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  1. Turned Out Nice Again

    The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    Crikey! Look at it tumbling now. Carnage. EDIT: maybe not - found some support at $12K
  2. Turned Out Nice Again

    Surely we are near the end?

    Man after my own heart! I'm taking the same route, except my van is a Citroen Relay Recently divorced at 59, I pursuing new directions for 2018, none of which involve paying rent or accumulating debt ever again. I may not even end up living in my van but it will be my insurance policy against finding myself at the mercy of the slavery-system. As you say, most people can't imagine living outside of the plantation and will try to shame anybody who does - more fool them!
  3. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    Revealing chant:
  4. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    More great stuff from Jordan Peterson. He really gets going from the 3-4 minute mark:
  5. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    Similar situation in Thailand, by all accounts.
  6. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope, Louis C.K (on a good day).
  7. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    they obviously don't think it's nonsense.
  8. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    That turned-up on my FB stream today, liked almost exclusively by women: "Brave", "Honest" etc. I couldn't stop myself pointing out some of the lies (Trump rape charge has been quietly dropped) and omissions, eg.
  9. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    He wants less of the stuff he's against, OK? As to the nature of the "stuff", Google and YouTube are your friends. What do you do? Is it just for monetary reasons?
  10. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    She along with Obama. Re. kids and SJW, the levels of brainwashing in the UK are now alarming. My 13 yo daughter attends an all-girls High school and the brain-washing she gets has to be seen to be believed. It's seems every novel she reads has as its theme: bullying, multiculturalism or gender-identity angst. History class currently is "the Suffragettes". She and her friends live on Social media and are obsessed with "popularity" (was that even a thing in the UK >20 years ago?) and vile Gangsta hiphop music. I know .. 13 is a transition age but ... Any reference to sex (gender), appearance or nationality by anyone (usually me) is jumped-on as some -ism or other . She chose to represent the "Leave" side in a school Brexit debate and has since acquired the nickname "Farage" and after posting an brief "End of the World" lamentation on FailBook following the Trump election win, she disclosed to me that she felt obliged to do so for fear of being singled-out.
  11. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    I certainly do - seemed like broad satire at the time but it's all come horribly true.
  12. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    What a brilliant satirical post! SJW melts down on the "SJW Meltdown" thread. Love it.
  13. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    Who were Trump's big-money interests? Wasn't he the Populist candidate?
  14. Turned Out Nice Again

    SJW meltdown

    The mother may well be attention-whoring but if so, her kids weren't in on it. That little fella was terrified.
  15. Turned Out Nice Again

    Brexit - Optimistic Experts


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