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  1. Paddy says to Murphy “I robbed a shop last night, I took loads of pictures, the cheapest was £180,000”....Murphy says “Paddy you’ve robbed an Estate Agents”
  2. Of course he does. He has it with his chips every night.
  3. Isle Wight. Prices being reduced from extremely ripoff to just ripoff. Wouldnt mind if decent (these seem to go in days) but it's 80% kack
  4. Volatility = Opportunity Stick to 0.5% ISA if you want stability
  5. "I don't do bitcoin". Who would listen to someone who wont put their money where their mouth is lol. Short it if you've got the stones, otherwise do something useful like helping out at a homeless shelter.
  6. Yeah - cant see High Street recovering. Just charity shops and bars, restaurants etc. will be the town centre. Maybe a good thing. Let the people live in the centre and fan out for work. Amazon etc. will go strength to strength.
  7. Indirectly Bitcoin, but if you want to re-balance/diversify my Chinese fund and IT have been flying past months. Baillie Gifford China Fund Investment 3 months 6 months 1 year 3 years 5 years Baillie Gifford China B Acc 23.02% 36.6% 69.28% 79.56% 298.61% JP Morgan China Growth & Income IT 1 week 5.42% 3 months 23.1% 1 year 111.7%
  8. "i must at least be a BIshop, if not Cardinal" Just leave them choirboys alone Marky.
  9. I'm only here now to point out how much of a steaming retard you've been and apparently still seem to be. So now you've made your abusive point, your work is done. You can get lost (even if it's possible from the Off Topic forum, lol).
  10. ok, it's all hyperthetical anyway. no-one knows the future. Life is a bore if you don't take chances.
  11. "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" You would only buy at £15 because you've seen the rise to £30,000. You didnt know that would happen back in 2012 so would have thought as you do now. What other investments do you hold?. Cash ISA's by any chance?.
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