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  1. Yes. As much as I can remember about the many post you have made they have left me with the impression that you are a principled individual who truly belives that our soverignty is best realised at the national level through the UK parliament. I disagree and can't help but think that Brexit has been deeply damaging to our national interest i.e we gained alot more influence and benefits when we shared some of our soverignty with the EU. However, I recognise your sincerly held beliefs. And if it's any consolation I find some of the pro-EU posters on here and the antagonistic and disrespectful way they present their arguments appalling.
  2. The debate may have moved on, since I am currently 11 hours behind. The below link is to the UK goverment website which discusses these issues. https://www.gov.uk/types-of-british-nationality/british-subject Whatever, the current status is of those who are born in NI, I will pay tribute to those politians, diplomats and citzens on all sides, who against all the odds delivered peace to NI with the signing and implimentation of the Belfast agreement. And, history IMV will judge harshly those who so casually dismissed the issues surronding this agreement in order to secure Brexit.
  3. At least you appreciate that we are slowly but surely edging towards WW3 and the real possibility of a nuclear exchange. I am not convinced this is the case with many who post on here. The western democracies need to stop and think this through carefully.
  4. Helmand provence sounded like a tough tour from what I have heard and read. Respect for all those who have served.
  5. You are begining to sound histrionic and some Catholics might find that statement quite offensive.
  6. The individual whose goal in life is to be the captain of the village football team and achieves it is by their own terms a success. The individual whose goal in life is to captain the England side and only plays for them is by their own terms a loser. Eric Berne was and remains one of my most enlightening reads.
  7. There are a number of armchair generals posting here and there are those who have considerable knowledge and know what they are talking about. It is clear that you fall into the latter category and are one of HPC's substantial posters. Thank you for your informed contribution.
  8. I agree. But if you want to do the family bonding then sometimes the extra expenditure is worth it.
  9. Could be related to children and grandchildren visiting and staying over. The days of the generations living in close proximity are over for most. Space then becomes a premium, if you want to have visitors from a distance and accommodate them without the stress that comes with everyone being on top of each other.
  10. I support and promote the idea of a strong and idependent EU so that it further becomes an independent economic and political entity capable of taking a leading role on the world stage. And clearly that would entail the UK rejoining at some time in the future if they will have us back. You will be aware that two of the leading members France (Cheese eating surrender monkeys) and Germany did not join the coaltion of the willing invading Iraq in 2003. Given time the EU may well losen its ties to the US particularly if it develops it's own military capability. But during any transition period the path may well be a bit bumpy along the way.
  11. Yep. That would seem an optimum solution for now. Leave door open for EU membership in the future with promise of economic support during difficult times ahead. Park NATO membership for now. And extend open invitation for RF to join EU at some stage in the future. Time scale 50 years?
  12. Indeed, someone I know who is a UK based manger spent 18 months wrapping up a bussiness deal in Germany. She found the constant negotiations with the joint management and union structures very timing consuming and frustrating at times. Given, that this is the most succesfull economy in Europe there may be some lessons for us to learn there.
  13. I am not in anyway criticising you for buying a house. Everybody has to make their own decisions based on their own individual circumstances both personnel and financial. I was making a general point that it is high risk at such elevated levels of borrowing we currently have and the uncertainty as to the future path and magnitude of interest rates. I don't think it is a good thing. Clearly you are able to do the number crunching and think through the various options available to you and make an informed decision. But bear in mind that the average GCSE grade for maths is 5.5 it is clear that many people may not be capable of both calculating and thinking through the various scenario you have outlined. One good thing about the BBC mortgage calculator is that it has a warning which goes some thing like your monthly payments will be x based on an interest rate of z. But if the interest rate were to increse to w your monthly payment would be ....
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