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  1. Austin Allegro

    Interest rate rises are coming...

    The couple in that Daily Mail article 'worked hard' to save a £14,000 deposit between them over five years. That works out at £116 per month each. I know we don't like to say 'things were harder in my day' but really, I'd hardly call that 'hard work'...
  2. 'Pounds, Dudley, pounds...not "nicker".'
  3. Austin Allegro

    SJW meltdown

    I read that years ago. I seem to recall it was quite good...I've got a feeling the literary establishment doesn't like Burgess much nowadays. Probably because he was quite conservative, and I think he was a Catholic as well. IMO the trans stuff and kids 'questioning the sexuality' is mainly a construct of the SJW media looking for new causes, and pushy parents vying for the best 'syndrome' for their children. There were always 'tomboys' in the old days and many of them weren't lezzers (certainly my first girlfriend was a classic tomboy and she had a voracious appetite for men). Nowadays I guess they are encouraged to jump on the LGBTQIWZ bandwagon.
  4. Austin Allegro

    SJW meltdown

    I love the way journalists still think somebody causing 'outrage on social media' is news. It's like shooting fish in a barrel!
  5. Austin Allegro

    SJW meltdown

    In the great war of left v right, these people are probably about as significant as that platoon of British nazis who went to fight for Germany in WW2. Ie, a little bit of propaganda value but that's about all. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of anti-Trumpers are snowflakes who would faint if they as much as looked at a firearm.
  6. Austin Allegro

    SJW meltdown

    But can/will they? Certainly Youtube can ban anybody they don't like, because most large corporations are going to be fully signed up to the SJW/Globalist agenda, and thus don't want their ads associated with 'heretical' material. But I can't see sites like Breitbart going that way, in fact I can see Breitbart setting up some sort of Youtube of its own. At the moment its 'soft' censorship via withdrawal of advertising. But if there is to be 'hard' censorship this will be much more difficult as it will mean governments having to prosecute en masse thousands of people for 'hate speech'. I guess one way they could do it is the same way they managed the smoking ban - go after the employers and site owners rather than trying to catch the individuals themselves.
  7. Austin Allegro

    SJW meltdown

    I do think Mr Watson sometimes worries a bit too much about what SJW idiots are twittering about! That said, anyone who fails to find that video funny and charming is to my mind lacking in some essential element of humanity. The bit where the baby just rolls in on its own in that little frame thing, like a miniature Davros out of the Daleks, is too funny for words! I'm sure it won't hurt the commentator's career - with any luck it will give it a boost.
  8. Austin Allegro

    SJW meltdown

    As I understand it, some feminists don't like trannies because they see them as a sort of parody of women, in the same way that some black people might get upset by people claiming they are black because they use a lot of brown makeup and have their hair permed (cf the Rachel Dolezal scandal in the US). It makes a mockery of 'real' women, and if 'gender' is not something innate but something that can be changed at will, it raises all sorts of dangerous questions about female entitlement.
  9. Austin Allegro

    SJW meltdown

    When I was at university in the nineties, I saw some women change like that within the space of just one academic year!
  10. Austin Allegro

    SJW meltdown

    I think if the deep state were seriously involved, Milo would be dead, probably in some sort of staged 'sex game gone wrong' judicial killing. I think the smear was more likely to come from a group of angry but not very clever keyboard warriors who managed to get the mainstream media on board.
  11. Austin Allegro

    SJW meltdown

    That was pretty much the jist of what Milo was saying in his 'infamous' podcast. He made the very good point that paedophilia is sexual interest in children - not sexual interest in sexually mature people who happen to be under an arbitrary 'age of consent' which varies in western countries from 12 to 21. He rightly pointed out that it can be very difficult to make clear-cut distinctions in these cases. The mainstream media, however, doesn't deal in nuance so he must be a paedo, just like any clergyman who tries to explain that God is not an old bearded man in the sky must be an 'atheist'.
  12. Austin Allegro

    SJW meltdown

    I agree. People listen to Mr Yiannopolous in the main because they have come to the reasoned conclusion that the mainstream media is not giving the whole picture. Therefore, a mainstream media attempt to smear him is not going to be glibly accepted by them. Milo is not someone who can just be fitted up as a nonce as a convenient way of getting rid of him, as if he's some sort of Blue Peter presenter who's gone too far. I hope, however, that this will mean he eases off a bit on his flamboyant queen routine - he is now in his early 30s and will soon be too old to relate effectively to undergraduates anyway, so hopefully he will be able to be more of mainstream (in the best sense) commentator. I don't think Mr Watson is such a big target to be honest - he's a straight white northern Englishman, and therefore not a 'class traitor' in the way Milo is - and doesn't do public speaking tours. I think it was the tours that did for Mr Y because it showed just how intolerant some universities really were.
  13. Austin Allegro

    SJW meltdown

    I've been pondering the subject of SJW meltdown recently. Could it be possible that conservative politics have finally become the only form of rebellion left to young people? If you think about it, we have had over two generations of leftist cultural domination of the west, spreading from the boomer generation of 1968, through to their children and even grandchildren in the political correct campuses, media etc. There is simply nothing left for the left, so to speak. They have achieved total cultural control, so the only way to be a contrarian is to support right wing politics. The SJWs are like capitalists in that they have to constantly expand their client base of causes, victims etc and this is running dangerously low. The big new 'market' was to be open borders and the Islamification of the west, but even the dimmest SJWs must see that this is having unwanted side effects.
  14. Austin Allegro

    The sharing economy is creating a Dickensian world

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned is that we are unlikely to become 'Dickensian' because even the poorest westerner has access to life-enhancing resources that the wealthiest Dickensian could only have dreamt of. For example, the internet has made it much easier to live outside the 'work-consume-borrow-work' cycle. Thanks to the internet I no longer need to work full time and pay high prices for rent/mortgage near my office; thanks to the internet I have a couple of extra passive income jobs which can support me if my main job fails; thanks to the internet I can research and compare things like insurance, savings and investments etc to optimise my income, thanks to the internet I can save huge amounts of money by utilising knowledge, eg learning to repair things from Youtube videos instead of paying a tradesman.
  15. Austin Allegro

    Why The Petition For A 2Nd Referendum Is A Farce

    The country is not making any decision. The referendum was advisory - that was always made clear. It is up to Parliament to vote to leave the European Union, taking into account the will of the majority of the British electorate. That will was not just a 'brief window of emotion' but the end result of years of dissatisfaction with the status quo, as evidenced by the rise of UKIP. I agree the majority is slim - that will need to be taken into account during the process of realignment with EU countries.

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