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  1. You're missing the point, and how elliptic curve based hashing works. There is no mathematical link between Mrs Smith's bank account number and her password, so essentially you get 3 guesses. A correctly set up Quantum compute can effectively work out the password, and when you log in it will be correct first time. Mathematically that is tough, but a Quantum computer solves that.
  2. I'm actually working on a fast Shor's algorithm which can be run on a 1980s HP 16C computer science calculator. (Joking)
  3. You can't reverse hash bank accounts with a Quantum computer. The weakness of Bitcoin is that you can effectively compute the password.
  4. The future electric liability is likely to be high. I won't keep mentioning Quantum Computers, but they are getting very real.
  5. Until you put in a change request. "Oi Del, got a bunch of those 2020 vaccines, not much good for the new 2021 South American Variants, but what man can refuse a Brazilian"
  6. Yes, antibody therapies seem to give the virus immunity to humans.
  7. That is asking for trouble. www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/health/new-coronavirus-strain-detected-early-19500131.amp Weapons grade stupidly!
  8. It is the immune compromised who are driving infections, they create more viral particles and even train the virus (via natural selection) to evade the human immune system. Kids on the other hand, despite less hygienic practices, actually a very good at killing off COVID and are unlikely to pass anything serious on. In fact the small viral load is probably beneficial as an it gives the immune system a boost. Forest of healthy trees: Forest of necrotic and dying trees:
  9. Indeed, the short term is all that counts. I've worked in pre-sales/sales most of my career. I once remember, whilst more junior, asking a sales manager if they'd like £300k at 55% gross margin for an upgrade in Q3, or £1.2 m at 70% gross margin for a new system in Q4 with a risk of slippage to Q1. Guess what they went for?
  10. Well here we go, the pattern is being proven as I suspected all along: Coronavirus latest news: Teachers less at risk of dying from Covid compared to general population, ONS figures show https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/coronavirus-news-covid-vaccine-lockdown-end-quarantine-schools/ Might this be because they get regular low level exposure to a range of viruses and thereby build immunity? In which case, why are we locked down?This is exactly what I have been rationalising all along. Meanwhile, health and social care workers are more likely
  11. They'd be Daily Mail outrage. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9182307/Lee-Rigby-killer-Michael-Adebowale-29-oxygen-hospital-contracting-coronavirus.html
  12. You are not meant to swim against a riptide. Better to relax and float and call for help if you are a weak swimmer, or else swim at 90 Degrees to the current. I prefer lateral/perpendicular thinking. The government is caught in linear group think.
  13. I suspect it will only have 50% of the stated effectiveness in the over 70s. The issue isn't so much the virus as dodgy immune systems. The dodgy immune systems are also what are helping drive viral resistance. That Cambridge study patient who was given plasma with antibodies and then drove several rounds of mutation before dying is a case in point. I do think that medicine/science, by trying too hard to save these individuals is causing unintended consequences.
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