2. Indeed, just waiting for BoJo to breach the regulations.
  3. So based on the fact check it is fine for everyone to go out and party! As between 2 peaks doesn't count as the middle of a pandemic! I'm off to binge watch old episodes of Hong Kong Fluey!
  4. I'll repost. A great article, in the same League as Rollingstone Magazine on the banking crisis. https://nypost.com/2020/05/16/why-life-went-on-as-normal-during-the-killer-pandemic-of-1969/
  5. So do whores need to register as a business? Can breast implants count a business expense?
  6. I think it was a mix of the old as you say and the idiots. Personally I've done well out of it so far, but doesn't mean I think it is a good idea. At some point the young need to cause inflation to destroy the state pension as well as spread COVID to harvest the old!
  7. No, i think the uncertainty of any useful trade deal has killed the Pound. BoJo had hopes pinned on China, but i don't see the people of the UK taking kindly to Wuhan fried bat exports. That leaves chlorine chicken land and a few far away or small places. The real only meaningful nations we could trade with are Japan and Korea, but they will have good or better deals with the EU.
  8. Still a flu I say. Spanish flu had 2.5% death rate. I still maintain this entire overreaction is due to boomers coming to terms with their own mortality. If it was 1968 again, the same lot who now whine about COVID would have been getting naked (except for a chain of daisies) to music in a muddy field and ignoring the social distancing.
  9. Agree- fruit picking for Brexit Patriots; Meat Packing for Brexit Patriots; If the lazy Bs can ever get off their Brexit Furlough make work scheme subsidised backsides!
  10. There is no COVID19 now, it was a flu. Were the Nightingale White Elephants ever needed?
  11. We are buying less Danish Bacon due to Brexit. But the UK Brexit Furlough is unprecedented and very socialist.
  12. No, just that COVID was just about on par (in fact less so) than previous flu outbreaks. The furlough scheme is really being used to mask Brexit, why else would it run until October?
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