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  1. This post is brought to you by the letters Q and E
  2. +1 You save energy and get the credit for the work done. Pointless meetings avoided, and calls happen with a definite outcome and decision made. I can see a wave of redundancies as the Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Psychopaths get weeded out
  3. To get to the 'secret' list of houses for sale; the ones that go without hitting RM. Most go under asking (but with no RM listing there's no proof). Current lists are pretty thin with stock and with asking prices insane (this is according to the jaded EA off the record. Brokers getting mortgages through with 'creative' form filling)
  4. 😁 When I venture into an EA's, I try to avoid the perma-smile in a suit and look to the corner to find the jaded face
  5. When was I talking to you? You're not on my ignore list
  6. Why is it acceptable to pay MPs double digit increases as that is for 'talent' but nurses get 'what is affordable' alongside the vitriol even on these forums for being 'overpaid'? CEOs get 'market' rates but paying shop floor staff more than minimum wage 'damages' the economy by being inflationary? ...and yet the loons here drool about 'socialism' destroying us....
  7. Tesco offers £1,000 joining bonus for HGV lorry drivers Every trick to avoid pushing wages up. Can see this escalating.
  8. True, but if you also predicted the opposite - that the Government would spend Tens of Billions to support housebuilders, get the BoE to absorb 25% of the National debt, and run a deficit not seen since WW2 to keep low IRs and to protect house prices you'd be accused of living in a 'socialist' fantasy.
  9. Tightening regulation by the FCA and less income from using deposits thanks to QE.
  10. A crash would benefit the majority, truly level up society, and drive a rebalance in the economy to productive work instead of rentierism. Which is exactly why it won't happen...
  11. The sad thing is how many (including certain posters here) do take it seriously
  12. Great idea! Lets make it work the other way too. To EA: Oh your 'sold' property has gone back onto the market after being SSTC for 3 months? Well what's it worth to me to give a viewing again....lets take a grand off asking.
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