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  1. MPs want to keep stalling it so they won't vote May's deal (or at least she didn't put it forward). MPs want to keep stalling it so vote to keep May. Tactical.
  2. Apparently men deviate from the average intelligence more, so you get more retards on one end and more geniuses on the other. Women don’t deviate from average intelligence as much as much so less retards but less geniuses too.
  3. This thread and how more young people voted remain.
  4. Arpeggio

    Barclays customers can now 'switch off' spending

    Yeh, guess your gonna need this sort of thing if you aren’t bailed out by the tax payer or can’t just print more money once you’ve p*ssed it all away.
  5. For skilled labour the Japanese have imported Marty Friedman and Paul Gilbert.
  6. Can’t see what a 2nd ref would achieve? If the EU doesn’t negotiate and only wants remain or BRINO / May capitulation that doesn’t even get put forward, then what difference beyond the options of the original referendum could there be? e.g. A) leave completely B ) remain C) leave with this deal which the EU won’t accept anyway D) leave with that deal which the EU won’t accept anyway ....thus not achieving anything further than the original A) and B ) of the referendum we’ve already had. I know that it would be ideal for many to get some kind of deal that pleases all, but another referendum assumes the EU would change tack over the above.
  7. I think sitting down in front of a computer all day is harder. Would much rather be a plumber or bricky. Bin man was my favourite past job. Worse was data entry on a computer which sucked b#lls. One of my past clients worked as forest manager and the workers he managed actually worked for free, which is a bit disappointing but I can see why.
  8. The original research mentioned would be a lot more interesting if it included how these millennials intend to become millionaires. Or did I miss that part and it's in there somewhere? I did look but could not find. More US soldiers die of suicide outside of combat The first casualty of War is Truth , that was a long time ago.
  9. Everybody would be well off, there’d be job / career opportunities and having a swimming pool at your house would be normal. UK would be an economic power house with big global clout. Banks wouldn’t be able to make as much money out of doing Fook all though.
  10. Arpeggio

    Farage quits UKIP

    Don’t worry. In the future most people will be more concerned about not having much of pension before they can think about things like that. The poor can’t afford to do that EU or not. I can’t see your point comparing your “plight” to the rich. Totally irrelevant to most electorate. I’m not a communist and my wage is £26 ph.
  11. Arpeggio

    Want your own home, have wealthy parents

    If the average worker could afford the average house then I don't think many would give a s*** about someone living in a palace off BOMAD. On the back of the last 2 council news magazine we get there's a charity appeal style UK advert on the back. A bit like "These people with this disability / condition need help, please support" or "Help the children of this country" etc. Anyway, the the charity cause on this back page advert is.........................young people. Yes young people. Saying that being able bodied with years ahead of you is now a disability / disadvantage without being sarcastic is now the case. The advert is basically something like "Can you help a young person, take on a young person in your home".
  12. Might as well give all housing stock to the banks and rent it off them. In effect what is already happening.
  13. Good point. I hadn’t considered the CGT exemption on main residence in comparison yet with myself, only spiv activities. It may have once not been a discriminatory tax but it certainly is now when homeowners fewer and fewer. As a potential buyer, some money going to CGT? Wouldn’t mind, and it would de-incentivise kite flying.

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