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  1. pacified.... However -- I TOTALLY agree with what you say.
  2. Totally, totally agree with you Macca. It is the Greatest Scandal in All History. It is also The Elephant Mammoth in the Room. It has RUINED our country. BTW -- HALVE --- not half. Half HALVE property/rent prices and only then will the problem be anywhere near fixed..
  3. eric pebble

    Boomer Freudian Slips

  4. eric pebble

    Boomer Freudian Slips

    I'm now in the Caribbean - I own the island - and I have £100m in the bank. I shorted Lehmans.
  5. eric pebble

    Boomer Freudian Slips

    I have found, over a fairly long life, that sometimes even 90% of "advice" is utter sh*t. I definitely know that - just as Captain Kirk says above - I don't do Ponzi schemes either.
  6. eric pebble

    Boomer Freudian Slips

    In the end you know your limits. As a general rule - I NEVER, EVER, EVER listen to anyone who says I "SHOULD" do X, Y or Z.
  7. eric pebble

    Boomer Freudian Slips

    There are certain lines you just don't cross. Adapt and survive. There are probably quite a few people out there who have - if they're really, really, REALLY lucky - have found a rental at a 'reasonable' price - which they are able to stay in for a fair term...... That is a way to sidestep the absurd & unsustainable "market". Of course, I realise this is really down to luck. A great deal of luck. But there are SOME people who can swing it - with the wind behind them.
  8. eric pebble

    Boomer Freudian Slips

    If it's between living in a sh*t hole or NOT living in a sh*thole - ..... Well - the answer is just no. No. NO End of.
  9. eric pebble

    Boomer Freudian Slips

    Nope. Better to adapt in whatever way possible RATHER THAN pay a sh*t load of your money for a pile of cr@p. A clearer graph:
  10. eric pebble

    Boomer Freudian Slips

    Absolute classic. I don't really waste my breath anymore with this sort of thing. It has really dawned on me that supposedly "intelligent", middle of the road, otherwise reasonable people are just thick. THICK. You can try and see if they understand this: But........ there again...... Some people - actually quite a lot of people - are STILL thick when you show them that.
  11. i.e. They won't be wearing any trunks......
  12. Well..... there you go. Many people who live away from London see it as a foreign country....
  13. And one can only believe that no one knew this.... Because - plainly - nothing was done. Absolutely NO "regulation" of any use took place....

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