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  1. So if I understand the summary, the EU are threatening to block vaccine manufactured within the EU leaving, whilst also demanding that vaccine manufactured in the UK is sent to the EU.... Talk about having your cake and eating it! 😂
  2. Do you really only have to have 'lived' in the UK for 1 day to apply for settled status? Surely it should be have worked given the EU freedom of movement was the right to work anywhere?
  3. I suspect your approach would cause the collapse of the country pretty quickly, followed by anarchy, and you may find yourself substantially poorer in such a society. I believe your approach exists in countries like Somalia etc.
  4. No, we've not even been out a month, give it 10 years and I'd have some sympathy that this could be a legitimate question to consider.
  5. Clearly its sad you're without work, and as an aside I find the way government withdraws support to pretty much 0 if you have savings of any real size wrong and a dis-incentive to behaving responsibly, but are you really suffering with a household income of £2800 pcm? I thought you currently had £200k+ in bitcoin stash too, Perhaps its more of phycological suffering this pandemic is putting you through? All I can suggest is let go of the anger, it will do you no good in the end. I find the pandemics impacts to peoples lives affects everyone differently, and this can make it hard sometimes
  6. It says something about our country's priorities that schools are shut, but house hunting can continue 😒
  7. I use etorro. Super simple and you can put a stop loss on the investment to help avoid the worst of the fall. I even used my debit card to purchase!
  8. First off, I read some of the original posts on this thread, at the time they were posted, and thought, "Sounds exciting, but clearly I've missed the boat after the price had gone to $400 so I'll sit this out." Over the years I've checked back in to read a few times and thought the same again at whatever the new price was. I admit my assessments of Bitcoin have been wrong... massively, sadly for my financial status. Moving forwards, I entered the bitcoin market just before Christmas using eTorro. I'm sure this service is not what a pure bitcoin evangelist would champion, as I've got no US
  9. Yep, so it would seem. I now freely admit I do not understand large scale economics. My household budget, that I understand! We're in the middle of a pandemic slashing profits for many (though not all) companies, with unprecedented Government support in many areas, unemployment rising despite that support. How nearly all asset classes have performed at near recent record breaking levels is beyond me. Let's say the Pandemic had not happened, all these asset classes would have performed worse!?!? Go figure!
  10. If they've already bought they escape this though. Should go for council tax too
  11. Sadly it's the public sector pension demands putting holes in the private sector tax burden!
  12. I admire them, fair play. I suspect they've had a helpful gift / inheritance for the property rental to contribute meaningfully to their monthly living costs, and I'd guess it would be more difficult if you were planning kids, but then they've took on 5 dogs so I guess they could make a child work in the earlier years at least. It makes me question my own choices, though ultimately every person's path through life is very different. Maybe in my later years I can try an emulate what they've done
  13. I'm being controversial I know, but perhaps the furlough money could be viewed under the same system as Student Loans and paid back under the same terms? More seriously though, I'm hoping some of these avoidance tactics are closed like buying from the Luxembourg based company of Amazon.co.uk
  14. Given how much food our country buys from abroad and the publicised campaigns about how some families couldn't fully feed their children before, this feels like it has the risk of becoming a vicious circle. I struggle to see the solution these days sadly, or maybe its just that we've reached a place where all the solutions inflict pain somewhere.
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