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  1. Arpeggio

    Sugar Daddying is so messed up

    This is more meritocratic.
  2. Exactly it beggars belief. Must be Dementia. They had already been in a crash 5 days previous.
  3. We already have 6 points allowance for first 2 years licence. I also think younger drivers should be treated similarly to motorbike riders, not allowed a certain power until a certain age. A 17 year old that just passed their test can legally drive a Ferrari or gti etc. This might make insurance cheaper for all under 21 or 25s whatever the age is.
  4. A landlord deluded about their own charitable status, virtue signalling with the implication they are in a position to ask that. An offer that is more about their own ego than any benefit to someone else as the result of sacrifice.
  5. Indeed. When someone says "it's my pension" it's really just positioning yourself to get access to someone else's wages. As opposed to an investment where another persons income is just a small part of, and produced as a result of something larger e.g. ecobonds (when they used to pay 7%), or many other types of investment. I think housing benefit costs have been politically expedient for the last couple of decades. A non-issue to the vote casting beneficiaries of HPI. However if it gets that far and people are forced to rent throughout retirement (a point in life where a person has had the longest chance to save money, to acquire the most skill and experience) then how would such a housing environment bode for younger people? Not well. Therefore if it gets that far I'd think it's not politically divisive, everyone would be affected.
  6. We need to look at why this is happening. e.g. hormones in birth control pills and hormones in the water supply through urine of women taking them. I doubt that will happen though because of political correctness. Would I be p**ssed off if I was born half man half woman? Whether or not, I'd have no right or reason to be because that would have already been decided by someone else. Brawndo with electrolytes. Puts hairs on your t1ts.
  7. Arpeggio

    Not banging up the rents innit

    Incompetence and greed are probably two weaknesses banks look to exploit. Many Landlords appear have both of these.
  8. Just like the UK house builders and their crappy new builds. Same ponzi scheme greed, just another country.
  9. It's probably just old fart syndrome. "When ah was a kid, at bedtime we kept ourselves warm by sharing a brick that had been heated up from t' fire. Could only afford one brick my Dah was working down t' pit fer' half a sixpence. Young snerwflakes don't know 'ow good they've got it!"
  10. Arpeggio

    Examples of big & multiple drops

    Sorry to hear that (really). What did they pay with? A house they already bought in the past or debt or / and something else? Average Salary in Southampton £27k apparently so at £915k that's 33.8 times average wage. Just an inkling but I think, i just think, that.....they may have paid too much.
  11. Arpeggio

    NYPD Blues

    Like land banking / hoarding then except there’s a building on it.
  12. I’d have thought not. Rent builders or rent machine. 3D printed family.
  13. That’s easy. It’s because the general population could make money from buying and selling housing / land so rentierism became a de-facto vote winner and policy motive (not to suggest your question wasn’t rhetorical as I’m sure we all know the answer!)

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