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  1. I know someone who was in one. He seemed at the time we discussed it to think it was ok as he was from Jersey. Not quite sure how that would make a difference to someone living and working in London.
  2. Mikhail Liebenstein

    “Me and my Vulva” article - The Guardian

    Quite probably!
  3. Ok. I know a couple of people there. One was looking around.
  4. Do you work at the said multi product hardware vendor from China?
  5. Indeed, closer to 85% don’t want it now. And any party that enacts Brexit will be punished.
  6. I’ve always maintained that state pensions should be cut in half to pay for Brexit.
  7. P@rn masquerading as art/news? Discuss https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/feb/09/me-and-my-vulva-100-women-reveal-all you can scroll through to some scary examples.
  8. Mikhail Liebenstein

    Day for an Electronic Engineer having 9 Years of Experience

    Can you programme FPGAs? Some good rates in finance for those using that particular technology.
  9. I find it shocking he is 33, an engineer and is only being paid £35k. I'll go back in time again, but that was exactly what I was earning in 1997 just 18 months out of University. I recall at the time having a conversation with my boss who said "yes, we do pay quite well, I always had the target of earning my age in £1000s, but things seem to have moved on." Seriously some wages are cr@p and people need to not allow themselves to be exploited. In my first job, as a sponsored student in 1993, there were contractors earning £60k which I took mentally to be a personal target. Wages seem to have gone nowhere or backwards in the last 27 years.
  10. Mikhail Liebenstein

    Cold War 2.0

    I hate Jacob Rees Mogg. Cheap Shoes for peasants!
  11. Mikhail Liebenstein

    Cold War 2.0

    I'll vouch on metal quality as someone who trained originally as an engineer. Strength/hardness test wise the Chinese or Indian stuff seems fine, but its ageing characteristics are rubbish. Essentially it suffers corrosion when subjected to elements which is far worse than anything equivalent that used to come out of Sheffield. I've got an inherited Sheffield Steel cutlery set that is probably 60 years old and still looks like new and goes in the dishwasher. The wedding list stuff, which was certainly made in China, has started suffering pitting in less than 15 years. Fortunately, the Silverware still looks good - but is used less frequently. I am fairly certain we will start to see premature bridge failures at some point.
  12. Mikhail Liebenstein

    Cold War 2.0

    But about 60% of China's manufacturing is making platic cr@p that people don't need.
  13. Mikhail Liebenstein

    Cold War 2.0

    Agree. There are dangers with tech kit. And whilst some people brush software piracy under the carpet, it does actually pose a security risk and threatens jobs. Similar for the the film industry, piracy risks jobs in what is a high-risk industry and the piracy does actually get used to fund some really bad people.
  14. Mikhail Liebenstein

    Cold War 2.0

    They have had a major editorial change. They are much more centre right than before. Previously they were hard right.

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