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  1. Yeah - did a bit of research. Was surprised how good the value was compared to South East, London sourrounding areas. Have fond memories of the granite city. Would still like to go back there. time to buy when all others are selling. Hopefully things will pick up. It's a no brainer to move from my point of view, especially if you can guaratee WFH.
  2. If things change with your company and WFH no longer becomes an option could you easily deal with that?. Are things really that bad in Aberdeen that it could become a ghost town? I lived in Aberdeen some years ago and would go back in an instant if it wasn't for close family living in southern England. Great place. PS I'm surprised house prices in Aberdeen are significantly less than Reading. They must have dropped quite a bit relatively in last 10 years
  3. You've not been watching Homes under the Hammer, lol
  4. Can you imagine a government (especially this one) negotiating a rejoin should that be voted on. Would EU even have us back?. Looking forward to a Brejoin What happens Next Thread
  5. Dementia sufferers dont vote. Nurses do, although i doubt 3% will be enough to appease them.
  6. Don't think the government really wants to sort out social care. Will lose too many votes as people think it will not happen to them.
  7. A lot more than you think. Their wealth soon goes at £1000+ per week and they are living.longer.
  8. Wot about the workers!. This topic has got so heavy. Probably due to people working from home with too much spare time on their hands.
  9. If you have no house, savings nor other assets and you have to go into a care home who pays the fees?.
  10. She let the cat out of the bag with that and it turned on her something rotten.
  11. Why should someone who paid their own way through life and have a house and some savings subsidise those that have not. Back to the socialism discussion.
  12. Too right too. Those aholes that kept stealing my milk when I lived in a HMO should have been held to account.
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