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  1. I agree with your point, but suspect there would be no corresponding reduction in tax bill, just higher food prices! In the long run it would still be worth it as it encourages a more streamlined life with less robbing Peter to pay Paul... You want something, you pay the full cost of it.
  2. It's no wonder people aren't as productive at home currently... many are home schooling (or simply just trying to keep happy) their kids at the same time. As a parent and worker, this current situation is very stressful where I'm left feeling like I'm failing at both and my household has a stay at home parent (but our 1 year old means one adult is pretty much permanently taken out by her). Employers are lucky they are getting much productivity at all currently, rewind just 15 years and they'd have got pretty much 0 productivity in this crisis from most workers.
  3. I guess another factor this time is surely the reserves of the Gov for intervention are well and truly spent. If they're still worried about a crash at this point, I doubt the gov and banks have anything left to bailout house prices. So many industries already asking
  4. I didn't read it like that. I'm biased, I was born in the UK, but I view the UK as very meritocratic, with irrelevant factors like gender, race, religion largely ignored (yes of course there are individual exceptions, my point is it is not large scale part of the fabric of the country). I assumed this was similar in at least western EU countries, but at a social gathering with a French person confided in me there is kind of a glass ceiling in France for non-white in many organisations, and an Italian confided how many desirable jobs its a case of who you know (he too cited Universities being staffed by families) and him having no chance of getting a decent job in this area hence why he was in the UK.
  5. I really resent these types of schemes. Perhaps I'm biased as my job isn't classed as a "key" worker. Here's a thought from me though, all workers are key. Lets see how well the nurses do in their key role without the cleaners maintaining hygiene levels, the logistics and pharmacy workers getting them new supplies, the builders maintaining and expanding the hospital building, the bed manufactures, the food producers and cooks. What about the car manufactures who built the vehicle the nurse used to get to work? Even the people working in the pubs and restaurants that make the area the nurse lives in attractive for them to want to live there. Sick of the lot of it, the government is doing everything but addressing the real problem.
  6. I'm all for this UWO business. In my mind, if you can rock up in one of the most expensive cities in the world, buy an £11M mansion, spend £16M in Harrods and not offer much in the way of evidence as to where the money has come from then that can only be from dodgy means. I get the whole innocent until proven guilty, but in this day and age it's impossible to not have some evidence financially to show I feel. Perhaps the law could be re-written that without explanation as to where the money came from it is assumed to be earned money that year and taxed at 40% income tax rate etc The government taxes me at source (PAYE), I then have the pleasure of filling in Self Assessment where at any moment the government can ask me to prove with receipts Gift Aid deductions etc. They also have the powers to dive into my bank account should they be suspicious and look for things like dividend income. I expect a foreign national to be subject to equivalent sort of scrutiny. You can't amass £20M legally without some sort of paper trail. I'm fine if some bits have got lost and she could only account for £15M. Of course the real crooks will have paperwork in place from companies they own etc, so this law is only really capturing amateurs, but it's a start.
  7. Wow, incredible how little you get for a huge amount of money. I kept thinking why have they done that, and worked it out that either they arranged it so you enter the bedroom via the toilet or if you want any natural daylight in your bedroom it needs to be as is. Incredible, and a real low I feel.
  8. Maybe the current environment young people live in causes these mental illnesses. Bombarded with advertising 24/7 telling them how to look and live and comparing with their own situation living in a rented room is it any wonder some succumb to mental illness and believe the hype? Previous generations grew into mature adults with far less marketing and advertising in a world where all could get a secure home one way or another to build upon.
  9. And then the inevitable career opportunity or life change occurs that mean you need to move away from the area...
  10. This is happening in many organisations including the private sector. It's not just salary being lowered either with new terms and conditions increasingly hours and decreasing holiday leave!
  11. Are you sure? I'd have thought currently he'd be a big EU fan as he has the EU court left to go as his final hope!!!!
  12. Doesn't seem right to me. Your daughters contractual relationship is with the Landlord, not the outgoing tenant. How would the deposit protection scheme work if technically you never paid a deposit to the Landlord? Of course their is nothing to stop the Landlord forwarding the money onto the leaving tenant the same day if they wish too. Fast forward to your daughter leaving this room, what happens if the new tenant doesn't want to pay your daughter her deposit back?
  13. I've never been offered a lunch and learn, sad to know I don't earn enough to be of interest to money sharks! Keeps life simpler I suppose
  14. Why don't Savills submit a business case then and do it themselves? Seems crazy to be gifted first refusal of this amazing sure fire opportunity and pass on it by advertising it out to the rest of the world. If I was cynical I'd wonder if Savills really thought it would be worth £3.2 million after a refit costing £1m or less.
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