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  1. Might want to try talking to Tibet about that or some folks at Tienanmen Square ? Which generally involves firing bullets and missiles
  2. Labour tried to carve a new path - the 3rd way spiel was to appeal to Tory Donors to put it in their interests to fund social development (just don't call it taxation). PFI was his bung to get them to invest in state building without getting hit by the Rabid Right for 'Tax n Spend, innit'. Same with Tax Credits - topping up work instead of straight benefits, with the hope the minimum wage would provide a floor and lift everyone up in time. New Labours downfall was Iraq - selling out to serve the US without reward. The GFC and Brown's idiotic handling (boasting about negative growth in
  3. The UK's loss was 100% - IIRC the UK stake was 40% with the remainder owned by France's and Belgium.
  4. "The UK government already sold its 40% stake in the business in 2015, at a loss of £757 million " Ah yes, the Tories that 'understand' the market
  5. Shopping centres need to move from supplying 'stuff' (that the internet will do faster and cheaper) to supplying 'experiences'. Problem is that is expensive and can't support the current rent levels. Commercial property LL are gonna be screwed!
  6. Labour sold themselves to get into power and avoid the 'Red' label from the Rabid Right. They effectively became Tory-Lite with a view to taking over the political centre and pushing the Tories to the hard right. They almost succeeded if it wasn't for siding with the US NeoCons on Iraq
  7. The Tory are always true to their faithful - you are now seeing who the Tories truly support.
  8. MODS - Now that Biden is in this thread has run it's course. It's now on it's way to become the the 'Bash Biden for anything I can come up with...' thread It has as much to do with House prices as Putin's choice of footwear Could it be moved to the off-topic forum?
  9. Burdened by US 'debts that weren't paid off until 2006 and a shift from Sterling to the USD as the Global currency. Suez was was the last flicker of UK strength with the Falklands being a sideshow.
  10. ...and our Tory boy trolls (SoCiAlIsM iS tHeFt DoN't ChA kNoW...) seem awfully quiet about it
  11. London Stock Exchange chief hatches £300m 'COVID-lifeline' float The scheme, which would principally invest in unquoted companies, is said to have been under discussion for months.... One idea under discussion would involve seed capital for an initial public offering (IPO) being provided by coronavirus 'winners' or companies which have benefited from substantial government support, such as supermarkets, online retailers or direct-to-consumer investment platforms. mmm.. Please bail out our bad bets????
  12. Didn't say it was an issue for Brexit...but pretty much a given that the EU tolerance for British Tax Havens would suddenly evaporate.
  13. 'Strong smell of cannabis' near Bank of England leads to drugs factory More than 800 plants have been seized after a tip-off about a "strong smell of cannabis" led to a raid on a building close to the Bank of England.
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