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  1. Arpeggio

    I'm not entirely sure I understand life

    Make exams really easy and all kids get A grades. Sorted.
  2. Arpeggio

    London leaver

    He should follow suit and drive to work in a double-decker bus. Just him in the bus which is pulling a trailer that has nothing in it either.
  3. Yes. He said he didn’t like paying rent to someone just because they are rich enough to buy a house (or indebted) and that everyone should have equal opportunity to have a roof over their head.
  4. Just watching the programme Can’t pay take it away. “glen (a squatter) has a 1st class degree in maths”. Can’t have been easy to get that.
  5. Did you get people say “ooh he looks busy” and ask you to do stuff for them?
  6. Do the people in the photo have any shame? obviously not! Guardian Comments are interesting, mostly the ones correctly condemning the tax dodgers. Funny how the guardian are picky on when and when not to include House Prices as assets! Whether the following is a home owner or not, they have completely omitted any mention of it. Guess it's not as fashionable to mention as when you're making bank ponzi fuelled HPI gains on top of your unmentioned tax dodging. "Another IT worker said his estimated bill is £300,000. “I’m 54, have assets of £100,000 and earn less than £50,000 a year. I’ve already lost my partner due to the stress of this and have had suicidal thoughts." Better you than a victim. Just make sure you pay you taxes before topping yourself. It's a bit much to ask the next generation to pay their taxes instead and buy your fiat ponzi priced house from you after bank's money printing into oblivion and stupidly low interest rates. That's the problem with a zero sum game, either the person doing it has suicidal thoughts if it goes wrong, or if they pull it off an innocent victim does. Not all boomers are like that obviously, many see things for what they are. "This will bankrupt me. All I did was follow advice and do what was the norm at the time. This all happened 10 to 20 years ago, and one of the clients at that time was HMRC.” The HMRC know too well death and taxes are the only certainties so perhaps why this is happening now. They'll try and catch you all before you stick up two fingers while leaving this mortal coil.
  7. Those pictures belong on this thread.
  8. Arpeggio

    Help to Buy an TOTAL SCANDAL

    Yes, just open the door. I’ve just looked at my finances and I just can’t quite see the buttons on the microvawe while my head is in it. Would you be so kind? I’m in the “living / dining / kitchen”.
  9. Arpeggio

    Help to Buy an TOTAL SCANDAL

    Yours for £480k
  10. Breaking the Roule of law, not gouda.
  11. Sad but true. One thing in my view that could prevent this is competition, internationally or within a country. A rentier based sham economy is an open goal for competitors. Want to start a business? Don’t set up in a feudal economy. Want to attract business and have an economy? Don’t get feudal. One reason I’m sceptical of globalism, Blair et al.
  12. Banks lent our own tax bailout money back to us, 80% of which lent towards land and housing, therefore keeping its price high (and hasn’t been included in inflation measures for decades). Only 20% went to business. If the above wasn’t the case the economic pie would be bigger for all, including for the HMRC, and you could save. Economic rent seeking always makes the pie smaller.
  13. I did this myself earlier by mentioning how Ireland paid 24% of its GDP to bail out EU banks while Germany paid only 1.5% of its GDP. https://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/42-of-europes-banking-crisis-paid-by-ireland-219703.html The reason I did this is because Ireland is in the EU. I'd be pretty certain Grizzly's references to France are largely linked to how France is in the EU. Although which countries are in the EU is really basic stuff (as though even I have to tell you!), I can't also assume you are suggesting the only acceptable conversation about the EU is to talk of the UK, rather than the EU which is 27 countries.
  14. So in your view the 2015 GE was flawed (I agree), while under PR UKIP of the time would have had 54 seats in parliament. Obviously you can't make a statement based on the 2015 GE having credibility, then later make another statement based on the 2015 GE not having credibility, as you are now. Therefore I'll take your earlier comment crediting the 2015 GE (as quoted below) as retracted. "0% UKIP MPs 2015 therefore we should not be leaving the EU." Different issue and something I'd have to be inclined to look into deeper before making statements about other people owning a brain. Exiled Canadian's comment might help fill in the gap and cause me to wonder about the well known phenomena of parties saying things to get people to vote for them.

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