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  1. Forgot about that.... Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been cancelled this month due to COVID19, as alot of the big tech companies pulled out citing COVID19. The Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix has been cancelled, and other tracks are bidding to host that race. Will countries be pulling out of the Olympics, as some will be sending their teams innthe next few months to acclimatise...
  2. I wonder if Sunak will make any changes to the Budget, and if so will the changes be publicised as a Sunak change?
  3. From report Average price £204054 Monthly change +0.4% Quaterly Change +2.3% Annual Change +4.1%
  4. Something about a IR35 review in Autumn 2023, but the April 2020 changes will still go ahead as planned.
  5. I have been in my industry most of my working life (24 years) i have been a contractor for 4 of those years. Being quite successful. (Engineering sector) I have branched out with a side business, which is inline with my main job, and a new industry as well. I have been doing this for 2 years from my spare bedroom. Its been making small amount of money each month, regularly I am about to rent an office/workshop and start working from there, its larger than my spare room considerably. It gives me more space, a professional place of work to show prospective clients and its in a office block with other small companies who i could work with. The rent etc (£~500pcm, that rent, water, electric, internet etc) i can cover by reducing what i put away into savings each month, plus what i make from the side venture as thats not gaining me anything in real terms. I wont be leaving my main contract now, but i plan to reduce my hours in time... so it will be a some evenings and weekend venture to start with and then become 1 day a week and so on. My question is, am i mad to try and make a new business in this economy? I am doubting myself massively at the moment..
  6. Came here to post the same link and say the same thing - last time i went in there was for my Nieces birth, and everything was so much more expensive than other retailers.
  7. https://www-ccn-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.ccn.com/u-s-housing-market-crash-officially-here/?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQCKAE%3D#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ccn.com%2Fu-s-housing-market-crash-officially-here%2F Sales of new single-family homes in the US fell in September by 0.7 percent to 701,000 units. The August reading also witnessed a downward revision to 706,000 units as compared to the originally reported 713,000 units. But what’s alarming is that the monthly price decline was the biggest seen since September 2014 despite tight inventories, a sign that a US housing market crash is here. The median price of a new house slid 8.8 percent year over year in September to $299,400. The month-over-month decline came in at 7.9 percent It all started in America. Again.
  8. What do your kids want to do in the future, or what do they enjoy? Forcing them down a certain route they have no or little interest in is counter productive. Just because you like playing with peograming/RPi's etc doesnt mean your kids should. If one has a particular favour towards animals, and potentially being a Vet, knowing how to program in Python, could be an advantage but to necessary, amd taking them to working farms that have open days might be more beneficial at this stage. Playing games do offer and can improve important skills. Hand eye coordination, communication, working as a team to acheive a goal, resource management, prioritising tasks, spatial awareness, etc. And they will also learn advance computer skills and fault finding. Skills like MS office are always needed. Why not try and enter their world and embrace what they do. instead of Fortnite/games bad. Go into the game and play with them. Help them in creator make a death run map, or a find the button map. This will offer bonding time and they may try and listen to your ideas like playing with a Pi... In the 90's my parents embraced my love for Doom and unreal. They helped me learn how to create my own levels and share them with friends. This taught me basic programming and spacial awareness. As technology improved and so did gaming, i wanted to create more complex levels, so i learnt CAD and programming. Not because i was forced to by stopping me doing what i enjoy, but because i wanted to and was encouraged too. Fast forward but i am now the director of my own CAD consultancy, getting work worldwide and starting out with training ideas for the under 16s and kids who have learning disabilities. Kids really respond to learning when you include what they enjoy. I also have a small 3D printing business consulting, selling and making everything to do with 3D printing. how about getting a 3D printer and teaching them how to make Fortnite logos and 3D printing it. Or make a loot chest they can store their own trinkets in.
  9. Could, if, may, might.. I could easily write these articles and do the analysis whilst having my morning movement. There seems to be less facts reported and now its just opinions being reported. Is this a symptom of requiring 24 hour news by every source, bashing articles out every hour just to try and stay relevant? Its more about gettings views of adverts (generating revenue) on the news page, than the content now.
  10. Am i the only one who is getting sick and tired of all the sh!t and nonsense about most things in the world, and just want to watch it all burn? Brexit and UK politicians, North Korea, Trump and China, EU posturing, Media bullsh!t, entitled people thinking the world owes them a favour, political correctness gone mad in some places, people beong more violent and stupid, social media nonsence, prices.... etc? I'd be happy to see it all collapse, everything the financial, social, modern apocalypse that we have been promised couldn't get here quick enough in my opinion. A scorched earth policy if you must... but more of a fu€k it, let see what happens
  11. They never mention margin calls in these articles....
  12. My post was a mild rant heavily dosed with sarcasm. It was a lets give Landlords everything and f*ck the country rant.
  13. Yes!!! Lets scrap S24, and compensate all the landlords and people who would have been landlords if it wasnt for S24.... Lets give even more tax breaks to the people who want to do so much for the unfortunate that have to rent. Write off £5000 per property per year for maintenance without the need of receipts. Allow landlords who are not using a company structure to write off VAT as well on all purchases related to their rentals. Get rid of CGT for Landlords and remove stamp duty as well for landlords. Give builders a bonus for making the smallest properties possible and also give Landlords a bonus if they can rent them out at above local average. Lets make every private dwelling a rented property, lets rent off each other for houses then we can move onto even more things to rent.
  14. France used to ban the sale of Red Bull due to one of its ingredients being banned in France. Then the EU said that because Red Bull is made and/or sold legally in other member states then France has to sell it too. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-redbull/france-ends-12-year-ban-on-energy-drink-red-bull-idUSL1576964720080715
  15. Alot of people i speak to want their "Forever Home" as their first purchase due to costs and not want to "climb the Ladder" as such
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