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  1. 999house

    Jobs going at BT in London

    I think the important thing to note is not BT cutting 13k jobs. But BT leaving its London HQ to cut costs. If a company the size of BT cant afford it, expect many to follow suit. I wouldnt be suprised if they relocated to Slough or Reading. Most people commute anyway, especially senior people. So why not have an office where people live?
  2. The thing about the economist is its full of politics. They should call it the policist. Also, the advert is very up its own ****.
  3. Been on here for ages, but cant wait any longer. Cant keep giving away fees on agencies, deposits and sky high rents and have feck all left to show for it. Gonna bite the bullet and get on the ladder. Hopefully prices will come down and help my 2nd step. 😫
  4. London turns nice people into arseholes, and violent people into killers. Everyone seems pissed off.
  5. They are too busy locking people up for assault (tube pushing and shoving) and minor drug offences. Burglary and theft is soul destroying. Ive never had the police lift a finger. All they do is fill another form in.
  6. Unless you have a private parking space off road. You cant have anything nice in london. There is too many pricks on the rob. Had countless bikes and mopeds stolen.
  7. Dont get me started on Nandos. Used to love it. But now just feel ripped off. 15 quid for tiny bits of chicken and chips with a drink. I honestly dont know how its so busy all the time. The meat is tiny.
  8. I understand that people are cutting back spending and Brexit has increased the cost of labour and supplies. But how much of the current devestation to UK restaurant chains and high street shops is due to private equity? Alot of the restaurants I used to enjoy going to have been bought out by private equity firms. Rather than being owned by the founder, who cares about the name and product that is being served. You have these banking types that only care about fleecing the customer for as much as possible. Thinking Prezzo, Subway and so on... Year on year you can see the quality diminishing (less food, thiner slices of meat, smaller bread) yet the price keeps creeping up. I think the trick is to find smallish family owned, local chains of less than 5 restaurants. Then you will find authentic food and good value. As for the PE restaurants, they will either have to cut back on branches or start offering value for money, or die.
  9. Thing about Fulham is the transport links are pants. Nice area but at the mercy of the district line.
  10. 999house

    Massive price falls in London !!!

    plenty of reductions in the metro / standard yesterday. Looks like a developer slashing prices. 10-20% reductions
  11. Imagine a 12 hour day in central london, then coming home to that. At least you can eat at pret.
  12. 999house

    The Brighton mega bubble

    must be in a shit area or a shit room. They are going for 750/800 in london nowdays

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