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  1. But don't forget, many disabilities are 'hidden'.... A return to the 80s-style disability car would create a 'healing' akin to the second-coming of Christ. It would be a miracle on a grand scale as people miraculously no longer require their disability vehicle* *people who have genuine mobility issues, wheelchairs, require walking aids etc should of course be helped (whether a free car is the answer I am unsure but the system needs reformed) Everyone else can use the legs they were given and stop taking the piss. It is a rarity to see someone with a genuine mobility issue parked in a disabled space.
  2. lulu

    SJW meltdown

    It's a bottomless pit, they have got to do something to reduce demand. If something is free then it encourages use. Charge drunken Muppets on a weekend, charge anyone showing up at a&e for anything less than an accident or emergency, charge for elective/cosmetic surgery (not of course if the surgery is to repair the result of an accident, burns etc), services like counselling/physiotherapy could be charged for at less than commercial rates (like dentistry) don't give obese gastric bands, refer them to mental health counselling (if they can afford shit food they can afford a bit of cbt), ensure only those entitled to treatment at nhs rates get it, anyone else, their bill for treatment goes to the government of wherever that they are from. Tell us just exactly what an gp/consultant appoinmemt costs the country focus a few minds about the actual costs involved make us all appreciate what we get. I dunno, seems like we are going on for years pouring money into a black hole with no actual sensible reform. Too many politicians get involved, it should be a cross party effort to bring things back under control.
  3. lulu

    SJW meltdown

    People like this should be prosecuted, rape is a serious crime and examples like this discredit real victims and make it more likely that genuine accusations are ignored ans disbelieve. Like the daft hugh-mungus women, screaming about being sexual assaulted when nothing had happend belittles the experience of women who really have been. Both make me embarrassed to be a women and concerned for the future as too many women 'crying wolf' make things so much more difficult for genuinely victims in the future (victims including women and men who are genuinely attracled and also men and women who are victims of these false claims)
  4. lulu

    SJW meltdown

    I could be wrong but I believe she was born and brought up in England.
  5. lulu

    SJW meltdown

    Ducking hell someone needs to round these toddlers (tossers) up and show them exactly what it might really be like if they lived in a 'police state'. They have the right to protest but always seem to descend into behaviour designed to provoke those around them then go off running to the police like in a school playground.
  6. lulu

    SJW meltdown

    That would be sexual harassment... Anyone not familiar with sjw over-reaction google the video of the 'Hugh mungus' event meltdown-tastic. (And no sexual harassment involved, just imagine what might happen if anyone dared to sexually harass this harpie) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RzA4dCT4X0I
  7. lulu

    SJW meltdown

    Nah, sorry I doubt she would be much good at welding, she can though bore on about the patriarchy for hours. I avoid all political chat, as she is always right and I am wrong - obviously....
  8. lulu

    SJW meltdown

    My feminist friend got very upset with my 'racism' for expressing concerns about the connection between Muslims and the cologne NY attacks. White men are indeed just as bad, as proved when one of them once touched her **** in a pub*. Both events are equally bad apparently. They really are blind to what islam represents (particularily regarding women) and anyone who says anything is a right-wing nut job. *unlike many feminists she is attractive
  9. lulu

    SJW meltdown

    Ducking hell how brain dead can someone be? Do they collectively know nothing about Islam? Even in its moderate form women are far from equal to men, how can they possibly not realise this?
  10. lulu

    Edinbugh Latest

    A friend of mine is now selling their BTL flat in central(ish) edinburgh. They bought it (I think) 4 years ago and seem a bit miffed that it has now gone on the market just a few thousand more than they paid for it originally, not sure the area it is in is quite as 'up and coming' as they were expecting.
  11. lulu

    SJW meltdown

    The full event of this is worth watching and is rather an eye opener. How some of the audience treat (feminist professor(?)) Christina Hoff summers shows how deranged they are. She is certainly the only feminist who I can listen to and is remarkable as she expresses her theories backed up with facts unlike most on the 'left'. Milo and Steven Crowder are obviously both on the wind-up but they hit nerve after nerve and say all the things the sjw crowd simply cannot deal with.
  12. lulu

    3 years of trying to sell

    My thoughts are non-indigenous owners, appalling decor to fit with a dated view of how wealthy people in England live(d).
  13. lulu

    3 years of trying to sell

    Wow, that is really something. I would love to know who the owners were, the furnishings are insane.
  14. This is an interesting aspect to those that I know who have btl properties. They mostly think of me as some kind of right-wing nut job (I admitted once I voted Tory once) yet none of them can accept any negative aspects to themselves being btl 'LLs. One of them got their fingers badly burnt on an 'investment' they made on a flat in Newcastle a few years ago, my less than sympathetic ear was not appreciated. ....but those Tories, they are the greedy ones (apparently)
  15. I am continually amazed that the fat **** is still alive. Seriously that gut and the stress he must go through to ensure he continues to be a money grabbing barsteward surely must put his system under some pressure?

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