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  1. Monkey

    Barclays customers can now 'switch off' spending

    Alot of petrol stations in/near the estates are 24 hour convenience stores with alcohol, scratch cards and tobacco being main sellers. Not just being a higher price some people will use them at any hour to feed their addiction.
  2. Monkey

    The theft economy- hyperscale Data theft

    There is no cloud, its someone elses computer
  3. Correct me if i am wrong, but in the Pre 90's crash, didnt banks look differently on gifted deposits than saved deposits for a mortgage? Personally i think its a parents right to help their children anyway they can/want. If some people are lucky and have parents who can offer lots of money then thats life. Personally i have not and i will not receive much if anything at all. Its not expected either. My parents are not rich and i was brought up to pay my own way. What i can expect is help with childcare, building work, DIY etc. which over the years will equal or be worth more than a 10% deposit today. What i think should stop is the Governments involvement in the housing market.
  4. There is so much gambled on HPI, any significant HPC will trash the ecconomy. Its the modern day stock market crash scenario of the 1930's
  5. Monkey

    Massive Drop In Online Sales For Ebay, Amazon, Play

    I've moved over to Amazon for most of my online shopping. Alot of the time amazon stuff is sent from their warehouse, so delivery times are quick. Ebay purchases are completed by the seller so can take longer to arrive. Plus there are alot more fakes and scam accounts on ebay. Moat people i know very rarely use Ebay unless its a second hand item you cant get anywhere else. Also if ordered from Amazon US the price includes import taxes as well
  6. For every 1 person who understands and wants what we want, there is 100 people wanting to borrow higher and higher LTV's and at higher wage multiples to get on the ladder. The banks wouldn't notice the stand.
  7. I did a 4 day week a few years ago and it was fantastic.... its amazing how much more personal you can get done with that extra day. But, that was because everyone else was at work for 1 of those days..... I am thinking of going to a 4 day week at my current job, so that i can explore a possible new venture for myself.
  8. More credit card debt.... in my peer group i only hear about spending more on Xmas yhan last year.
  9. I need to read up on MIRAS... i was too young to know about it. But i think with HTB, it will be mortgages companies in charge of it. They will be refusing applicants who want to use it long before it gets pulled by the government
  10. Monkey

    Budget 2018 announced

    Ah, good point. Didn't think about that
  11. Monkey

    Budget 2018 announced

    3:30 i beleive... Isnt this an odd day and time for a budget? Thought they were always after/part of PMQ's
  12. I assume that his mortgage company can still pull out of the deal, saying that the house is now worth £20k+ less than previous valuation? Or at least reduce the amount they are willing to lend keeping a LTV at a specific percentage.
  13. That only affects landlords with a mortgage, i guess the monied don't need mortgages so it doesnt affect them
  14. No just loft, but garages have been converted too.... a moot point i know in the context....

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