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  1. Deal with RICS agreed over weekend Homeowners in buildings without cladding will no longer need an EWS1 fire safety form to sell or re-mortgage their property, the government has said. https://www.housingtoday.co.uk/news/government-announces-ews1-exemption-for-buildings-without-cladding/5109154.article
  2. August 1973 - Summerland, Douglas, Isle of Man - 50 dead - Clad with Oroglas flammable acrylic April 1991 - Knowsley Heights, Huyton, Merseyside - No deaths - Reclad with flammable material June 1999 - Garnock Court, Irvine - 1 death - Reclad with flammable material July 2009 - Lakanhal House, Camberwell - 6 dead - Refurbished with flammable cladding So more than 40 years of evidence that flammable cladding on tall buildings is a bad idea. Grenfell Tower refurb architects were somehow unaware of fire safety advice for tall buildings, but were selected on basis of cost.
  3. Or a slight twist on that: 1. Announce the policy in advance, knowing there is no govt time to actually introduce it, but which still might have the effect of slowing or stopping the rush of people all trying to move out from London at once. 2. Sell own house in central London before it's too late.
  4. why anyone who's already struggling financially would vote for Brexit Femi is gold
  5. Organic eggs are currently 3.8% of the market. However Liquid egg for food processors accounts for 68% of the total production and almost none of that is organic. So if you are looking at whole eggs, then organic is around 10% although if you shop in Waitrose I'd estimate their sales as closer to 70% just based on the shelf space. https://www.soilassociation.org/organic-living/what-is-organic/organic-eggs/ "Free-range" eggs are a marketing con, if you don't want to buy organic, just own it and buy battery eggs - they are the same thing.
  6. Routine debeaking is forbidden in organic egg production, so you can have brown eggs from a non debeaked hen, you just can't mass produce them in small cages.
  7. The French govt should put those cartoons on giant posters on every street corner, then the extremist nutcases who can't handle a joke about Mohamed will have to get used to it.
  8. I wonder if you sell for a loss, can you then use that to claim tax relief and get a huge refund?
  9. I agree but in 1989 Trump took out a full page advert in the NYT calling for the death penalty for 5 black/latino teenagers accused of rape. They were later found to be innocent. It is natural to fight fire with fire but in politics that doesn't always pay.
  10. This is an attitude I see from a lot of "IT experts" - it is working now so everything must be fine. I have seen software bugs which only manifested themselves after 8pm on alternate Thursdays because that happened to hit a combination of conditions which nobody had thought to test, 'it's working now' means nothing.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/global/video/2020/sep/24/why-have-house-prices-in-england-shot-up-since-the-1990s-video-explainer A good simple explanation worth passing to people who still think its "all due to immigration"
  12. First rate people hire other First rate people. Second rate people hire Third rate people. Third rate people hire Chris 'Failing' Grayling and Dido 'Dumbo' Harding.
  13. This is an area where you want to tread carefully - get advice from Shelter. You do not want to make it easy for the bank to evict, they will prefer to get vacant possession so they can sell the house for more money. But if the house is sold for less money with you as sitting tenants, well that's the landlord's problem not yours.
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