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  1. Though not as ridiculous as this for £160K in East Belfast....how on earth is there enough room for that room to be used as both a living room and a kitchen: https://www.propertypal.com/3a-kingsway-drive-kings-road-belfast/668838/slideshow/photo-7
  2. Stuff like this surprises me - sold very quick and it's done up nice but still looks like a council house to me. £175K+ for an ex-council house in East Belfast: https://www.propertypal.com/99-orby-road-belfast/665780/photo-3
  3. Yeah - even with gov paying 80-100% of salary I don't see how that leads to an accelerated boom compared to say last year. No point me arguing with it I guess. Waste of my time and energy. What I will say is that everyone I know who did manage to buy say 5 plus years ago thinks current prices are ridiculous and has no intention of moving up the 'ladder' at any point in the forseeable future. These are folk who are still in what they thought would be their 'starter' homes, some who bought a decade ago, but they're refusing to take on the huge amount of extra debt for what would equal
  4. Can't edit post - what I meant to say at the start is that it's a couple of examples of how the lockdown has actually boosted prices. How can house prices be rising like this while at the same time the economic outlook is so bleak we have articles on BBC NI talking about Universal Basic Income?
  5. Three virtually identical houses in Woodbreda, all listed within the last 3 or 4 months, in the order in which they were listed: £140K: https://www.propertypal.com/19-woodbreda-gardens-belfast/608646/photo-13 £150K: https://www.propertypal.com/20-woodbreda-gardens-saintfield-road-belfast/654947 and just listed today.... £175K: https://www.propertypal.com/1-woodbreda-avenue-belfast/667665/photo-28 I know these houses will look cheap to many, but it's more the percentage price change in less than 6 months that I'm shocked at, and seeing similar
  6. Agreed. Really gets me down at times. And yet here we are with the economy crippled and every couple of weeks I see houses that seem up another 5K in Belfast. Never, never in a million years did I expect this.
  7. I hope you are right, for the sake of future generations. I've just completely lost faith in the housing market following any sort of logic whatsoever.
  8. I'm buying in the first half of next year regardless. I'm more convinced than ever that they'll never let house prices fall, in £ terms anyway.
  9. I've been in Queens Square a year or two ago and IMO the communal areas were a bit run down. Investing the best part of 200K into a 20 year old apartment building in Belfast city centre when we have a lockdown likely to last another 6 months seems like madness to me.
  10. Well all I can say is that I'm stunned at the prices houses are going on for, and selling. Every few weeks it seems like I see something that's a 5 figure sum higher than I'd have thought possible a few weeks back. House prices rising during a pandemic and partial shutdown of the economy. The demand, and evidently funding, must be there. I have heard a few reports of increased numbers of people from mainland UK choosing to move to Northern Ireland to live - perhaps this is in part what's causing it i.e. increase in population density. Either way, small unremarkable semis in
  11. I think prices are going up literally by the week. This to me looks like a council house....a 2 bedroom council terrace in East Belfast...yours for £170K: https://www.propertypal.com/12-thornhill-parade-belfast/653272
  12. LOL check out Alan Sugar staring out from the book shelves. Seems the main thing you need to convert a space into a co-working hub is Alan Sugar's autobiography. Worth sitting in one of those backbracking chairs huddled together at that table during a pandemic when you have Alan's business knowledge behind you. You too could be the next Amstrad. This time next year Rodney we'll be millionaires!
  13. What specifically are they trying to do? Is this the 'Tribeca' development, or are they looking at developing the space above commercial premises across the wider city centre? I love living in an apartment but I've reached an age where I'm looking to move out of the city centre. I don't think we 'do' apartment living very well here in terms of the size of apartments; and most people end up wanting to move out of them by the time they hit 30. The other issue is, and I say this as someone who has lived in the city centre for a decade; there isn't an awful lot of interest to actually do
  14. Sydenham the new hot spot. Over 200 grand to live beside an entry; sale agreed: https://www.simonbrien.com/property/2-sydenham-drive-belfast-331wv
  15. They're actually just under 400 square feet: https://lpsni.gov.uk/vListDCV/propertydetails.asp?di=03&dn=Belfast+City+Council&wi=0000001115&wn=Central&si=0000008054&sn=Dublin+Road&display=1047188&rn=71 I remember years ago someone on here mentioned that they almost didn't get planning permission on that block because the planning officials rightfully protested that the flats were so small. £1700 service charge for that is an absolute piss take in my opinion; I'd love to know who actually bought those apartments - it must have all been aspiring airbnb-e
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