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  1. I'm wondering if you have old information there? Band 5 starts at £22k Spine-points-at-31-March-2018.pdf (nhsemployers.org)
  2. I'm in IT delivery and got 0% (pay freeze for the good of the company no less). This is the second year of a pay freeze for me. They did give a bonus which was 9% of salary. It's a little disheartening when you hear about so many people on furlough who've worked wonders to their house, enjoyed time in the garden, or worked a second job whilst I've been working throughout. Still the other part of me says be grateful you still have a job, and there is something to be said for that.
  3. Interesting article from the beeb on Italy - Italy's plummeting birth rate worsened by pandemic - BBC News Italy is ahead of the UK on this curve, but our birth rate is also trending down. I'm yet to see this discussed by the UN and various Green parties in the context of the huge benefit to climate change that it will be. Less consumption, less urban, smaller pressure on habitat of other living creatures from humans.
  4. I thought you advised not investing in crypto more then you can afford to lose? Maybe Jilted's income meant that was all they could risk?
  5. I'm inexperienced in this area, but my thoughts are the same, that TA becomes a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy, the signals now work (in the short term) because enough people believe and act accordingly. Maybe it worked amazingly well in the early days when the knowledge was not widely known, but now millions of amateur investors also know this TA stuff and can parrot it off very convincingly - the tools and data is so widely and cheaply available there is minimal barrier to entry. I feel it is important to know TA just so you get a feel for when the "educated" investors will panic and sell
  6. I think there's a lot of truth to this. The working hours for people in South Korea are incredibly high also, many are probably thinking how will I look after a child when I'm away from home 12 hours a day. The sooner the reduction starts the better as maybe then the elite will realise they need to share the spoils more evenly or there will be a massive reduction in the people they are extracting their income from. Mother nature needs this reduction to happen too. There are simply too many of us.
  7. It is when the average UK household income is about £30k
  8. I could DCA in for a lifetime, investing a % of my wages far in advance of many of the big BTC holders on this thread and still not own 10 BTC, so going back to the original comment from Dorkins, There is a ring of truth to this. The consolation for the later entrants is that at least the BTC supply rules can't be changed on a whim by the Governbankment, but that doesn't mean BTC can't be massively manipulated by them. Imagine if the US government decided to spend just a small fraction of its budget secretly becoming a whale and buying and dumping BTC repeatedly? I expect after 6 month
  9. Good job businesses are flush with cash currently to pay the big payrises we're all getting to afford this sort of growth... Oh 😔
  10. I'd like to join but don't have the money for 10 BTC, will you accept Tron tokens instead?
  11. I realise there's always a dash of luck in these things, but I feel it is worth congratulating @jiltedjen for his shrewd sell off near the top and his humble attitude towards what has been shown to be a master stroke. Effectively his move could have doubled his bitcoin holdings if he hadn't used the money to pay off his mortgage (which is a great decision I feel as owing nothing allows you to take risks a little easier). Congratulations!
  12. What does it matter? everybody has different luck in life. Maybe you had a huge piece of good fortune come your way in hearing about Bitcoin earlier and whilst in a financial position to be able to do something about it at that point. Yes it takes courage and skill to act on opportunities, but lets never forget the luck part. This whole site regularly talks about a generation who had a large dollop of luck with low house price coming to them at just the right time and riding a massive wave up and how those younger afterwards are not able to pull the same trick off - other investments have the
  13. For your first point, the EU had already authorised the ability to restrict migration and most of western Europe did this. Tony Blair chose not too for the UK, so I don't feel the EU is to blame in this area. For your second point, it was not possible to restrict benefits based on number of years living in a country as all EU citizens needed to be treated equally with Brits. What is allowed though is to restrict benefits based on number of years contributions which is what happens in many EU countries, but this would have the effect that our own benefits class would be impacted as no wor
  14. When is Doge coin no longer Doge coin? Answer, after Elon has changed almost everything about it!
  15. There's no doubting Eth is the current king of smart contract, and the genius of its engineering requires incredible respect, but I wonder if it could become the Netscape navigator at some point (not this bill run obviously). All these layer 2 solutions are great ways of squeezing more out of Eth with its fundamental issue of only being able to process 27 transactions per second. Eth is rich persons crypto now, sure if you want to exchange £100k on uniswap the fees are neglible, but for a retail investor who wants to spend £100 a month they might find gas fees eat up half their budget which is
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