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  1. ...and turned into the next generation of slums as landowners convert without planning permission
  2. sunk cost fallacy + "I'm not giving it away" + " That's what the EA told me it's worth, so why should I reduce if the buyer can't get the mortgage" = Lovely Jubbly
  3. Not far from Government will feed you. Red Rishi makes Corbyn look right wing
  4. Legacy car companies are no longer in the manufacturing and selling of cars business, they are in the finance leasing business.
  5. Same can be said for any Virgin business compared to legacy rivals
  6. Look after yourself, your family, and your community. We are learning to live together - I am amazed at how well UK came together to make lockdown work. You can see the Tories try to create division again to play divide and conquer and take the focus away from the Elites. We are learning to live without consumption - the single most scary outcome for the Elites. If we save, then we have economic and political power. We are learning what a valuable member of society is. Not being a millionaire pwoperdy BTL'er, but the delivery driver, the Doctor, the Nurse - suddenly public services desirable - that starts talk on how to fund them properly - which hurts the Elites. We are seeing that Tory 'small Government' and 'market knows best' are not dogmatic truths, but are complimented by a competent State and sensible Regulation.
  7. I get where you are coming from. 2007 blind sided the Elites, who thought their clever financial products would save them - til it didn't. Now they have had time to pull out and hide whilst the ordinary punters are screwed. If there is a banking crisis, expect you and me to bail them out - with the Tories giving the 'we all in this together' mantra. It will be brutal, but we were warned.
  8. HMRC are slow, but not stupid. They are chewing through Contractors, IR35 and Disguised remuneration - Contractors that crowed about how smart they were are now scrabbling to find Perm jobs or do deals with HMRC. Once they have gone 80/20 there, do you really think they will pass on BTL? Only political will holds them back, and that won't be there as the Government needs cash and no one gives a f*** about Landlords.
  9. To use a Titanic analogy, furlough redundancies are the bulkheads breaking - there is no recovery.
  10. If they apply the writeoff's now, they can bury the bad news with COVID. Any money reclaimed (even partial payment) after that will be pure profit - so makes them look better in the long run.
  11. A loss right up until the Government then sell it's shares back to them below market price, giving them an instant (and probably Tax free) profit.
  12. Trying to work out how to protect their fellow MPs and crony's. If you had Parliamentary Immunity, HMRC would be armed overnight to go after BTL.
  13. Why be a Black Cab, when being a Fake Taxi (TM) is more 'interesting' (google is your friend, NSFW..😄 )
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