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  1. Financial guy I follow in the US, Rick Ackerman, thinks that housing in the US has topped for a generation. He is expecting 70% falls and worse in the vacation home market. http://www.kereport.com/2017/09/06/rick-ackerman-copper-gold-markets/ http://www.kereport.com/2017/09/13/usd-why-rick-thinks-we-could-see-120-on-the-usd-index/
  2. The US market is already in big trouble. Hearing lots of stories on US housing sites of areas like NY, Boulder, etc, that were booming just 6 months ago now being stagnant.
  3. I got Sky Broadband unlimited fibre and a good TV bundle this time last year for £24 a month. If I stay with them it goes up to over £100 a month plus I have to start paying £20 a month to BT. So I cancelled. Shocks me that people are paying out £100 a month plus for TV and Internet.
  4. Some thoughts: http://www.activetradingpartners.com/dot-com-bubble-do-over/ http://www.activetradaingpartners.com/delinquencies-pile-up-will-commodities-make-a-massive-move-soon/ http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/the-guns-of-august-the-trade-set-up--removing-your-rose-colored-glasses?post=145692
  5. How can we help? Do we all rush out today to buy the new £900 Samsung or do we wait for the £1200 Apple? Methinks people would be changing their phones every 12 to 24 months if phones cost £150.00 and not the price they do. Dixons will have to get on to Apple and Google to stop supporting phones older than 12 months. That will sort it.
  6. Technically and legally it is not fraud when someone says they think such and such share is worth X and then decides to sell as much of it as they can. It is just an opinion. FOXTONs are worth £25.00 a share - now come and buy all my FOXTONs shares Analysts were saying lovely things about PF in the days and weeks prior to the recent news.
  7. I think it was JP Morgan who said that the share was still worth £12.00 and so people bought the dip. Others have unkindly speculated that the banks now want rid of the stock and you will be seeing a lot of positive things said about it whlst distribution takes place.
  8. Just bear in mind that profit warnings in the past year for some retailers - Next and Tesco are two tha spring to mind - turned out to be lows and great buying opportunities for considerable bounces in the 6 months ahead. Christmas is coming so this stock SHOULD see a rise through to the end of the year. There will be pleny of buy the dippers for it in the coming hours methinks.
  9. Chickens coming home to... I think this profit warning is interesting following on from the Provident Financial debacle. People have been maxed out with cheap subprime loans to buy TV's, (Am I the only one in the UK who doesn't have a 55 inch plus TV?), huge fridges, etc, etc, but you think that the likes of Currys would be profitting from all of us. But it seems those dodgy Provident loans are going back a long time. I think we are going to see more of these warnings - Next, Debenhams and Marks will be on the list IMPO. I have been following the US retail market with stores like JC Penney and Sears - once giants of US retail - now on their knees. Many smaller operations already having gone bust. People on both sides of the Atlantic are screwed by debt and high houses prices means, well, you know the story.
  10. Carney is desperate to keep IR's low as he knows that the housing bubble would burst with rising rates. The longer he leaves though the wrost things will ultimately be. I suspect he is gambling on - or already knows - that the US will not raise further. If the US does continue to raise, as the Fed says is their current intention, then the UK will have to play catch--up eventually.
  11. Interesting comments on LSE about PB - some are from EA's. http://www.lse.co.uk/ShareChat.asp?ShareTicker=PURP&share=purplebricks
  12. Don't worry - maybe they will offer Mark Carney the job as their central banker.
  13. "Stressed" Australians Struggle With Record Debts As Housing Market Overheats "People are up to their ears in mortgages,... They are all on a budget. Everyone's got all their money in houses, that's how it is."
  14. How much has mass migration into the UK by vast numbers of people from Africa and the Middle East cost the NHS bill over the past 15 years? Oh, I forgot - they are all brain surgeons.
  15. Agreed. And now it keeps vast numbers of people out of nursing, teaching and, IIRC, soon the police. These are all jobs where I believe actually being good at the job is more important than some generic and abstract qualification in Egyptology or Luvvie Studies (I use Egyptology as Swansea Uni has a course on it. It also has an excellent museum full of stuff nicked from Egypt as several Swansea rich guys went off to Egypt in the 1920's and dug up stuff. Anyhow, several years back the son of a friend of mine wanted to go study Egyptology. He fancied himself as Indiana Jones. I warned him off the pitfalls of running up student debt for something that probably would not give him work. He even visited the Egyptology museum and met graduates of the course who, working for free there, told him there were no jobs. Neither deterred him. Several years later. Huge student debt. No Indiana Jones stuff. Have no idea where he is working now. It sure ain't fighting Nazis and rescuing blonde maidens.)
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