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    Surrey based. On my third house, but don't relish the prospect for future generations.
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  1. Back to the comments by Javid being reported, the thing that got me was this: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9823205/Javid-apologises-suggesting-people-cower-Covid.html#comments What justice? They got ill, they died, and life has to move on. What sort of justice could Jo Goodman be after? I also swear Mr Javid wasn't suggesting people who died did so because were too cowardly to fight the virus. They mostly died as they had underlying conditions. The point he was making was about society now not needing to cower behind the sofa.
  2. Not that sort of salesman, I do complex design stuff too. I'd probably qualify out. Ask if they can afford it, when no comes back, time to leave.
  3. No tax on an ISA though. I'm now well set up from a capital standpoint, my pension fund each year is typically growing at an amount that is more than double the UK average salary. I now need to use ISAs as it is cheaper to pay 45% now than 55% later.
  4. Thank you, I will admit I was trying to wind Crutch up a little.....I deliberately changed the word shape to forge and took out "100% " on the demands of the "weak" (originally frail) for the effect!!!
  5. The pandemic only exists for the feeble. If people can't muster a properly functioning immune system then they are essentially terminal anyway. If Covid doesn't get them, something else will. In past pandemics we took the deaths on the chin and those left were by definition immune. We cannot forge society based on the demands of the weak.
  6. I think the pandemic is over, and was over then for all intents and purposes. We should just have taken those deaths on the chin, there are plenty more deaths from other causes. What has extended this is lockdown, masks and vaccines. Look how relatively well India is doing now, they just did most of it the natural way. COVID was never as serious as made out, except for certain demographics.
  7. Brexit will bring down the Government, or destroy it at an election. Tory MPs in my areas know they will lose seats over it, and in the north they are likely to stop lending their votes to BoZjo.
  8. That is indeed true, the Government knows which group votes and has the numbers. And indeed the selfish self interest position is not adopted by all boomers, quite a lot think the whole lockdown has been a disgrace. The ones I am getting at are the ones who want to keep everyone locked up and have everyone forcefully jabbed. Who then sit there being smug about being double jabbed and still wearing a mask. And then proceed to lecture everyone else and expecting agreement.
  9. Only to boomers, fat and infirm people who think they should still be able to run things for their benefit and prevent others from living their lives. I'm particularly cross for the kids who have had their education ruined.
  10. It actually makes me quite cross. At one point fat shaming was going to get added to the list of hate crimes, at least we seem to have rowed back a bit from that. We are not as fat as the USA, but we are not far behind. Part of the issue is the Government are not willing to take on the food lobbyists, Boris seems to be against a sugar tax even though many conservatives support it. But people also need to take personal responsibility. If no one bought the trash, then no one would manufacture it.
  11. I just feel right now society is being distorted by the boomers and their health concerns. Let's face it, this virus was never serious for people under 60 with no health issues. And before anyone says, but Boris, the guy is a walking health issue. We currently live in an obesogenic environment and people think it is normal or their right to shovel their faces full of food and then sit on the couch all day. I've seen people 10-20 years younger than me unable to walk because they are so fat they have worn their joints out. We should take a zero tolerance line on this.
  12. This has been part if the issue with lockdown as a policy. People with low risk in some cases have restricted themselves for no reason, and the ones who were at risk are in many cases barely have the mental faculties of a cucumber or are so physically limited they were not really worth saving.
  13. Telegraph saying school lockdowns and pings were for nothing: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/family/life/has-bubble-burst-covid-policies-dont-work/ I think the whole thing was for less than nothing.
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