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  1. I don't think anyone can honestly say what prices will do, it depends on both the buyer and the seller. Nice places with flexible sellers might sell like hot-cakes and anything less than 100% owned by a delusional kite-flyer might stick around for months and years at ridiculous prices. Traditional, well located flats in decent condition will usually be a good place to start looking.
  2. I hate that they kept the floor area in gradations of 25m3. There's a hell of a difference between a 51m3 flat and a 74m3 one.
  3. Citylets Q1 2020 Report is out this week. https://www.citylets.co.uk/research/reports/property-rental-report-scotland-2020-q1/ Slight continued declines in most areas and categories in Aberdeen but, like ASPC, nothing too catastrophic yet. Citylets at 1305 for rent. ASPC at 582 for rent and 5369 for sale
  4. There's another office building on Wellington Circle getting demolished now as well.
  5. I remember a few years ago there was a BBC Radio 5 Live presenter (Victoria Derbyshire?) of a phone-in programme who described a caller as 'vile' for even suggesting that lower house prices might be a good thing in some ways.
  6. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/aberdeen-building-set-to-be-demolished/ An office building on the Altens Farm Road next to the roundabout at Hareness Road is going to be demolished. This comes a few months after the former GE building in the Bridge of Don was tumbled for a.similar reason.
  7. I don't pay too much heed of the numbers on the ASPC site anymore, they have been known to rationalise them periodically causing hundreds to disappear overnight without actually being sold.
  8. Latest ASPC stats from Q1 2020: https://www.aspc.co.uk/information/house-prices/ Corona was really only on people's minds from about early to mid-March so sale prices and quantities haven't declined that much really. Q2 onwards will probably be a bit of a bloodbath, unless the blurb about pent-up demand is to be believed. ASPC site at 5429 for sale and 567 for rent. Citylets is at 1299 for rent.
  9. It will be interesting to check the Registers of Scotland in a few weeks' time to find out what it actually went for. I wonder how many Ming vases and crystal chandeliers they had to include in the price to get the thing shifted.
  10. The 2019 Q4 Citylets Report is out today. https://www.citylets.co.uk/research/reports/property-rental-report-scotland-2019-q4/ Aberdeen is on average down 1% in the last year 26.2% in the last 5 years and 17.4% in the last 10 years compared with increases of 3.5% 9% and 26.7% on average in the rest of Scotland. Void periods in Aberdeen are longer than elsewhere in Scotland with 7% let within a week and 36% within a month, compared with 19% and 64% on average elsewhere. Despite this, the agents quoted seem very bullish about the Aberdeen rental market, describing themselves as "exceptionally busy" with a "noticeable improvement even in Aberdeen after a few challenging years". Personally, I believe that Aberdeen's best chance, economically, is to be a good value for money place to live, work and do business; cheaper rents on housing and business premises are vital to achieving this.
  11. Latest ASPC stats are out now for 2019 Q4: https://www.aspc.co.uk/information/house-prices/ ASPC is at 5565 for sale and 679 for rent. Citylets is at 936 for rent.
  12. You can always touch your nose with the tip of your finger without having to look in the mirror.
  13. Part of the cost saving scheme that Ryanair use is to have the same 737-800 across their entire fleet. I don't think they've ever flown Airbus. This cuts down on staff training and repairs which would cost a lot more of they were running multiple different shapes and sizes of aircraft.
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