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  1. Why do you bother to spout your opinions?. We all know the risks involved. Don't want or need your "balance". You're just a sore loser troll.
  2. He cashed out when it suited him. You will cash out when it suits you, Monsieur. Eat ones own.
  3. So youre making an analogy of rejoining EU with shooting my non-existent cat. Weird.
  4. No need to give @warlord the benefit of reasoned discussion. He's a wind-up merchant
  5. Who knows - better for some, worse for others. FWIW my UK funds have increased a good % since we left.
  6. lol, don't need your so called balanced opinions which you try and peddle as fact. You're just extremely miffed at missing out on bitcoin. Your posts are meaningless.
  7. You're just trying to wind people up like you did with supporting Trump.
  8. Guess as you're just narked and disappointed with yourself for missing out one of the most profitable investment of recent times you want it to go to zero to feel better.
  9. Guess it's just a sign of old age being stuck in the past, wishing things were back to where they were. Move on. PS I'n not Brexiter - happy either way to make the best of it.
  10. Does it really matter anymore? If it gets worse or better so be it. Just need to adapt and get on with it.
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