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  1. On top of an older 12% bubble, on top of a 20-25 yr old 40-50% bubble fuelled by Mortgage Fraud/PREDATORY LIAR LOANS, On top of an older 12% bubble, etc etc etc. [ad nauseum]....
  2. https://www.smh.com.au/business/banking-and-finance/500-billion-pool-of-liar-loans-in-royal-commission-s-sights-20180312-p4z40k.html
  3. The original vid at the start of this thread has vanished...... [Mmm..... I wonder why?......] But here's a newer one:
  4. Yes --- the Madness & Delusion of crowds etc etc. Honestly - people are so easily led into insanity. I remember watching that Documentary years ago; SO prescient.
  5. IMHO that is all it's "worth" in a normal, intelligent, rational, sane world.... Unfortunately -- we are no longer in such a world. She has been brainwashed --- like SO many people. Truly sad.
  6. Yup. This is happening across the board. A mate of mine's Mum lives in the Farnham Alton area - Surrey Hants border: Her husband died v suddenly 3 yrs ago. She's been trying to see her 5 bedroom house for 2 years+ - modernish - detached, small garden in "desirable" village.... Gormless Estate Agent told her it was "worth" £875,000....... Tbh --- it's not even worth half that.... It's just NOT!!!!She is apparently in much distress etc. - because it's sat on the market for over 2 years -- viewings come and go -- & she is not accepting lower offers..... She is a kind nice lady etc. -- but she has been convinced by thick EA that her house is "worth" the thick end of £1m --- and quite frankly -- it is LUDICROUS. WHY? WHY WOULD ANYONE buy it for that??? The only people who hav that sort of money are monied London types or people same age locally ---- and - it said people had any sense -- they would stop in their tracks and ask themselves, "WHY the F**K should I pay such a F*CKING SHED LOAD OF £;s for a pretty ordinary house??? It is just MADNESS. MADNESS. UTTERLY INSANE. She is getting terribly depressed. She wants to move to Wales to live near her daughter. She has been convinced that her very ordinary house is worth £875,000. IT IS JUST INSANE.
  7. And absolute MUST MUST MUST MUST watch. What lies behind the whole hpi phenomenon?? The GREATEST FRAUD IN ALL HISTORY
  8. Inside Lehman Brothers: The Whistleblowers A Storyville documentary. How one man's refusal to overlook its financial irregularities led to the exposure of the subprime mortgage scandal that engulfed Lehman Brothers. Surprised this hasn't been posted before. Funny Money - FRAUD --- The principal driver of hpi worldwide --- and the root to all our problems. As I've said on this site for over 15 years ---- MORTGAGE FRAUD/LIAR LOANS --- THE BIGGEST ELEPHANT MAMMOTH IN THE ROOM OF ALL TIME. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0009tpx
  9. Mortgage Fraud - Tip of the tip of the of the tip of the iceberg....... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7648119/Familys-8-1m-fortune-seized-admit-drugs-fraud-paid-it.html
  10. It's "TOO LATE" --- not "to late" !!!!!! Grrrr....................................
  11. More like -- they can see what the REALITY is: House "prices" are utterly, UTTERLY absurd. In relation to average peoples' AVERAGE/MEDIAN wages - they are LUDICROUSLY high --- and UNSUSTAINABLE. End of. No argument. It's staring us in the face.🙄
  12. And....... Note carefully..... The "Mania" phase is the time during which the whole pyramid-ponzi scam is POWERED/FUELLED by PREDATORY LIAR LOANS & other scams like "Help to Buy" ...... And what is so UNBELIEVABLE, is, how people fall for all of that..... 🥴..... Without PREDATORY LIAR LOANS, "Help to Buy" etc. IT COULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED........ i.e. the "MONEY" wouldn't have been available to keep the whole thing soaring upwards..... THAT is the secret to the WHOLE thing....🤬
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