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  1. Interesting analysis. I wonder what the distribution is between min and max amounts?
  2. Oh where do I start? You can only support a product if there is affordability for the product. Affordabiltiy is driven by income against the cost of housing, which (surprise surprise) is driven by interest rates. BTL is nothing but lending arbitrage as other more enlightened voices have explained before. Since you have form at bait-n-switch, I'll give you a nice example. There is plenty of demand for Ferraris, but how many people actually have them? With all the natural births and immigrants - how many more Ferraris are sold as a direct result of this? Now if I
  3. Thanks for a perfect example of misdirection, and straw man. Lets break it down into steps for your ease of understanding (not that you want to of course) 1) Your quote "Doesn’t stop Labour supporters still blaming Mrs Thatcher for all the nations woes - she left office 31 years ago!" Puts the false equivalence that blaming Labour for starting something that the Tories did not reverse = Thatchers long lived impact, hence my reply on Pit closures 2) You then build a straw man by building a false argument that I'm tallying who closed the most pits. Even more pathet
  4. You can't reopen closed pits. You can put real controls to immigration, the Tories simply chose not to
  5. Because on a site about House Price crashing we don't talk about anything else? 😃
  6. This is what the elites fear the most - realising we don't need the work - consume cycle.
  7. Do you think Br*xiteers will actually take accountability for the things they need to deliver - NI Border Checks, Fisheries deal, £330M per week etc instead of vacuously grabbing whatever 'good' news they can and taking credit?
  8. Of CoUrSe It WaS tHe ImMiGrAnTs FaUlT, tHeY cLoG uP tHe HoSpITaLs AnD tHe RoAdS, SaInT FaRaGe (GaWd BlEsS hIm) SaId So AnD iF yOu DoNt BeLiEvE iT yOu ArE a LeFtY lIBtArD
  9. Boo hoo hoo. Looks like all those 'lost' houses are still holding value since prices are high.
  10. You've forgotten the mass of people still on Furlough - effectively taken out of the workforce. Do you think they'll all flood back in on the same hours and for the same money?
  11. Hi Rishi. Why not got for a UKGov mortgage backstop that will hoover up the dross - aka Fannie BoJo? You can sell it to your rich mates for pennies in the pound and underwrite the whole thing with Tax Payers cash, just like student loans. You can promise to be tough on immigration (just get Priti to do all the dog whistle stuff cos she can say it) and then sp*nk a load of 'high value' visas to keep the chicken shops and HMOs going. Don't worry about paying off the debt - just let Labour in for a term and blame them for the following 30 years, innit?
  12. LA's are only interested in their 10%. On a £1000pcm rental, you are worth an hours work top each week. Why then do any work, when they can watch p***hub and post here using yet another troll account?
  13. It has tried...but the Government has thrown prop after prop to keep the plates spinning.
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