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  1. You are welcome to disagree, I like being challenged by people that can put a cogent point across. It never was, unless you are harkening back to some pre Georgian period. I partially agree - it isn't a zero sum game, but why would we need to find the rest if we could do without Agreed They can be solved from the barrel of a Gun.
  2. Booze and Sweets IIRC. Both parents coming in from working multiple jobs paying off an insane mortgage or Rent with no time to help nurture their kids or spare cash to take them to sports clubs / activities. Easier to chuck a multi bag of chocolate at the kids on the playstation, and drink a pack of Stella watching gbeebies tell you to blame those pesky 'other' as the rich jack up your rent, innit?
  3. Your point around demand destruction is really interesting. Our demand for 'essentials', I would argue, is pretty static increasing primarily with population growth. Demand destruction hurts the materialistic the most with their PCP cars, mutliple hollidays, latest tat, fancy house etc. i.e. The ones that wail the most about ScRoUnGeRs AnD iMmIgRaNts. Oh the Irony....
  4. No doubt all the fingerpointers at Starmer's 'link' to Durham Police will also be holding the Tories to account.. oh. wait, that requires integrity.....
  5. Strange how the Right Wing talking shops on Gbeebies / Talk sport & TV etc don't decry the death of conservatism - not from Labour or even the 'Woke', but by the Conservative Party themselves.
  6. Tell me you know nothing about history without saying you know nothing about history. I thought Tory FanBoyz regaled in the days of Empire?? Take a look at the Blackwall Tunnel, and see who funded it. Whilst you're there tell me who the backers of Joseph Bazalgette that allowed him to put sewarage into London. Then study how the 'NewBobs' entered into the Landed Gentry and changed the upper class in Britain. How many died in the Famines of India during both World Wars to keep grain in Britain?
  7. have you tried the 'value' brand must-haves? I'd prefer the statement 'People can't have no heating dude, or they'd physically suffer' (Don't worry, I know you aren't mad enough to think people are here to serve the housing market) </Sarcasm>
  8. The Daily Fail decries the investigation as a 'waste of time'. I assume the investigation into Starmer is then, too? Starmer will resign if he gets a fine, BoJo does get a fine and does nothing. Boris and his lickspittle FanBoyz may want to 'move on' (unless Starmer gets fined, eh) but they are poisoning the very idea of being a conservative - that is a real danger.
  9. Circa 1983 IMO, Thatcher finally gave into her monetarist whisperers and moved the UK to be dependent on financial 'services' and the resulting liberalised market with light-touch regulation. It was the death for Industrial Britain, and any evolution to a knowledge based economy.
  10. You backtracked from 'no one is really hungry' to 'we're not Ethiopia, you know' Are you getting enough calories in given the amount of s*** coming out of your mouth?
  11. ToryGraph doing it's broken clock routine to claim it's the first one to 'predict' the crash. Surprised they didn't print a photo of a pretty lady in front of her house looking glum with her arms crossed.
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