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  1. To put it a different way, why would they not reciprocate on whatever we do? Do you think it should be easier for a British person to enter Spain than vice versa?
  2. This is very true and largely forgotten now. Just to prove it, here's a Sun editorial from October 2016 saying that the EU wouldn't dare push us out of the single market as a result of Brexit.
  3. The same logic says they should let Russians visit without the hassle of getting visas.
  4. Perhaps @crouch will finally understand the question he kept on refusing to engage with about the percentage of GDP the EU budget would need to rise to. Is 2% enough, and if not, why not?
  5. The peak in interest rates was a couple of years before Black Wednesday.
  6. Compare the standard of living in Munich to Barcelona or Vilnius in 1970 and 2020 and you'll see that this statement is ********.
  7. Heath didn't call a referendum. Labour did because the party was completely split on the issue.
  8. Within the UK? When was the last time you heard someone who grew up in Northern Ireland speaking estuary English?
  9. Modern England is the result of the successful Dutch invasion to overthrow James II.
  10. Why do you think Clement Attlee, Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn were always against the EU?
  11. I never wanted to Remain with the half-in, half-out deal we had. Full integration or bust!
  12. Case not proven. Do you think Ireland or Estonia are now more divergent from Germany than when they joined the Euro?
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