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  1. Unfortunately the economy crashing puts me in no better position to predict those.
  2. Same here, each time prevented by the common denominator with their props. When they decide to remove, let the games commence! I believe they've found the perfect scamgoat to do it, and will do within the next six months.
  3. Agreed. Unfortunaty those that do not have the ability to join the dots will blame the scam they've fuelled.
  4. Saw this earlier; this happening with furlough. When furlough stops, which will coincidently coincide around same time as withdrawl of stamp duty; that's the bell for last orders. Anybody thinks this is going away, isn't thinking.
  5. I can say it 100%, categoricall will crash. Over 15% of the economy vanished in 12 months - not a problem until it is. Think about it.
  6. Yes, as in nothing to live for and no work. Government have manipulated house prices and debt for too long, it's now time to control the people. House prices are an irrelevance now. Wake up.
  7. Of course it's going to crash, its all being engineered to crash, it's what they want - a nice big pile of shite that can be blamed on something the sheep can understand and believe is the cause. You wait til they pull the rug, it's going to be mega.
  8. Absolutely agree. The response to this whole pandemic has been irrational and nonsensical in almost every way.
  9. Not a problem for me, but hangovers are becoming tedious.
  10. Most have been saying the same as you for the last 10 years.
  11. Any couple, no kids, no benefits, why pay rent when mortgage repayments are there or thereabouts and rent is considered money down the drain. It's as simple as that, no thought process, just a direct comparison of monthly mortgage cost against renting. If monthly outgoings can be covered, nothing else matters. Applies to all purchases.
  12. Not seen a mini boom down here on the south coast. Prices had been falling up until June, stabilised for a couple of months but seeing reductions again now. All seems very regional to me. They need more props to stop another downward trend for both house prices and the economy, though personally I think they've shot their load. Everything is against them, SD tax relief effects are waining, wave 2 around the corner, pent up demand gone, banks reducing LTV further, unemployment rising, incomes reducing, all coming to a head as we enter winter. If all economic and employment data is looking bad now, just think of the impact on the economy when house prices take their fall.
  13. This so called boom is going to wipe out so many FTBs, it will be heart breaking for them. I know many of these buyers, absolutely clueless to what is happening around them, you have to remind yourself this to understand why four months of delayed viewings and a sprinkle of stamp duty relief is having such an affect. On the face of it nothing has changed to these buyers, they neither know or understand any different, they're lambs to the slaughter.
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