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  1. I wasnt quite sure if I was fit to drive after drinking 10 cans of special brew, so I just went for a short drive to test it out and see how I felt.
  2. The thing about Vitamin D is that there is a strong correlation, but correlation is not causation so the people who say there is no medical evidence to support this are correct. Now having no evidence of a direct cause does not mean there is no link, it seems likely to me that there is one, we just don't have the evidence for it yet. So it is a gamble: a years supply of high strength vitamin D costs about £20, it might do nothing or it might save your life. I think the odds are better than buying 20 lotto tickets!
  3. If you have a long secure password I don't think it makes a lot of difference, if someone is brute forcing your password they might try your 'old' password and so changing it in time avoids that, but statistically they are just as likely to get lucky and hit on the correct 'new' one after you change it. The theory behind asking people to change passwords is that they will get more complex because at least it wont be literally the first thing you thought of, but in practice it has been proven that the more often you change them the more likely it is you will choose a weak password just through fatigue.
  4. deleted already, apparently the mods are 'worried' about the original poster cache + page2
  5. There is another way and that is to generate a salted password hash based on the website URL, then you dont have to save a password vault anywhere, all you need is a copy of the hash algorithm and you can generate it again. This does have one big downside - you can't change the password very easily, but I almost never do that for websites anyway.
  6. That's fine when everything goes to plan, but if you are unlucky you can find yourself stranded thousands of miles from where you need to be and facing a £1000+ bill to get home. THATS when you will regret flying RyanAir. The other airlines are far from perfect, but if you have ever been on the wrong end of Ryan's policies you will not want to take the risk ever again.
  7. Those old victorian schools with the 20 foot high ceilings and large opening windows are starting to look like a pretty advanced design compared to modern PFI schools and hospitals where the ceiling is always about 3 inches above your head and almost no fresh air is allowed to enter.
  8. On radio 4 just now (You And Yours) Presenter: "If you sell up and leave the big city for more space YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO MOVE BACK if you change your mind" <terrified voice> Oh sweet summer child you have no idea what is about to happen.
  9. Thats a very good point but you are missing that many sales will be to landlords householders 23,160,000 homeowners 14,604,000 source: https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/housing/owning-and-renting/home-ownership/latest sales per household 5.75 % but that includes sales to landlords source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/290623/uk-housing-market-monthly-sales-volumes/ If instead we divide the 63% of sales which are to private individuals by the total number of homeowning households that comes out to just 3.6% are buying each year. I cant help wondering if I have got these figures right, back in the 90's I remember the average family would move house every 7 years, this looks more like 27 years in between house moves?
  10. Im seeing a lot of predictions like this, based on the idea that the lockdown will be lifted and everything will go back to normal by September. Theatres and music venues are busy planning an autumn season. Thats not likely to happen, we are just at the start of this, it could take 4 years to find a vaccine.
  11. Schiffs arguments would make sense if the Min wage was somewhere above utter poverty, but in the USA that's not the case. Also you can't separate out min. wage from in-work benefits, when low earners get a pile of handouts from the govt. then allowing companies to pay low wages is simply taking money from the govt and handing it to the likes of Wallmart. Arguably if we got rid of all in-work benefits, then companies would be forced to raise wages (and pay taxes) as otherwise their workers would be starving and homeless.
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